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In response to: I Belong To Jesus

Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
Hey Trent ! How are you doing ??? we miss you over at delphi and facebook !

Hope you are doing well.

GOD bless.
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In response to: I Belong To Jesus

Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
Hi Pam. How are you doing these days ?

I'm sorry to report that my friend, adelpit346/richard is either dead or off the internet completely these days.

Hope you are well and still strong to serve the Lord Yeshua.
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In response to: 20 Scriptural Reasons to Disbelieve in the Doctrine of Hell.

Benjamin [Visitor]
I find this very important and informative as it attempts to clarify just exactly what eternal life, God, judgement, hell, eternal damnation, death, creation, and we are all about on the narrow path...
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In response to: GraceHead Enduring: A Heart Set On Jesus

Hey Trent, I guess what goes on the net really does stay on the net. I shouldn't have over-stepped your boundaries and involve myself in things that weren't my business. I'm sorry for that. I didn't know quite where I ended and others began back in those days. Anyway, I just needed to say that. God bless you and keep you. Pam
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In response to: The Vatican of Babylon Religion...a closer look...

Jacob Rowley [Visitor]
Can you please tell me what site you use to translate the word "can" to serpent? I have tried and can't get it. Thanks
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In response to: Jesus Lives In Me, But...

Gracehead is gone but I'm still writing about, Jesus. I would love to see some old Gracehead friends at my new blog. Though people and circumstances change, Jesus stay the same.

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In response to: The Vatican of Babylon Religion...a closer look...

jan zizka [Visitor] ·
Hi Patricia,unfortunately i disagree with you.Rev11.8 says about 2 prophets of God evangelizing whole world during great tribulation.Many scholars consider them to be Enoch and Elijah,because they never died.This ofcourse is Jerusalem,the city were Jesus was crucified.But mystery Babylon is a city on seven hills,were once seven great kings ruled,a port city with so much influence all over the world that it could even decieve many kings of earth(rev17,18)-only one city on earth matches all these criteria given in the scripture.It's the city of Rome,and Vatican is a part of Rome since ancient times,although today it's an independent nation.
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In response to: The Vatican of Babylon Religion...a closer look...

Loretta [Visitor]
Catholicism is blended with paganism in such a way as to produce a hybrid religion that is completely unauthorized by scripture.
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In response to: Theological Myth - Unending conscious torture

The Diviners Divine False Visions, the Prophets Prophesy Lies, and Every Dreamer Shares Deceptive Dreams, Brought Forth from Their Own Imaginations Listen: 6/12/10 From God The Father - The Lord’s Words Spoken to Timothy, During an On-Line Bible/Letter Study, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear Thus says The Lord... To ALL diviners, false prophets, and dreamers of dreams, even to all who speak falsely in My name, sharing visions of hell and torment: You shall, by no means, escape the Day of The Lord!... For you have caused My people to err, and have led them astray by perverse and false visions, lies and dark speeches, by dreams and delusions, brought forth from your own imaginations and doctrines of demons... You have blasphemed My name and the truth of who I am!... Therefore, wrath has indeed entered into My heart... Yet My anger is true, and My judgment righteous... For that, which I see, is the whole truth... Even all things hidden, and that which is made obvious, all is before My eyes... I know both, those who deceive and those being deceived. Therefore, all shall be struck down!... Every one!... From the deceiver to those perpetrating these deceptions, all will be struck atop their heads. And the deceived... Humbled and brought into darkness, by which they shall also be delivered... The Day of The Lord. For in thick darkness, brighter shall the light of truth shine... Even upon the ashes, of that which has been destroyed by it. For those, who perpetuate these doctrines and false visions, Have now taken up the sword against Me, Seeking to slay My word and bring harm to My prophets... Behold, their arms shall be broken in their malice, And their wrists bent backward in their jealousy!... And upon the sword, which they have raised against Me, shall they fall, With all, they have built, crumbling in a heap around them, In the sight of many witnesses!... I AM THE LORD! My name is greatly blasphemed among the Gentiles, because of them... Behold, it is polluted in every corner, where this doctrine is upheld by the pride and arrogance of men, who neither know Me nor My word. For the veil remains atop their heads, and darkness covers their eyes, due to the judgment and wrath which fills their hearts... I do not know them, neither has The Holy One entered in. Shall I not repay?!... Behold, I shall require much from them, for they have robbed Me! Says The Lord in His anger. Is it a light thing to The Lord? Is it a small thing, that My beloved are led into the wilderness, without understanding and no lamp to guide them? Shall I leave them to die in the dark wilderness, far from God, lost amongst all these tall trees?... Letting them die because they remain desolate, destitute of food?... Behold, I shall feed them, says The Lord! And their shepherds shall be made to serve!... All pastors shall become slaves, with every diviner’s voice removed, And every dreamer brought to silence... Mute servants, washing the feet of My witnesses in The Day. And they will serve, in My name, once again... Oh yes, they shall serve Me in truth, Until their heads fall from their shoulders... Arriving, in an instant, in My arms. Yet of the false prophets, who continue prophesying lies in My name, it shall not be so... They shall die by My own hand! They shall not be lifted up! Says The Lord God... For fierce is My indignation against them. For My ways are not human ways.... Neither can one find Me in the ways of the world and men... My mercy endures forever, and My anger has an end... Yet those who highly esteem themselves, And look upon themselves as whole, shall be broken in pieces... For by no other means can they be brought into perfection... I am The Lord.
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In response to: Theological Myth - Unending conscious torture

