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Let All in the Earth Partake of My Word, and Be Brought Into Deep and Profound Silence. And Let the Obstinate Stay Silent, Let Him Open Not His Mouth to Speak... Let Him Be Quiet and Consider, Says the Lord. > Volume 7 > Let All in the Earth Partake of My Word, and Be Brought Into Deep and Profound Silence. And Let the Obstinate Stay Silent, Let Him Open Not His Mouth to Speak... Let Him Be Quiet and Consider, Says the Lord.

4/24/08, From God the Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ -
A Letter Given to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Blow the Trumpet.

[God the Father:] Timothy, lift up your pen, and write these words I speak to you this day, and give them to My servants who blow this trumpet I have placed in your hand.

Thus says the Lord of Glory:
I shall not share My glory. Neither shall any, who speak against Me, be given a voice. Neither shall any, who mock My name and My voice, be given any voice at all...

For the Day is at hand, when they shall be struck dumb,
and crumble in fear for those things coming upon the earth.

Therefore, My Word stands, and shall not be moved. Whether they will hear or forebear, it shall stand, even to the slaying of their hearts... this is but the beginning. Soon, all shall be brought to fruition, soon shall all be brought forth... it shall be completed, it shall surely come to pass... it shall be done. Therefore, let those, who do wickedly, continue therein; and let those, who do and seek righteousness, continue to walk therein.
Yet I tell you this, My servants: When it is within your power to silence the scoffers, do so... give no voice to the wicked. For to do so is to enable satan. Know you not what the Scriptures say?.... If anyone comes and does not hold to this teaching, do not invite him in. Neither give them place, nor part, in that set forth for the Lord and His proclamation. This would be to give him platform to perpetuate his evil ways, which is to enter into partnership with him. To allow their comments is to welcome them in.

Let them shout to the Lord their controversy,
let their outcry enter into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth...
He shall repay, He shall surely give a punishment and a harsh correction.

And if they choose to stand until the end, beating their chests, shaking their fists toward Heaven, even with a stretched-out arm and a stiff neck, I will destroy them... they will be consumed and blotted out, says the Holy One of Israel. For the Word of God is quick and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword, even to the dividing of flesh and sinew, even to the destruction of both soul and body. For all creation was brought forth of the Word... and by His Word and with My word, it shall be finished, it shall be completed.
Yet you ask, ‘What of those in agreement and those who are not against you, Lord? Even all on our part?’ I say to you, what of yourselves? For whose glory do you write? Is My Word in need of supports to prop it up?...

Let all behold My Word.

Let them look upon it as an ensign and waving banner,
brought forth, even as it were, a trumpet, blown continually upon the wall.

Let its sound rush through the streets of the cities.
Let its noise be carried into the wilderness, even to the outermost isles.

And let those, who have ears to hear, listen, and be silent before their God, and pray...
even to the taking up of a quiet lamentation, the putting on of sackcloth and ashes,
even to the great wailing and many tears, over that which I am about to do and bring upon the earth,
and even because of that brought forth already.

Let all the world be put under My feet.
Let all things be put into subjection to the Son, your King, the Holy One!
Let all, in the Earth, partake of My Word, and be brought into deep and profound silence.

[Jesus, Our Lord and Savior:] For what can one add to, or take away from, the Word of the Most High? Let My beloved say, “Amen” ... Even, “Amen and amen. Your will be done, oh Lord”.
And to the rest, let them flee and hide themselves from He who sits on His throne. Let them scurry about, neighing as they go. Let them speak against you by the walls, both open and in secret. For what is it to you, My servants? For against whom do they speak? Whose voice is it they withstand?... Your own?! Rather, count it all joy, that you have suffered scorn on My account, for likewise have their fathers done to all My servants, the prophets, throughout the generations...

I am the Lord!... Vengeance is Mine! I shall repay!

Servants, trust and obey. How can one blow any trumpet while talking? How can one behold My form, when caught up in all these perverse disputings of the heart and mind, soon brought forth in speech, leading into more ungodliness? Give the adversary no occasion to speak, when it is within your power to do so... you are My body. Neither give the wicked man and the scoffer any voice at all, when you are able, for in this you have blessed him in the shutting of his mouth. For a man is defiled, by what is brought forth from the heart and given voice by his mouth. And those sins, not covered by the Lamb, shall be weighed in the balances.
Beloved, give nothing to them... honor Me. Let them eat silence and abide in the same, until, per chance, they turn from their turmoil and repent, in where I shall free them. Beloved, pray for your adversaries. For they fight not against you, they contend with Me... they have hated Me first. And if they hate Me, they will hate My body also, of which you are. And how much more shall they reject and persecute My mouthpiece, even of all these who are sent and speak for Me?

Therefore, beloved servants, trust and obey.

Run not ahead, nor lag behind...
take My hand, going only where I lead you, and do only as I command you...

I am the Lord... even I have bought you.

I am the One who has loved you from the beginning,
who remains with you until the end, and even forever after.

I am He who stays, and I am also He who shall let....

Trust in Me.


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