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Why Isn't He Blistered About It?

"How can you just sit there? Aren't you mad? I wasn't even there, and I am blistered! Why are you so calm?" asked Mike.

"Well, Mike." said the victim, ... [Well, before I give the answer, maybe I should give some background ...]

A few weeks ago the victim of a brutal attack awakes from a coma. He was beaten by a club in the head by gangsters, when traveling to a party in the neighborhood. The thugs were let-go by the police, claiming self-defense ... only because one of them suffered a broken finger. The finger was broken because the victim fell down after the first couple of blows and might have accidentally touched one of them on the way down. So, there was no justice, the whole thing is wrong, wrong, wrong ...

"How can you just sit there? Aren't you mad? I wasn't even there, and I am blistered! Why are you so calm?" asked Mike.

"Well, Mike." said the victim, "I don't remember 2 weeks before, nor afterward. I woke up with no memory of the incident, and frankly it is impossible to get mad about something you do not remember. Furthermore, these guys could have a flat tire, and I would stop and help them change it. They could ask for some cash and I would give it. I don't know what they did to me, so I wouldn't mind buying them a cup of coffee."

Then it hit Mike ... "I will forgive their iniquity and their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more!"


God doesn't mind lending a hand. He has no memory of the sins ... He has forgiven all of those that believe upon Him and in whom He dwells by the Spirit. That is how He can invite us to turn to Him, and there be no threat in that ... He want us to come especially when we sin, so that He can help us out ... He knows that He, and He alone, can set us free from these tricks of the enemy and have a better life as His victory becomes our own ... but certainly ... He has surely cast all these things into the sea of forgetfulness ... and His only concern is how He can deliver us from what vexes our souls - iniquity.

Forgiveness, is what the devil makes out to be something cheap and the Lord is still blistered about our sins ...
God would be blistered about the sins of the saints ... but He can't remember them against us.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hey Trent,

He's done it all, hasn't He? The forgiveness we need is right there in Jesus for the taking and when we take Jesus into ourselves, the relationship that was severed with our Father is reinstated and all memory of the former time of separation and the reasons for it are washed away.

It is also that way between those of us on earth. It is good to forgive but we can't forgive reinstatement of relationship for relationship means two. However, when our brother or sister repent, and we are reunited with them by the acceptance of our forgiveness, the joy of lost friendship restored soon washes away past hurts. We too must remember to repent of those things we have done to another that we might receive forgiveness. Pride is the only obstacle to wiping away the sins of the earth. You've reminded me today that men also have the power to forgive sin upon the earth. May God bring all men to repentance that all men might enjoy His goodness together.

His Kingdom come!:0)

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