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In the awareness of what we have in Christ, we are fulfilled and overflowing

Truly, God blesses with wealth and plenty ... even in abundance. One would be ignorant of a great amount of scripture not to see that.
My point is that is fine, but I don't care. I just don't lust after it. He gives and takes away. Amen. So be it. Come what may.

You may have heard this story, but I'll tell it anyway:

A king in great delight scattered his most precious possessions in the courtyard, and announced that it is out of love for his subjects that they could come into his courtyard and behold these marvels and treasures. Seeing the crowd and filled with charity, the king announces to all that came, "My beloved," he said, "look around and whatever catches your eye that your heart might desire ... anything in the courtyard ... wrap your arms around it and it shall be yours."

You can imagine how one after another picked beautiful statue and golden sculptures with gladness and the king gave with gladness. However, one boy puzzled and pondered these things.

"Please don't be angry," he said to the king, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Of course."

"Really? Have you thought about what this really means?" the boy continued, "I can put my arms around anything in the courtyard and it will belong to me?"

"Try me right now. Test me, my child" said the king with authority, "whatever your heart desires will be yours if you wrap your arms around it."

And with that, the boy fell to his knees and with tears the boy clutched the feet of the king. Now, with greater tears the king said loudly, "You, my child, are wiser than all the rest. You have chosen wisely for it is in possessing me that you possess all I have."

You see?

Beloved, I know God is good and gives to us out of His abundance ... I just don't care. I'm not interested, and I'll happily go without what others have. I have enough of those things. I just want the King.

Can anyone offer Him? Is anyone promoting Him and lifting up Him? What programs and systems are there out there for people like me that want only Him?

Sure, I get it ... some people want the gifts and the treasure. Fine. I understand. My interest is in the Giver. That's just me.

We all get to choose, beloved. What our heart desires will be given. Our heart is revealed through choice and God fixes our choice for us whether we choose Him or the alternative.

Remember the disciples? One asked if they could go and say goodbye to loved ones first. Jesus said to him: "No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God." He chose. Jesus fixed his decision for him.

Still other disciples asked to sit at the Lord's right and left hand, and were asked by Jesus if they could drink from the cup that the Lord would drink from. They said to Him, "We are able." He said to them, "My cup you shall drink;..."

Once again, they chose, and the Lord fixed their choice for them, making it real and honoring their decision. And know this, these two disciples did indeed drink from His cup, as they, the sons of Zebedee, were brutally executed for their faith.

Choice. There is lots of it. We choose. God honors and settles our choices. Among the choices are wealth and health and so on. A heart is revealed by choosing those gifts. But for me the best choice is none of those things. I've experienced wealth, and I've experienced something better.

My heart is not into those things. If all those things are "added to me" for seeking Him first, then so be it. If they are not and I am denied claim all the blessings in this life that are promised to those that seek Him first ... then I truly hope that I never notice while enraptured by His companionship.

The requisite for resurrection power is the marks of death. In knowing more about the Lord, I can take each step He has prepared for me, even those that include suffering and discomfort, if needs be. There are things to learn in discomfort that cannot be learned in comfort. We cannot know the peace He provides without turmoil. We cannot expect to learn of deliverance if we are always in safety. We learn through contrasts, and I welcome it.

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