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The Gospel of the Letters from God and His Christ. (enjoy.)

*Just a few excerpts from:

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, Come... Love Awaits You.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

Come, all those who have been abandoned... I will comfort you, and give you shelter. Come, all those who are crippled... let us run and leap for joy together. Come, all those faithless... I shall fill your cup, and watch how it overflows. Come, all murderers... watch Me raise you, and all who sleep, from the grave. Come, all you who blaspheme... I will give you a new voice. Bring with you all those who are blind and deaf, for they too shall see and hear. Indeed, come all those who have sinned against Me, take My hand. I will lead you to the waters where I shall wash you, and where your new clothes hang upon the tree which grows next to the stream. Come one, come all... ask and it shall be given you. All things are possible with God and made manifest through the Son.

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, God Created Man in His Image, and from His Rib Did He Give to Him Woman; and Together Shall They Live as Two of One Flesh, With The Lord as Their Father.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life... He who believes in Me has everlasting life, and during this life will I give him cups of living water to drink until I come. Then will they who thirst, thirst no more, for I am with them forevermore. Amen.

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, The Seventh Day.]
(God speaking.) ~

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son... the ransom is paid. And this same One, the Begotten of the Father, shall rule the nations. He is a Kingdom, a glorious Kingdom without death and dying, nor anything destroyed, where not even one tear is found, the Kingdom without end. Amen.

[From Volume 2, Letters from God and His Christ, Come and Share My Joy, Fulfilled Through Faith, Until I Come.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

One God. One Son... the Way to the Father. One love everlasting brought together through the Son, to reunite all those who were separated... now gathered up to the Father, forever dwelling in the Kingdom of His Christ and His joy... Rejoice! Amen... forever amen.

[From Volume 2, Letters from God and His Christ, I Am the Lord God Almighty!... The Only God! Why, Oh Peoples of the Earth, Do You Fight Against He Who Has Overcome the World? Kick Not Your Foot Against the Rock.]
(God and Jesus speaking.) ~

Christ is the Way, and the only name under Heaven by which you shall be saved, not by your works. Rather, grace is the gift of God given to all those who come to Him in faith, who believe in the name Jesus Christ, and accept His sacrifice into them as the payment for forgiveness of sin... You are beloved of God, saved through My only Begotten in blood and suffering, for I am long suffering for My precious creation... I am your Savior, given of Myself unto death for your transgressions, so you may be rich in spirit, blessed in joy, seeing in faith, and hearing of truth, leading to salvation.

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, The Christian Path.]
(God speaking.) ~

Many in your life have sinned against you, and all have sinned against Me. Have I not forgiven them through My Son’s sacrifice?

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, Confess and Be Saved.]
(God speaking.) ~

Though they that confess are mislead, yet that they have confessed, in this they are saved, for faith in Christ will save them from their iniquities.

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, See With the Eyes of Christ.]
(God speaking.) ~

Yet I say to you, forgive him and love him. Honor your father despite his iniquities and wrongdoings, for the Son has taken his punishment and forgiven him, if he so chooses to receive it. Therefore, as I have forgiven you in the blood of My most beloved Son, also must you forgive those who have sinned against you.

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, I am He Who Corrects and Disciplines Those He Loves.]
(God speaking.) ~

Though I hold these things against you, and should punish you as any good Father who loves His child should, instead have I given My own Son to take the full burden of your sin, so you might be cleansed and presented completely washed of all you have done. So again I say to you Beloved, My most precious one who has strayed far from Me, yet still does seek Me, Repent! Accept the love of the Son, Jesus the Christ, into your heart, and know beyond a shadow of turning, your sin I will remember no more

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, Partake of the Waters of Life.]
(God speaking.) ~
This is why I have sent My Son to die and take the full burden of your sin, so we can be together forevermore. So open your heart to Me, daughter, and repent of all that you have done. I will separate your sin from you, as far as the east is from the west, and remember your iniquities no more, for Christ Jesus has cleansed you. Open your heart to Him, accept Him, and clothes of white will you now wear when He presents you to Me, fully washed and a new creation. That place inside you, which fills you with emptiness and longing and for what, you do not know, that place will I fill up to overflowing with the water of life and joy, for the water of life is of the Son, Jesus, the Christ. And for all who ask, it will be given to them freely to partake of and be healed in.

