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Going Postal

Here is something stupid: Separating from friends and family or those with whom you fellowship just to follow after someone that God choose to be a vessel to deliver a message (prophesy) to you. That would be like running off with the mailman who delivered a parcel ... as if the mailman had anything to do with the parcel.

Equally as stupid is if the prophet took their calling as a lofty perch of elitism. That is like the mailman, himself, actually thinking that they had something to do with the parcel. A real prophet wants no credit, nor do they deserve more credit than a ordinary message deliverer, dutifully carrying out their service to the Lord.

Most stupid of all would be the neighbor who assumes when they see a recipient get a parcel, and they become full of jealous suspicion and spite ... sprinting across the street to get a running-start to kick the mailman in the nuts, and then slapping the recipient, knocking the parcel to the ground and then stomping on it repeatedly until it is bashed and broken, thinking that they were doing everyone a favor because that mailman was about to have an affair with the parcel receiver when nothing of the sort was going on. ... That neighbor is hopelessly deluded by the flattering notion that God set them up as the recipient's Holy Spirit and is emotionally charged with the projected fantasy of fearful expectation about the lure of the mailman.

Chain yourself to Jesus, and use slip-knots to all others, so when they move from Jesus, they don't take you with them.

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