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Homosexuality in a Biblical (not religious) context

by Brent

TRUE religion (theoretically God inspired) is the effort to establish
harmony on the microcosmic plane and it’s structure so as to reflect the
macrocosmic realities that are so often beyond our vision, as such
"religion" deals with the establishing and maximizing of balance and harmony
and likewise to minimize the suffering in this present world. With this
context in mind I will seek to address the biblical objections to
homosexuality as a function and/or lifestyle.

The fact many "religionists" express disapproval with so much contempt does
not mean the scriptural disapproval bears out the same attitude even when
using such strong language as "abomination". A lie told to cover up the
fact I stole a cookie from the cookie jar is definitely wrong, but if I tell
a lie that sends another person to jail for a crime they did not commit then
such a lie is condemned in much stronger vocabulary, it is after all a
despicable thing to tell such a lie at another person's expense.

And just so in scripture is there a reflection of value placed upon
different activities as they might diverge from what is a reflection of the
higher realities and the balance produced by such aberrant diversions. So
when the scriptures state something is an "abomination before the Lord" they
do not speak with the same haughtiness that many so-called Christians do as
they repeat it within a context borne in their own minds.

For example, just as we might understand we are a soul merely living within
a physical body, and such an unseen reality changes our actions as we
possess a more inclusive view of the reality and act accordingly,

Just as a person sets aside money from their paycheck for end of the month
bills even though the bills are not in hand, understanding the reality that
exist beyond their immediate vision,

Likewise there is a higher reality that has given birth to the male and
female construct of the physical reality, and to divert from such an
expression is both aberrant even as it steers towards disharmony.

So in acting as a soul we aspire to live in greater harmony with others
(maybe karmic-ally per’se), so in setting aside money to cover our bills as
we aspire to experience greater harmony with our social environment, so also
does the complimentary union of the male and female become conducive to
harmony in our social sphere.

To live in the limited view as a flesh only animal is to be aberrant and
suffering ensues, to live without concern as to the need to maintain bills
and such also is aberrant and ultimately produces suffering, likewise
homosexuality is an aberration as it does not reflect the higher realities
that gave birth to this physical realm and reality, and will ultimately
increase the suffering in the world.

Further evidence that can be used to reinforce the juxtaposition of male and
female as a harmonious construct can be seen in that even though homosexual
unions exist, there is still a deep demand for masculine and feminine roles,
even though the individuals lack the expression of the physical necessities,
the demand for the higher reality to express itself still pushes out to
manifests itself in the social roles of the union as is purely functional.

We all begin life with a limited consciousness, first our bodies and tummies
are the totality of our world, then our cribs become the extent of our
vision. Then our families, then our universe expands to our peers at school,
and pretty soon as we become teens and our universe explodes in expansion
out to Country, Planet/World, Universe. And with this accelerated expansion
we, by default, begin to feel more and more insignificant and small, hence
the teenage turmoil and the need to think ourselves individualistic even
though we are really just following some peer group.

Spiritual life is where we are seeking to grow to understand those realities
not so easily grasped from the physical POV, the soul, the Spirit, the
Transcendence of a Creator, the Karmic balance as in reaping and sowing in
all things, all so that hopefully we can enter into greater degrees of inner
harmony. Along the way we must each confront our own personal tendencies at
aberrant desires, with some alcohol, others stealing, and homosexuality, and
then there are the subtle aberrations such as greed, envy, pettiness,
personal blind spots that we can struggle greatly with for many, many years.

Just as a person though may normalize (justify) their weakness like a
selfish bully might claim to be speaking their mind independently, so can we
stunt our own growth. The attempt to Normalize homosexuality will ultimately
have the same stunting effect, first on the individuals involved, then on
society as a whole.

I have not stated exactly what the higher realities distinctly are that the
male and female manifest as they are in union and reflection, namely because
the “relationship” between the higher realities as we are souls, and the
lower expression this soul inhabits a physical body and expresses itself
through it, must be established as a context first, without which the
content would have no meaning. All things must be accepted to be manifesting
what they ALREADY ARE, even if they appear to be something else. For example
if I tell a lie, even if the whole world in deceived and believes me, the
fact that is forever inescapable is that I have done no more than manifest I
am a liar, nothing more and nothing less, and so does the Absolute exist
apart from any Relative Perspective. If one does not understand this
beautiful and established truth, that life is not Creating but merely
Unfolding what is within it already, then it is useless to speak of what an
unfolding event reflects of the inner reality it is portraying.


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