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Oh yes I am. Apparently I have not been delivered of my shame just yet anyway. Have you ever thought about the ways a person could possibly be ashamed of Jesus? I had a major slap in the face just recently--due to my inability to stand up for Jesus. I've had this friend I've known for about fifteen years. I lost contact with him, and have just recently found him on Facebook. Turns out, he's embraced the homosexual lifestyle with full force. I sent him a friend request and he never answered me. A couple of weeks later I sent him a mail asking why he wouldn't talk to me...

Here's his response:
"Hey hun...I know u'r a beautiful person & I want to say hi...I just worry a bit I guess because it's taken so many yrs to accept myself how I was born (gay) & ok I know u'r religious (which I respect cuz my mom is too, etc) ...I would never want to change u but I guess I worry u might want to do that to me or judge me & just don't want to go thru that again, etc. I'd luv to reconnect & be FB friends....I'm the sweetest guy around & from my memories of u, I know u r too...just talking out loud right now (thanx to a few too many beers..haha)...what r ur thoughts? I worrying fr nothing?"

So, you know what MY RESPONSE WAS? Shoot, I'm too embarrassed to even put it on here. Something along the lines of: "Oh, I won't judge you....oh no, not me, I can keep my beliefs to myself...I won't force you to believe anything I believe..." blah blah blah.

I'm ashamed, and would like to run and cover my face in embarrassment!

Do you know what Jesus says those who are ashamed of Him?

Luke 9:26
For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words, of him the Son of Man will be ashamed when He comes in His [own] glory, and [in His] Father's, and of the holy angels.

OUCH! I have since repented...and I know I have been forgiven....

These things are a big deal though. These little "slips" of denial. No different than Peter, and his words when asked if he was one of Jesus' disciples--"He denied it and said, "I am not!"

I need to stop this. I write my struggles for a couple of reasons. It's so common amongst us, yet we are so ashamed even of our own selves to admit that is indeed what we have done! Also, I want to remind all of us of the sobering words Jesus says of those who deny Him. He will be ashamed of us. I do not want Him to be ashamed of me. I do not even want the thought to cross His mind.....
I am so sorry...

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