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The "God is after you" syndrome

stickersEver drive around with an expired sticker on your windshield? I have. It is miserable, because you think that every siren you hear is coming after you. And you think that behind every corner is a speed trap that will take you down for the expired sticker.

That is the feeling of condemnation. It is a consciousness of wrongdoing ever present in mind. Like you are on borrowed time, and the IRS is looking for you. It is this condemnation that steals your life.

My stomach is in knots when I am like this, and I don't sleep as well, etc. It is like my body gets messages from my mind, that I am cursed, and then it produces the curse in my body - sickness, sleeplessness, etc. This is living under condemnation.

So looking deeper at why this feeling of condemnation overshadows me, I recognize that I think I have blown it and the other shoe will drop, so to speak ... because the sticker matters.

But, what if the expired sticker is just for an oil change? And I have convinced myself that I can get a ticket and a trip to jail for an overdue oil change! Then all my condemnation is FALSE condemnation. My lack of confidence before the authorities is based on a lie. I shrink back, but not based on knowledge. I have the awful feeling because my believing has locked me in a prison of doubt.

The same is true if the government repeals the laws about registration and inspection stickers, and I don't know about it.

As a Christian, I have felt that way with God. Lack of confidence, doubting, wanting to get my "stickers up to date" before I let Him see me. This is what religion produces ... a sticky feeling of condemnation. But there is no condemnation for us. We have every reason to be bold before the throne. Christ has given us His stickers, and they never expire.

Why shouldn't I tell a mountain to go into the sea, and it leap and plunge? Well, it must be because of my believing. I am doubting that whatever is true about Christ has become true about me. That I am no longer condemned. That my guilty quotient is the same as Jesus' guilty quotient. That I am as pure before God as Jesus Himself, even better than any innocence that Adam had. To the measure that my believing doubts these things, I shrink back, and try to avoid God and His drag net. I have nothing but doubt about what I say to mountains, etc. It is all tied together.

Literally, whenever we get to the point where our believing matches reality, we can walk with pure innocence in this world, and no accusation can stick to us. We can be so confident in our infused perfection through Jesus, that there is no less of a reason for God not to grant our request for a mountain to be cast in the sea, than for Jesus Himself to say the same request.

Mar 11:23
For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not [CONDEMN HIMSELF] in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith

I changed the word "doubt" with "Condemn Himself" above and I submit that the Greek translation bolsters my point.

Those of us that are in Christ, have every reason to be bold, if we can ever get our believing to match reality.

It is only lack of belief in Jesus that any redeemed saint can feel any condemnation whatsoever. Jesus has unlocked that cell, and it cost Him dearly to do so. Lets arise and come forth and leave that prison, knowing that any stumbling is no excuse to wallow in self-condemnation. We fall, but lets fall forward into His arms, not delaying in fear and doubt ... for we know His love has cast all these stumblings into the sea of forgetfulness.

In Him we HAVE reconciliation, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of God's grace in Christ Jesus our Lord.

"I died...behold, I am risen...and I live forever...amen. And so, also shall the righteous man live. Even if this same one turn and stumble, his salvation is in no wise lost to him. He has an Advocate with the Father, and One who stands for him, having already paid for his transgression. For lo, his sin is remembered no more and cast into a dark sea of forgetfulness." - Jesus

(besides, such a mind set on Jesus will stumble far less anyway.)

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Morning Trent,

Another reason for doubt is when we are asking for something that is not clearly God's Will. The Holy Spirit tells us what to pray when we listen and when we pray accordingly the Will of God is accomplished through our prayer for we are one with the Father. If we are not praying in this manner, we should doubt because we are trying to get God to serve our will.

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Comment from: Mrs Zeke [Visitor] ·
SO I am not sure if I see God as after me I don't think I do in fact I am a bit blown away that He would want anything to do with me but He does.

It is more for me like the courtroom of your mind. So you have a sticker on your car if you will but you don't want it and you know it should not be there but no matter how many times you take the sticker off it keeps coming back, maybe just a bit different each time.

Then you learn God takes care of the sticker but even then as much as you believe that that nasty sticker still tries to make it's way back to it's starting point.

The sticker reminds you how very much like God you are not. Then expands so remind you of everything you might have ever did to prove it's point. Like a court in your mind and since the battlefield is your mind it takes discipline to say everyday "But God says different"...

I guess you could say I keep flicking the sticker off...

make sense?

Love you and so does God
Permalink 10/26/07 @ 10:39
Comment from: Terry [Visitor]
Pam and Mrs. Zeke,
Your points are well expressed and well taken. Thank you for speaking from your heart.

I am speaking from my heart's conviction when I say that along with the freedom of condemnation that we have through Christ....WE HAVE HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. When we realize this truth it PUTS TO REST any struggle to believe enough to accomplish anything.... It frees us from struggling with lack of faith, lack of obedience, lack of any acts of godliness, lack of works done in His name, lack of acts of righteous living, lack of keeping any laws or ordanances, and the like. Being DECLARED "RIGHTEOUS", when we know what we once were, brings us to our knees to love and adore Him and learn from Him; drawing upon Him for life...the very life of God...We do not concern ourselves with results when we love and adore Him; rather we are satisfied that He will bring about His desired result... for us... in us... and through us. The truth that WE ARE FORGIVEN, as well as, the truth that WE ARE LOVED, are crowned by the truth that WE ARE RIGHTEOUS. No other religeon offers "DECLARED RIGHTEOUSNESS" to it's followers.
Permalink 09/26/09 @ 16:29
Comment from: Taylor [Visitor]
Excellent....once we accept Jesus Christ we also accept His infinate love...God's attributes are manifested towards us fully through His Spirit...which is His Beloved Son Jesus...

Z and pam-you are right, I have found that the more God reveals to me about Himself the more I learn something new about myself...of course there is nothing good in me (my flesh that is) I rejoice and take much comfort knowing that I am made in His image and have some sort of significant worth...

Terry...your words are perfect and hold very much wisdom and truth, all of that encompasses the Gospel and the very great and awsome news...I long for the day to be fully enhanced to experince all of Gods plans for those who love Him through all Eternity...

The Lord draws nigh...He shall fulfill the desires of His heart and all shall be made manifest through His glorious body...(His Church)

My destiny is Jesus,
Permalink 09/28/09 @ 12:49
Comment from: Terry [Visitor]
God's blessings on you Taylor.
Permalink 09/28/09 @ 13:29
Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
"BLESSED IS THE MAN/WOMAN to whom THE LORD does not impute sin or iniquity." ... but instead: they have THE IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE LAMB OF GOD !

Oh! ALL glory to THE LAMB !

Permalink 10/06/09 @ 14:06

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