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, Seek the Lord and He Shall Find You... He Will Open the Way.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~
I know how you thirst... drink... I will fill you up, for I am the Water of Life. I, Christ Jesus, your Lord, have taken your place and carried the burden of your sin for you. In My blood have I washed you, but you must accept these white robes I give to you. It is My gift to you.

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, Those Whom the Lord Has Cleansed Are Now Clean and Worthy of the Kingdom.]
(God speaking.) ~

...question not your worthiness. Rather question if you are forgiven, and if you have come to full repentance, for what the Lamb has washed in His blood, is now worthy of the Kingdom. You are saved by grace through faith, this not of yourself; neither by your works are you saved, lest you should boast. All men fall short of glory, therefore did I send My Son in your stead, to take the burden of your sin.

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, Return Home... Your Father Calls.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

The Lord lives, and forgives those who call on His name with all humility and supplication. Come to Me, and repent. To this end I gave My life as a ransom and payment in full for your sins past, present and those sins of tomorrow... Now go out My beloved sheep, forgiven in My blood, and sin no more.

[From Volume 2, Letters from God and His Christ, Love and Forgiveness Awaits All Those Who Turn From the World to Christ.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

His love never fades... His love and mercy is everlasting shown through Me. Why wait until all is lost and unseen? Call on My name, and confess all you have done, and I will separate your sin from you, and cast it away, and remember it no more. To this end, I gave up everything... My power, My glory, My spirit, My very life. I did this gladly because I foresaw the day when you would be lost and the day you would come to Me... I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, who was mocked, beaten, scourged and nailed to the cross. I had no sin. I did this for you, My child, so we can be together in My Kingdom to come. In My Kingdom, there is no pain, no tears; even death is not found... only love will you find there and all things which flow from the love of the Father.

[From Volume 1, Letters from God and His Christ, The Seas Rage; The Earth, It Trembles... All is Quiet For Those Who Rest In the Lord.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

I have forgiven you in My blood on the tree and solidified your salvation upon My rising... I am your Sacrifice... I carry the burdens of the world and save the world from darkness.

[From Volume 4, Letters from God and His Christ, Jesus is the Gift... Blessed Are They Who Know and Accept Him.]
(God speaking.) ~

My children, yea, all My children of this earth, hear and have understanding: I am the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, from which was born the Gift and Salvation of Men, My only begotten, Jesus Yeshua, the Christ and Messiah, the Lord of all creation... Thus is the inheritance of the saints: Rest and glory in the presence of the Lamb who shall be your Shepherd, forever and ever... life without end. Amen and amen... Jesus is His name.

[From Volume 4, Letters from God and His Christ, Walk in the Lord, Establishing Your Love by Faith and Obedience.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life!... Come and follow Me! I am Yeshua, the Gift. Jesus the Christ is My name... the only name under Heaven by which you must be saved. Honor Me first in your ways, and then with your mouth. Honor, only spoken, leads to nowhere. By your feet, shall you walk into the Kingdom called New Jerusalem; and by your hands, shall all My disciples work righteousness. To those who overcome... these shall receive all the bounty of riches laid up in store for them in the heavens, and on earth, forever and ever. Give glory to the Father... being a living sacrifice, according to the Son who sacrificed all, so you would be as and where I am. Love Me as I love you... receiving and living in the love of the Father that neither fades nor is subject to any shadow of turning. Love has come, and is yet coming, and is already here. Lift up your heads to Heaven, and sing praises to the Lord, forever and ever. Amen.

[From Volume 4, Letters from God and His Christ, Woe to the Leaders Who Speak in the Lord’s Name... Remember Whom You Follow and To Whom You Must Listen. Keep Watch for Those I Send to You... These Are They Who Bear the Fruit Without Price, After the Manner of the Spirit.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

Come all you faithful, be gathered. Live and breath in Me... I am your Oxygen, the Breath of Life, the Waters of Knowledge and Joy cleansing all those soiled and bruised, healing them in My blood, transforming them in the wake of My coming, comforting them by the love of My heart that flows as a river, bursting forth in them as a wellspring of love, hope, faith and obedience, returning them to the Garden and My joy, the Kingdom of God, which I am, because of their salvation which is in Me, who is their Maker and their Breath, having become as they, dying, breathing My last breath as a man, so I could come and live in them, and with them, forever and ever... Life without end. Amen.

