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The Spiritual Life

God is Spirit. To know God, one must be spiritual. Not spiritual as the world defines the word and misunderstands it. The spirit that is naturally in man is vain. The life in that spirit is temporal and of the flesh. The spirit in natural man may move him to anger and to other emotional heights but it is not the force of life. Man has no control over the Spirit that gives life to him and he cannot understand where that force comes from when it enters him at conception nor where it goes when he dies; for apart from that Spirit and the life that issues from Him, man can know nothing.

Those who are of the world are spiritually dead to God though they may do many things in an attempt to reach Him. They can't reach Him because they are of the material world and God is Spirit, truly Spiritual. Man looks to his own spirit and develops traditions, rituals, special days, and regulations that he believes are spiritual if they are practiced in a prescribed way not understanding that this is spiritual behavior in response to the vain spirit of man and not to the true Spirit Who is God. If man is to know God and commune with him, he must become Spiritual and that is not something he is capable of as all that he is has been formed from the elements of the earth. If he is to become Spiritual, he must be born again. He must be born of God Who is Spirit.

God desires to commune with all of his children in the same fashion that He once communed with Adam and Eve in the Garden. He knows us well and knows that we are not able to make ourselves to be true spiritual beings. Even if we have perfect unity and build great towers toward Heaven, we will never reach God and that is why He has chosen to reach down to us. No work of man can ever make man spiritual and re-connect him to God in the way he was intended to be connected. That requires a work of God and that work is being accomplished through His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus, the Son of God and the Son of Man Who bridged the gap between the vain spirit of man and the Life giving Spirit Who is God.

It is faith in Jesus Christ that binds us eternally to God and ensures that when our temporal bodies fail, our once temporal spirits that through faith have been quickened with new Life cannot fail for spirit has become fully bonded to Spirit as One. Our life is no longer temporal and of the visible world only but has crossed over to the eternal and unseen world. As we now remain in temporal bodies, no longer are we moved by the emotional highs and lows and desires of our natural spirit but instead move according to the Spirit that moves all things.

This is not religion, not physical activity that produces good feelings or an appearance of holiness. This is newness of life through which the works of God are performed on the earth as in Heaven. Through those who have been spiritually reborn in Christ Jesus, God has injected His Life back into a dying world. Through them, He Loves all men and women, and through them He calls to others who have been chosen according to His purpose. His purpose, to save the world through the finished work of His Son just as He has already quickened those who once were spiritually dead to God that He might save them to Himself.

God Loves all of His children with an eternal Love. He is a good and wonderful Father, desiring that all turn to Him and enter into close and constant fellowship with Him. He is accomplishing that desire in Jesus. By the blood of His own Son, He has covered all of our sins, and removed any barrier that hindered our relationship. As He reaches down to you, child of God, through Jesus, receive faith, believe, be reborn by the Spirit and walk and talk eternally with God.

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