tani [Visitor]
how come that there are many people who have seen visions of hell and people there getting burned and suffering and they claim to have seen even christians getting burned there.are they lying? or there is a very legalistic spirit in them? for example see this website for your selves and see different testimonies of people seeing
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In response to: Giving Thanks

Sorry - the links in the final sentence of my last comment don't work. Following the link given with this comment, you will reach the first of these blogs.
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In response to: Giving Thanks

Charlie Cameron [Visitor] ·
In my first comment (third of the comments on this post) - Sorry I sent it twice! - I mentioned three blogs. The third of these blogs is no longer available. The other two had blogs had been closed down, but now they're available again. They can be found here and here.
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In response to: I washed out on Christianity on the easy things.

Pretty old post and all.. But I wanted to reply anyway.

Beautiful experience Trent! I wish I heard His voice.. I can wonder endlessly on what it would sound like.

That being said: my Dad díd hear His voice once.. And to be honest it are Words that I think He has not yet fully understood.. I think all of us for that matter.
What God spoke to Him at that time was also a confirmation for me that what the Letters spoke of was actually true.. and is was important to separate myself from the Church. Ofcorse everybody in my Family including my parents fears for my sanity now.. but that's another story ;)

The story of my father hearing the Lord is: He was driving in his car.. he is an elder in the church and just got off from a meeting, and was on his way home while stopping by the supermarket first.
He was stressed about the amount of work that needed to be done for the church. He was worrying about different thing in his thoughts, when suddenly he said he heard the following.. as loud and clear as it could be:

Arthur, You need to be with Me

He said that he was in such shock afterwords that he pulled over his car and just cried. When he went into the supermarket he couldn't remember what to get.. he just grabbed some things and payed them.. but left them on the counter and went home.

When I think of it.. I found it such a brilliant answer. I think almost everything is answered in that óne sentence.

Just wanted to share this. God bless Trent!
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In response to: Theological Myth - Unending conscious torture

Trent [Member] ·
Good question, Diana.
This letter is devoted to answering your exact question:

This too:

Even this one is worth mentioning:

Please give them a read and let me know if you have any more questions.

Ripening for the harvest,
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In response to: Theological Myth - Unending conscious torture

Diana [Visitor]
All excellent questions and I'm totally agreeing with you, Trent. Question though..I've seen a lot of videos where people say Jesus talks to them and showed them heaven and hell and they saw their friends/relatives there..what should I think about this? I hope you're still monitoring this page to answer my question since the last post was from 2008! YahuShua Bless You!
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In response to: Just 13 Words!

jon [Visitor]
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In response to: Theological Myth - Salvation is getting forgiven of your sins.

Trent [Member] ·
You summarized the point of this article well.
Read the verses again and let them speak to you.

Indeed the whole world is reconciled to God through the death of Christ.
Yet only those who ask and receive will be saved by His life.
... for this is the revelation of scripture from the front cover to the back cover.

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In response to: Theological Myth - Salvation is getting forgiven of your sins.

Yoshi [Visitor]
Hi. It's me, Yoshi (not my real name, but I don't want to show it very publically), but I have something to say:

So salvation is by being one with the Holy Spirit and not by getting your sins forgiven since it's already been forgiven?
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In response to: Christmas is just the latest name we use for December 25th

Christopher [Visitor]
Glory to God
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In response to: What is His name; and what is His Son's name?

Tracey [Visitor]
amen brother
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