Post details: I didn't make myself willing to serve the Lord Jesus.


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I didn't make myself willing to serve the Lord Jesus.

by Trent - originally posted on Auguest 14, 2005

choiceI didn't make myself willing to serve ... the Lord Jesus.
Yet I have been willing none-the-less.

Whether one is reluctantly willing, or enthusiastically willing, they did not fashion their own will. They did not create their own will. They did not maintain their own will for any duration of time.

I am not the Author nor Finisher of our faith.
Neither is anyone else.

I like the resuscitation of Lazarus to drive this point home.

Here is what people say: "We are commanded to repent, so it must be something that we CAN do. If we couldn't do it on our own, then why would we be commanded to do it?"

Well, the answer is seen in all of the miracles of Christ (of which new birth is no different.) Lazarus was commanded to come forward. The lame were commanded to walk. The blind were commanded to see. Did Lazarus come forth because he had that ability? Did he obey? Sure, I guess he obeyed the command, but that doesn't mean that he could have done it on his own ... any more then the man with the shrived hand could have stretched forth his hand on his own ... any more then I could have repented on my own.

Yes, I am commanded to believe, and there are times when I do believe. Yes, I am commanded to repent and there are times that I do repent ... but I deserve no more credit for my obedience/faith/repentance then does Lazarus deserve credit for obeying Jesus' command: "Lazarus, COME FORTH."

To God be all the glory!

So, repent! Believe! Obey! You'll be better off as you do. If and when you do, I'll give the credit to where it belongs, and praise the Lord.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
and amen.

TRUST in Him, who is all knowing; and OBEY Him, who is the Beginning and the Ending, the Author and the Finisher, the Creator of all things known and unknown, The All in All...

And then cry aloud saying:
"All glory, and thanks, and praise, be to our God and to the Lamb!"
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Comment from: Mrs Zeke [Visitor] ·
I have read your post a few times and I remembered some things about my before Christ life.

I had not accepted Him but He had accepted me. I can see plain as day Him move and call and at times pull me to Him when I would refuse. But the reality was I refused but each time my heart was a bit more turned to Him.

There were many, many times He spread His hand of protection out over me even when I again refused to accept Him or obey His way.

He loved me long before I loved Him but He was always there from my earliest childhood memories.

I have no idea why He was and is so patient with me but I know for sure nothing good comes from me. I mean that in the most serious way.

Now I accept Him and I do my best but my best is nothing without Jesus bridging the massive rift between me and God.

Blows my mind
Be loved Brother you are
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