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A Two-Faced Salvation?

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Wow!I can't believe I took two months off! I've been real snowed under, but I didn't realize it had been so long. I have a few new things to share and hope they minister to you.

I was recently asked if salvation was a two step process. A person had gone into a Bible study where the leader taught this idea. It went something like this: part one would begin when our spirit was saved and part two would occur when our soul was saved. This seems like someone is trying to force schizophrenia on salvation and I don’t see the Bible talking in these terms.

This type of teaching often comes from misunderstanding a man-made theology called progressive sanctification, where a person’s holiness or in some circles, complete salvation, is described as a process that must be continued to death in order for a person to enter heaven.

There is a problem with trying to split salvation into saving your spirit, then saving your soul. I think the answer is found when we ask the question: “Salvation from what?”

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