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A Church I would like to see

I don't get excited about being a spectator and hearing only what some elitist has to say ... a paid professional ... a "money changer" so to speak. But that is what churches are these days. I would prefer that everyone brought their own message in their heart and a song on their lips, and that the worship was led by the Spirit, and not by some sheet of paper. So the type of morning worship that I would get excited about is if the clergy kept quiet unless they were either led by the Spirit to speak something and then shut-up right after. So it would be a place where all people could suggest a song, or stand up and share what God has taught them .. and how God has delivered them from evil that week.

I also don't get excited about a church with million dollar building budget. To me, that is sad to see a pristine building with plush landscape in a dilapidated neighborhood. What a slander of Christ's message! I would prefer that the church building be the least of the buildings in the community. Does every member and every neighbor have air conditioning? If not, then the church should install it in their house BEFORE they install it in the church. Do all the homes have a new paint job and cut grass?

This would be a church building that I could really get excited about ... the one that is the least, and the last to be upgraded. Because I know that in that building are people that put themselves last, and they shall be put first by the Lord.

When the people are sick of the condition of the church building, or the leaders of the church's homes, then they can just make sure that everyone else around there has it better off, and then do the upgrades to the church properties last.

We can call it Last Baptist Church in __ (your town here.) Want to come?

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Comment from: pam [Visitor]
When I was younger, I felt as you do now and I wanted to reform the church. Now I know that reform doesn't matter, what matters is the presense of the Holy Spirit. I found a church that was probably the least beautiful Baptist church in the area and the form was right but the Spirit seldom came. Now I am in a church just like the one you expressed disatisfaction with and the budget is big because of the number of people pressing in drawn by the presense of the Holy Spirit. God can work anywhere He chooses and we can worship anywhere we choose but it is better to worship where he puts you according to what the Holy Spirit approves for your life.

Are you going to stay mad at me forever?

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Comment from: Cheryl Senechal [Visitor]
The question is that once there, can each one operate to the extent that Trent had mentioned earlier? Where everyone participates and there are NO paid employees of the Gospel to tell us what we want to hear and make us feel better about ourselves (and our sinful state)? God gives His gifts without repentance, so I believe there are A LOT of churches out there with the Spirit - playing with the gifts - but He wants a people that are going to go after Him and be joined to him. (look at the story of Eleazer and Rebecca) This people, or bride, is "without spot or blemish". We cannot be that people if we're content to watch Moses go up the mountain to obtain God's word. He has asked ALL of us to come. I am a spirit filled, tongue talking believer of Jesus Christ and I believe and operate in the things of the Spirit as well, but it's time we grow up, leave our mother and follow after the ways of our Father - which requires responsibility.
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Comment from: Renee Arnold [Visitor]
This is exactly what I have seen here in my own hometown..Magnificent buildings...cold and indifferent...only for show..could care less for the poor..and lost..
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