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Do Christians Know the Way?

by Trent - originally posted on 08-11-05
Does our way work?
Has our doctrine, methods, meetings, retreats, seminars, systematic theology, emotional experiences, and self examination, and what-have-you done anything to free us from anger, old-habits, slander, the desire to be elite, and self-centeredness, and frustration?

Has our way set us free? Has it brought us peace and contentment? Has our teaching lead to tangible results - the abundant life?

Jesus gives a sermon on the perfect life. What are the ingredients?
sermon on the mount

  • be poor in spirit
  • mourn
  • be meek
  • hunger and thirst for righteousness
  • be merciful
  • have a pure in heart
  • make peace
  • have joy when treated badly
  • be the salt and light of the earth
  • be devoid of anger
  • be prompt to reconciled to your brother
  • hold nothing against another
  • have a spirit of agreement
  • have truth in speech and attitude
  • turn the other cheek
  • go the second mile
  • love enemies
  • pray for those that persecute you

Does our way produce the kind of life that Jesus was talking about?

What Jesus does not mention as part of the perfect life is this:

  • understand how you have been a victim
  • understand why you react to certain people in certain situations
  • be justified in what you do
  • be doctrinally correct
  • memorize scripture
  • stand for civil liberty/civil justice
  • understand co-dependency / and self-realization
  • never fail
  • change your behavior
  • obtain new and painful realizations about yourself and your upbringing
  • hand out tracts
  • defending Truth against the heretics
  • get a divinity degree

Some of you are going to say that you think the second list is an important list. Well, I did not say that those things are trivial. But, the second list is full of secondary - lesser truths, at best ... and complete diversions at the worst. What can be more important than the things that Jesus preached? Isn't everything eclipsed by what Jesus says is important in the "sermon on the mount"?

I'll be happy to talk to any of you about the second list. We can also discuss homosexuality, and political science and abortion, but first I want to know if we have discovered the answer for the 18 things that Jesus says is important first. Have we found that life?

If I say that my way works then my way better result in the manifestation of the sermon on the mount. If we emphasize anything less than the sermon on the mount as the proof of the validity of the way that I live then I am just avoiding a deeper issue.

Will my wife confirm by witness to my behavior the things that I say matters, and the things that I hold dear when comparing the impact of those things on my life to the 18 things that Jesus mentioned? Will my neighbors confirm that? Will children confirm that?

Jesus' simple sermon reveals the effectiveness of our method. And any other method will be revealed by comparison as something carnal, (maybe pious and nice) but nothing more than a false hope and despair.

Are we learning to love your enemies? Are we becoming meek? Are we making peace? Do we mourn? Are we developing a pure heart?
If not, then lets not tell anyone about our church or doctrinal proof. We are unaffected by our way, if we are not being moved into the life that Jesus describes.

The focus of hopefully has focussed upon all of these things preached in the sermon on the mount, because we are not focusing on any interpretation, teaching, philosophical system, or beliefs. We are focusing on Jesus, Himself! And that life in the sermon that he taught describes His own Life ... the same Life that can be manifest today in us, as we let Him out to play through us.

Keep tuned to ... your life may be all the proof anyone could possibly need to believe.

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Comment from: Heather [Visitor]
Permalink 08/11/05 @ 19:52
Comment from: Mrs Zeke [Visitor] ·
There is a song about God and in it it says "all I can be is devoted"

All I know is as I remain devoted to God then without my effort but His work on me the first list slowly becomes as He wished and makes it so very hard sometimes to look around at this earth we live in. But knowing that He is the author of my breaths then I am to remain until He says no more and until then my job is to be the best showpiece I can be for the Kingdom.

A showpiece not collecting dust but one that is alive with thankfulness to all even those who wish me harm or have harmed. A person who belongs to Him and is Humble because of Him, Meek in His greatness, not wanting to anger as my anger is not justified as His.

Take a step when I can't and turn away from the flesh reactions that only glorify me. He has to be the one to author this things because they do not come about from my flesh or mind. So I will stay devoted as a thirsty person to the banks of an only river. I will try not to run from His discipline and try just as hard to rest in His love and acceptance of me one who is so lowly among all. I will always be a work in progress until He takes me home or Christ come and completes all.

Be loved you are
Permalink 01/14/08 @ 16:09
Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
Oh I love that list, Trent. It's worth memorizing and keeping it hidden in the heart and mind, ... and then...LIVED !

thanks for sharing it again.
Permalink 01/15/08 @ 21:49
Comment from: jay [Visitor] ·
Odd as it may seem, it has been appointed unto me to expose those whom are not of the SPIRIT of our FATHER and our brother CHRIST JESUS our LORD, in these times of uncertianity.Repent i say unto you? Something weighs very heavy upon my heart,and i must expose it to the worldly, those of the flesh.Rest assured that anything that is 100% pure of the SPIRIT,that which is HOLY and pure of the FATHER and SON past on to the true chosen, to be past on to all who have ears to hear. It does not come with a price , all that is offered is a GIFT , do not let anyone tell you different for they are assured by pure word's of GREED and self gain. As i try to fathom it all, i will never understand how a man, women could confess that they have all the knowledge of GOD, or HIS SON OR OF his SPIRIT , how can they stand in front of a camera and confess to know all the secrets of GOD'S plan, HIS personal plan for you, through them for a fee.This go's against all that we are offered by our FATHER at no price.Ponder this and let the truth be revealed. GOD ask's for nothing more than your self. i cry out to all those that are lost, like sheep whom are lost from the flock, because of the misty fog they wander aimlessly.But hush thy cry, and hear thy voice, and return to thine shepperd.

Permalink 01/16/08 @ 03:53
Comment from: jay [Visitor] ·
As i hit the send comment button,i realized that i had forgotten to verse the reason that the SPIRIT led me to respond in the first place. That being, awsome writing Trent, very much puts all into perfect perspective. Thats why all must realize GOD'S GLORY does not come with a price tag!!! While i'll be the first to tell you i'm as guilty as the next when it come's to trying to gain knowledge from all the reading material and voiced oppinions of others whom think they have all the secrets to salvation. There is nothing, absolutely nothing of the flesh that will replace the supernatural flow of living water through each individual's spirit, given for any dollar amount. HIS GIFT is only available to all through complete surrender, and then through complete obediance.
Permalink 01/16/08 @ 21:19
Comment from: Pam [Visitor]

I keep coming back and listening to this. It is like my life. When I get off on a rabit trail the only way I can find my way back is to focus again on Jesus and start walking. It is so easy for us to lose the Way with one another. Especially when we try to force agreement on a particular point. The only way back to fellowship is in each refocusing on Jesus. He is the only hope for Grace Heads to be united. Without Him, we're all just a bunch of Hard Heads!

Permalink 01/23/08 @ 14:38

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