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Prophecy Purposed

Amos 5:18-20 How terrible it will be for you who long for the Day of the LORD! Why do you want it to come? That day will be dark, not light. It will be like a man running away from a lion only to meet a bear. He enters his house and rests his hand on a wall only to be bitten by a snake. The Day of the LORD will be dark, not light. It will be very black. There won't be a ray of sun anywhere. NIV Reader's Version

No one in their right mind should desire that the prophecies of God's Wrath should come upon us. Even God does not desire it as, "God desires that none should perish but that all men should be brought to repentance." Prophecy teaches us the lengths God will go to in order to bring His children to repentance. Above all things, God desires that we have life and every horrible thing we suffer is for the purpose of bringing us to repentance. So too are God's prophecies for the purpose of inciting human repentance.

We live in a time of uncertainty that differs from other times in history because of the globalized operation of the world we now live in. Our lives are interrelated within a global community, whether we like it or not. The threats in this life now take on global proportions and what threatens lives in the Middle East also threatens lives in the U.S. The actions and missteps of one country either benefits or threatens the well being of every country. The world is a tender box and those who pay attention to what is going on in this world are filled with anxiety. People turn to prophecy in hopes of being able to prepare for the unthinkable and the unimaginable.

It is not only those influenced by Christian thinking that are turning to prophecy but people of all faiths and even the irreligious. They will naturally look toward those prophecies which predict the best outcome for them and by doing so, they make themselves vulnerable to hucksters. Prophecy is a big business in the frightening global climate.

False prophets play upon this fear and they devise messages that please targeted audiences. They desire a following and the wealth that can come with it. They will not point to God as the refuge in time of trouble. They point to themselves and use the mysterious nature of their craft to deceive and garner power for themselves. Their messages may be smooth and soothing, calming human fears with false dreams of perfection and well-being. They may also predict violence toward those whom a particular group doesn't like coupled with the outcome of global control. None of them will point to Jesus and none of them are designed to make hearers uncomfortable with their sin.

In these times, we are confronted with many messages concerning God. I too deliver such messages and you should not trust me. You should measure all that I say according to Jesus and measure the soundness of my words according to the Bible, that long held written record of Truth. Do the same for any words that a prophet speaks. If they are true words, they will hit the spot in your heart that yet harbors sin. They will cut to the quick and then point you toward Jesus for removal of that sin and for healing. True Prophecy will point you toward the safe harbor in the dark days predicted that is only Jesus.

A prophet of God is not a magician. He is only a man like all men, sinful and frail. If one should present himself in any other way, flee. He is a liar and of his father the devil. These are Bar-Jesus, sparkling counterfeits. Measure carefully all of the words spoken and heed only those which reveal to you the sinfulness of your own heart and point toward Jesus Christ. Do not follow any frail and sinful man, follow only Jesus.

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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Excellent Pam.

Steve, please go to the link below. It will help you greatly in your discernment.

Click Here and also read Len's comment -->Discernment of True and False Prophets
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Comment from: Pam [Member]

I'll discuss just about anything as long as we keep it off of a personal level of taking offense when our views differ.

The Holy Spirit also plays a part in this. It is the Holy Spirit that draws people to God and He Who reveals to them their need. If you are not being drawn to seek after God, the Word spoken may lay flat or just make you mad because you assign the wrathful wording to the messenger. If you don't have the sin in you that is spoken against, then it isn't for you personally but does demonstrate those things which God has said over thousands of years are harmful to His Children and are sin, showing the full outcome of that sin.

A false prophet is one that wants to take the place of God. A true prophet is only a mouthpiece through whom God speaks. A false prophet desires a following and admiration. A true prophet desires that others know God. We all have sin in our hearts. Degree is irrelevant as one sin is equal to sinning all sins. The sting of any sin is death.

The sin in your heart is not for me to discern. I can't read your heart. I can judge actions as sinful but I can't judge the intent. That isn't given to human beings to do. I can't even fully know my own heart. God knows what lies in all of our hearts.

Prophecy from God does not play on anything. It is a part of God revealing Himself to us and His Will for us. Eve brought death into the Creation by putting herself in God's place and coaxing Adam to do the same. Death came by sin so that sinful man would not be able to live upon the earth too long apart from God. God does not want us to die,He wants us to live. God does everything in His power to cause each of us to turn from our own way to Him so that He can give us eternal life. He has provided that gift in the shed blood of Jesus His Son that covers all of our sin, all of our choosing apart from God usurping His place in our lives. When we repent of our sin and turn to Jesus, we receive faith and through faith, we receive eternal life from God. This is the purpose of true prophecy. Even Johah who did not cooperate with God delivered the message God intended and Nineveh was brought to repentance and was not destroyed. Pay attention to the Word and not to the man.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]

Those are all questions that I had also. If you read the Bible you could say it is all regurgitated,lol! as it is written by many different men but it repeats the same theme. It does so because it is inspired by God (the author) through the Holy Spirit. That is what gives it consistency. Again, I can find nothing unscriptural about Timothy's writing. Some things I can't know the truth about until or unless they come to pass. It is Timothy's neck on the line, not mine.

I believe we are at the end of the church age, times are rapidly changing, and I think Timothy's gift applies more to the coming age than the one we are in now. Though his words still sound a warning that should be heard, turn to God or suffer the consequence of personal destruction.

Anyway, if he were a false prophet, there would not be such a negative reaciton. This isn't fun for Timothy and I'm getting pretty bunged up from catching stones meant for him just because of my proximity. If he were false and telling folks what they want to hear, we'd be at the top of the Top 1,000. That's not the case and not the intent. The common thread among us is Jesus and we want everything we do to point people to Jesus Christ. There's thousands of teachers out there, true false prophets, with slick smooth messages with one to suit your fancy, they don't get bombed daily the way we do here. I know...that doesn't validate us but it does lend Biblical credence in that people have never accepted God's prophets. Prophets are not like the average Joe and they don't appeal to us. I think God does it that way on purpose. It is His Word that must stand not the mouthpiece.

All I can tell you to do is test the Word according to the Spirit and according to the person of Jesus Christ.


p.s There are no communal compounds here and no kool-aide, no selling flowers at the airport, and no Bar-Jesus. Just sinner/saints that love Jesus and desire that our gifts be used for His glory.
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Comment from: Pam [Member]


Also, if they don't know they aren't safe, we have to sound a warning. Safety is in Jesus.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]

If you know God has not called you to be a prophet, you'd better not start saying that you are one. People can't annoint you and give you that gift. It isn't about you anyway. It is all about God and His work.

I don't think you know Timothy or Trent and I'm sorry, but I believe you judge them too soon. One can be opinionated and unpopular because of their opinion that doesn't make them a prophet. I do however, come across many false prophets that are packaged in accepted forms that people readily accept. They teach all kinds of unbiblical things because they are pleasing to the hearer and usually designed to part them from their money. They are con men. If Timothy is a con, he's not very good at it.

As long as I allow God to guide my reasoning, I'll be fine. If I start making judgments because of peer pressure then I'm probably in trouble. I don't believe I am an illogical person and I don't think I'm being illogical now. I'm not easily swayed by peer-pressure anymore either. I'm a tough old bird.

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