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CRY regarding the corruptions and deceptions in the churches...


A Very Vital Message from my heart to the churches that are being corrupted and deceived at this very moment . . .

Where did it all start? What has happened to true Christianity? Has the real thing been mostly replaced by a counterfeit? Why is so much that is false being accepted in 'the church of man’ today? and has God departed and left them to themselves? I fear for many that might well be true. There has been a series of events that were instigated by men who started to use techniques and methods that have in truth: no scriptural foundation. Insofar as "the falling away from the Faith," we could go as far back as the days of the apostle Paul: he clearly warned that this would be so. But let's just briefly look at the tremendous and catastrophic errors that have been incorporated into the 20th century church and that has left us mostly with a dead, distorted, deceived form of Christianity and religion.
ONE THING COMES TO MIND FIRST: the start of and proliferation of many denominations. Manmade divisions between Christians to keep the church from being one in spirit and truth. Paul wrote about this in 1 Corinthians 3:1-10. Please read it when you have time. Then there is another big problem: those who claim to be Christians too often don’t even read the scriptures but follow only a pastor, a priest, or certain teachers that they hear. They may know a little of the scriptures but not enough to keep them from the deceiver and distortions of sound, saving, BIBLICAL truth. The Roman Catholic church has often aided this lacking within the body of Christ by prohibiting the common people from owning Bibles, killing those who would translate it into the common language of the people and encouraging people to only listen to the teachings and interpretations of the Roman church and its dogmas. So the blind were leading the blind and the people began to fall more and more into the same ditch.
Then came the “heroes” and the crusaders who coined the phrase, “sinners prayer”. These preachers started to use what I call gimmick-techniques to water down the way of receiving a true regeneration experience. They would preach to large crowds and invite them to “receive Jesus.” Many would walk forward and pray "a sinner's prayer". Then they would be spoken to and given the "assurance" that they were eternally “saved”. It’s true that there would be some follow up and some further counselling but many did not receive that benefit nor any kind of real discipleship. Many went on in life thinking they were now “born again” AND THEY WERE NOT. I have heard it said by others that these preachers lead more people to hell than could be numbered. A prayer does not save anyone unless it is from the heart of truth, with repentance and a real commitment to Jesus as SAVIOUR and LORD. This happens in the heart not just by repeating a prayer. Yes, some did get genuinely saved, others were stumbled and deceived and fell away. And all the while the church applauded while more and more deceived, unregenerated people entered the churches in droves. They learned to talk the talk and even some looked real but the heart and spirit was still dead in sin. Did this really happen? It most certainly did! And today we are reaping the fruits of it. The tares are greatly and prolifically sown among the wheat and it seems much of the time that there are more tares than wheat. The tares are also a major influence on ‘the church’ from within. That's the way it’s done. And what will be the end of all this?

Psalm 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed,
what can the righteous do?

Now here’s another point. I just quoted from the KJV Bible. In some writings if I had quoted from other versions of the Bible I would need permission because those versions are copyrighted. A copyrighted Bible is the work of man and not of God. God has free domain on any revelation He gives to man. He doesn’t copyright or charge for His ministry to humanity whether it be music, teaching, seminars, healing, preaching or the scriptures. Ahha! Enter another BIG DECEPTION. Charging for ministry. So now you’re a big name evangelist or singer or teacher and since you have the numbers that follow your ministry, you now write a book and be sure to copyright it and charge full price. Worse! you charge in advance for your concerts or seminars or 'ministry.' ! Then you make full use of the world’s business methods to promote your ministry and make merchandise of the gospel, - your gospel, - which usually has some truth with a hint or mixture of error. Now you become a well respected church authority, a leader of the blind leading the blind. That’s why most people can’t see that selling ministry is against the teaching of scriptures. Oh well, just go on. Do it your way. Do it the world's way and then wonder why there is so much deception in the churches today.
And speaking of doing it the world's way, what ever happened to the music of God and His Church? In days of old the church mostly sang the Psalms. Then came Issac Watts and other hymn writers: but their music was always based on scripture and had words and music that truly edified, encouraged and was always genuine in giving glory to God and His Word. But much of contemporary ‘christian’ music is now so aberrated and carnal and worldly that it literally sounds like the world, looks like the world, ministers to the emotions or soulish side of man and (to anyone who knows scripture), they will know that often even the lyrics are not scriptural or theologically sound. The number 1 popular ‘christian’ song of the ‘christian radio station,’ FEBC, here in Cebu , Phillipines (and in many other parts of the world) was for a long time called, “STUBBORN LOVE’ by Amy Grant. In this song she sings how she is just God’s faithless friend, and how God "embraces the worst in her." Really? This song was #1 for years. "And My people love it so." Thank God the radio station stopped playing it when I called and explained it all and enlightened them in love to the truth. However, now in today's "anything goes" churches it has gotten (in many ways) even worse. They think, "but what can we do? it is what the youth want so never mind what it sounds like or what it says, it’s so popular: play it." "After all, (they reason), these musicians surely must be sincere and they make money on the sale of their overpriced CD's and DVD's." ! And thus the rock musicans are now the leaders in the music of the ‘christian world’ as the blind lead the blind. I guess they just can’t see or hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. I wondered why Jesus often said, ‘Let those with ears, hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’ I thought we all had ears. Forgive me if you can’t hear, - then this message isn’t for you. But thank God and the blessed Holy Spirit if you can hear the truth regarding the many corrupted and ungodly forms of ‘christian music’ that is all over the churches and ministries today. Some of them actually sound like they are 'torch-songs' or rock concerts out of a honky-tonk bar.

