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God Can't Bless the Sinful???

It seems so much of religion is a recipe of behavior in which you can change God from opposition to blessing. It seems that we are always on the prowl for a way that we can push God's buttons and obligate Him to bless us. Its almost like God is some kind of computer in the sky and religion gives us the access codes. Maybe if I am humble enough, or sinless enough or generous enough, then God will have no choice but to bless me. But this is a dangerous road, because it leads away from God. I say that because God has unconditional love, and seeking to EARN His love pushes away the understanding of it.

I looked for God in self-righteous successful behavior, but I never found Him. However, in the burned-out mess of failure and despair, I found that He loved me in defeat and unrighteousness, and depletion. I know the love that God has for those that would spit on His Son, the Lord Jesus ... but I only know that because I found love in His eyes while I was cursing Him and raising my fist to heaven and anger and rebellion.

I'm no better then Peter, who would loose faith and drown, though he walked upon the water.
I'm have no boast over David, who murdered the innocent to have what he desired.

forgiven of much!The Lord Jesus bled and died and turned my black-as-coal heart into white-as-snow, and not one of us ever deserved that, nor have any of us the means by which to repay it. We can only receive it with thanksgiving, as helpless weaklings that are forgiven of much.

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Comment from: pam [Visitor]
We wrote about the same things today, little brother. God loves us simply because we are His in Christ Jesus. We did not earn that love and there is nothing required of us to keep it. He won't let go of us, ever.

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Comment from: emilyc [Member] ·
I am thankful for this breath I take right now...I did not earn it, nor with every single action in in my life can I make myself worthy of this one breath.....
Oh, I praise You YahShua--the Messiah! Thank You for making me...and thank You for holding on to me, forever....
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Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
Hi Pam. Hi Emily.
GOD SAVES the repentant sinner. ... the proud/pharisee goes away empty.

GOD BLESSES obedience, ... and TRAINS US to walk in obedience. - sometimes THIS truth is lost in the 'doctrines' that tend to make grace *a license* to do as you please, ... even to walk in sin or rebellion. not so: HE DON'T WORK THAT WAY.

I'm sure you both see my point.

btw: Hi Pam. nice to see you back here again. ... :^)
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Comment from: pam [Visitor]
Hi Len,

God also causes it to rain upon the wicked. I think some of the confusion stems from what people consider blessings. Many sinners have lots of material possessions, beauty, health, you name it, they've got it. Yet, they don't have the abundant life which is blessings in the midst of sorrow, pain, calamity, and poverty. Even these blessings we don't earn they are a part of our natural condition in Christ just as those who are of the world have their reward now.

Some of those of the world will claim to know God as long as their bellies are full and their desires are being met but will fall away when things get tough. Those of us who are in Christ and He in us only cling to Jesus more tightly when all seems to be going wrong.

I'm still right where I've always been, Len. It is nice to see you too.:0)
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Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
Kindness counts for A LOT ! ... so does perseverance in trusting Him. ... it is a sure & certain KNOWLEDGE that HE FOREVER REMAINS UPON THE THRONE.

kind regards & blessings.
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