[From Volume 4, Letters from God and His Christ, Deceptions, Clothed in Falsehoods, Called Wisdom and Truth... All in All, a Leading Away.]
(God speaking.) ~

Thus says the Lord, who is all-knowing, even of that which is hidden: Christ Jesus is the fulfillment of all things, the lightening of your burdens, which is sin, the Truth and understanding you seek... the very meaning of life. He is the Bread of Life, feeding those enhungered, the Fountain of Living Water for those who thirst, the Prince of Peace... seek Him only and receive glory. The world, and all therein, is vanity on top of vanities, and vexation of spirit, leading you into sin... and when it is finished, death. Jesus, called Christ, is The Truth, The Way and The Life. Amen.

[From Volume 5, Letters from God and His Christ, The Truth Absolute.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

Remember My words: One God... One Son, the only Way to the Father. One Truth... One Word... One Messiah... One Spirit... One Food... One Bread and One Drink... One Body... Of which I Am All... the All in All. Amen.

[From Volume 6, Letters from God and His Christ, Firstfruits in Love..]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

The wheat is gathered... the saints have been established in glory, and do follow the Lamb turned Lion wherever He goes. Beloved, follow Me. I will lead you into fountains of living waters... a well, a spring, of love and life that never runs dry. Behold, I shall even recreate the entire world for you. You believed in Me, and you remain in My love, and will never be moved, nor can anyone snatch you from My arms. Come and share in My joy forever, even forever and ever. And know the mystery of God revealed and the knowledge of creation... none are found lower than the angels. Amen and Amen.

[From Volume 6, Letters from God and His Christ, Understand Love, Know Forgiveness... Partake of the Whole Fruit of the Spirit, and Make It Part of You.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

Blessed are they who bless the name of the Lord, and happy are those who have His name perpetually on their lips... life without end to all those who call on the name of the Lord, forever striving to walk in His ways and keep His commandments, fully partaking of the fruit of the Spirit. My Kingdom is coming... all My sparrows shall fly to Me. Amen.

[From Volume 6, Letters from God and His Christ, Blessed Be the Name of the Lord.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

I Am Your Blessing From Heaven! Accept what the Father has bestowed upon you... love and mercy. Life, without end, has He given you in Me. Oh what riches, oh what wealth... treasures beyond imagining, in the Kingdom of God’s joy, await you. Blessed is He who fears the Lord and finds delight in His commands. Blessed be His name forever and ever! Amen!

[From Volume 6, Letters from God and His Christ, Let My Grace Be Sufficient For You.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

I am the I Am, the One and Only King, the Holy One of God... I am the Path that leads My sheep into salvation... I am its very Maker... the Truth, the Way, the Life. I am the Highway, and all who walk in Me shall never die... death has fled from them. I reside in them and they in Me... My Body, My Church, My Bride, forever and ever. Amen and amen.

[From Volume 6, Letters from God and His Christ, Testify to Love, Obey the Word of the Lord.]
(Jesus speaking.) ~

For I am the real food and the real drink. And all those, who partake of Me, live in Me, and I in them.
Thus is the inheritance of the redeemed: Eternal life in My presence, and My joy fulfilled in them in the Kingdom, to the glory of the Father. Amen.

[From Volume 4, Letters from God and His Christ.]
(God speaking.) ~

Jesus Christ Is King!

Worthy is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Yeshua is the Gift... in Him is life. All others lead only into darkness and death, fleeing away from the True Light which is Christ Jesus. He is the wonderful new thing born of a virgin, as it is and was written. He is the fulfillment of all things, the only Messiah and Lord, fulfilling all written and spoken of Him from the beginning, being the same as God, begotten as the Son, fulfilling the Word which He is, and was, and is to come, the Word of God Almighty... By the Word are you saved...
He who was smitten of God gave of Himself to the smiters so all nations under God might be saved through Him, which is the foundation and fulfillment of all prophecy... the end of which is the Kingdom, which is He, and by Him shall you enter, entering into that which is His joy forever and ever...
This is My Son in whom I am well pleased... listen to Him, for as the stars in the heavens are beyond the numbering of men, so then is He called Jesus, who being the Only Begotten of the Father, is the fulfillment of the Word of God and the prophets throughout all generations, whose fulfillment of which is also beyond the reason and comprehension of men’s calculations fulfilled in a single man...
To My children, fully awake and receiving full knowledge of the Truth that indeed the Christ called Jesus fulfills all, in every sense, in all manner, every word written, every word spoken, every action within and without, being altogether the All in All of all things... let it be Truth undeniable, causing all both small and great, rich and poor, bond and free, to bow before Him, calling Him Lord!


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