And now we can go on to the awful fact of men promoted by men and receiving honour from one another. Promoted by big business methods and ‘christian tv,’ by the sales of their DVD’s, their CD’s, books, tapes etc. etc. But please let me ask you this very important question: is it not true that we (who are called into minitry) were always supposed to be supported in ministry by freewill tithes and offerings and not by sales-techniques and Wallstreet promoters? So that’s why there has been such an infiltration of blind, proud profit-oriented leaders who got so big they promoted themselves and men helped them and promoted them, ... not God and not GOD'S ways. And thus the blind sheep followed and only a pitiful, pitiful few ever spoke up.

Then entered the prosperity gospel, which is not truly the gospel at all, ... and it all got worse. Again the sheep must have closed their Bible and blindly followed false teachers. It’s so clear in the inspired writings of Paul and Peter that if someone teaches "that gain is godliness" we are "to turn away from them." Instead, (and in many instances) these men became the most sought after teachers. And what’s worse: the people of God listened with itching ears and bought into the lie. ‘Give to my ministry and you will be blessed like Abraham.’ The people of God, I say, GAVE. But they gave so that these teachers could live in luxury beyond measure as they promoted various false teachings. So who is at fault? The false teacher? The people? The pastors who should warn and educate the people? You decide. It sure isn’t God to be blamed.
The add to all this the new, "now" 'in thing’ of the ‘seeker-friendly church' which (often) teaches of God’s love for all without repentance. As a matter of fact you can have any God you want and still make heaven. That’s what some of them are saying if you believe them instead of the teachings of the Bible. Please see these links:

BILLY GRAHAM Denying Scripture
01:52 From: mikejmon333
Views: 152,126

And thru all this time there has been (for the most part) a tremendous lack of sound, balanced teaching and preaching on holiness, repentance, sanctification, the cross, and death to the self-life. There has also been a great lack of personal discipleship as many churches and pastors were taught over and over again to believe "bigger was somehow better." Thus, a great lack of true reverence and fear of the Lord while men and ministries became the object of glory and celebrity, and GOD was simply used as a means to achieve these ends. Who’s fault is it? You decide. I believe we all need to fall on our faces and weep and weep and weep in repentance over how we have allowed the deceivers and the self-promoters steal the church.

Then (perhaps worst of all) there came 'the laughing revival' when (in truth) we should have been crying and weeping over the backslidden church that was no longer salt and light in the world. Do I believe in holy laughter? Yes, in it’s place but not in a church service and I don’t believe in people barking like dogs, crowing like roosters, or roaring like lions. What happened to, “let everything be done decently and in order”? And now, what has the church come to? Todd Bentley? I am so horrified I can’t even speak of this as 10,000 a night fill this so-called 'revival meeting.' Just watch the clips of this "revival" for yourself and if you have any heart for the true faith as once delivered to the saints, you will surely weep. Just look at these links:
Part 1:

Todd Bentley's Violent "Ministry" (WOTMR) [2of2]
Views: 7,916

and here are their "praise-warfare dances" that some people think are "so anointed" ... take a look for yourself: this is what they promote:

Now I know full well that God is well able to defend Himself but I CAN HARDLY ENDURE THE DECEPTION AND BORDERLINE BLASPHEMY I SEE IN THESE THINGS. Truly, any true child of God is literally in shock by this show that is being promoted by Steve Hill and GOD TV and others.
A number of years ago, God gave me the impression that His judgement has come to His house in the form of great deception. He is just and righteous and is blinding the eyes of people who love to follow the flesh and the pernicious ways of man instead of His holiness and the way of the Holy Spirit. Jesus warned us and the writings of Paul warn us again and again in scripture. Anyone who can read can find the warnings all over the Bible: "FALSE PROPHETS AND FALSE TEACHERS AND FALSE BRETHREN AND FALSE CHRISTS WILL ARISE, ... and they will deceive many! If it were possible they would even deceive the very elect. Take heed! Jesus said it very clearly.
He said, ‘Behold, I have told you before’. Before it all started Jesus warned us. So then those that get deceived will be without excuse. And the question is what will you do? WHO WILL YOU FOLLOW? JESUS. ... OR? ARE YOU LISTENING ? and can you hear this at all ? ~ Lynne Young-Hummel

Len & Lynne Hummel
Clearlight Christian Ministries

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Comment from: pam [Visitor]
Hi Len,

This is all true and even from the beginning with the very diciples of Christ, there have been apostate believers and nonbeliever among those who are true believers. Nothing they can do however, can thwart the work of God. He accomplishes His work despite all that man uses to steal His glory for themselves. Also, we are in unity in Christ no matter what the perveyors of religion enact that seems set to destroy that unity. Beleivers always find one another and people continue to come to faith in Christ because it is a work of God and not man. Each of us is responsible for what we accept as truth. Especially in the present age we live in when not only the Bible is readily available to us but also a miriad of study aids. If our faith becomes weak and anemic, we've no one to blame but ourselves.
Permalink 06/24/08 @ 13:51

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