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Tip for when you are under spiritual attack

Judging ThoughtsI've been under attack lately. I needed to judge my thoughts and see if they were from one of my enemies or not. Here is how I managed it and had peace this last week:

I turned to my thoughts and asked the source of the notion about Jesus. If I were to verbalize the inner dialog, it would sound like this, "OK, but what is true about Jesus?" Your enemies will be dumb-founded and have no more things to interject if you insist on the enemies telling you about Jesus.

And when they are dumb-founded, there is a bit more peace and enjoyment in life.

A friend of mine told a story of a woman that was contemplating suicide for about a decade. She did it in secret and told nobody about it. Then one day she planned out the suicide while her husband was at work. But with all the preparation complete, she heard the sound of her husband returning early, as if he forgot something he needed for work. So, while she peered out the window, she heard a new thought enter her mind: "We'll just wait until he is gone again." ... at that moment, she saw something that for a decade, she was unaware of ... "WE" PLURAL ... the thought said "WE'LL" just wait. And at that, she saw that she was not alone, and that the thought came from one of her enemies, and not from the Lord.

It is right to judge our thoughts, so lets encourage each other and share with one-another tips, on how you shine the spotlight on the enemies schemes to steal, kill, and destroy.

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Comment from: pam [Visitor]
My biggest open area for spiritual attack is in my insecurity in personal relationships. I trust Jesus but I really don't trust people to not abandon me. This is deepceded (sp?) in me from very early in my life. I don't know if I will overcome it in this life because there are so many layers to it. I just keep trying, with God's help, to face the truth of each layer as it reveals itself. Often the natural defenses that I take up are those things that leave me most vulnerable to spiritual attack.

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Comment from: pam [Visitor]
I understand that Jason and I guess, honestly, I struggle with that too. Abuse by an authority figure is the most trust bending of abuse. When someone who claims spiritual authority and uses that authority to manipulate others for their own pleasure, that causes great mistrust. For me, it was watching such persons, who I had trusted to help give my children a life better than I had known, crush the hearts of my children and kill any desire in them for service to God. I know I haven't been able to forgive that yet. I still want to cream them, actually. I know Jesus says of such persons that we should do what they say and not what they do but I know I sure as heck want to know that they are doing what they say before I get too close. That takes a very long period of watching.

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Comment from: pam [Visitor]
I keep getting drawn back to this because I care. Things would be so much easier if I didn't care so much...

One very great area of attack for me is when a friend refuses to talk to me directly about a problem or issue that arises between us and in every relationship there will be problems and issues eventually arise. When there is silence or deflection or avoidance then in me rises suspicion then the attack comes in trying to surmise the situation. I am not wrong to be suspicious but I am wrong to fill in the blanks. However, my friend is also somewhat responsible for making me vulnerable by not dealing forthrightly with me. We do have responsibility towards one another as brothers and sisters in Christ and though I can be repentant of my own sins and allow God to deal with them in me and I make a move toward reconciliation, I can't take the weight of the entire relationship. I am sad that my friend can't be honest with me but I will not take responsibility for their sin against me because I fell to a spiritual attack.

As far as spotlights go that is only the Holy Spirit and He reveals, in His own time, areas that need shoring. I don't always even know my own heart but God does and the work there is His.

I really, really, do want to shut up now.

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Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
Hi Trent. good thoughts.

btw: did you get my email request?
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Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
"Self-talk" must always be examined as to its source: which is often the vain and corrupt imagination, - which is one of satan's major playgrounds.

We must TRUST the peace given by the LORD, ... and filter everything thru the lens and mirror of the Word. - does it truly bless and edify your spiritual self AND others? - 100% - that is NOT from the enemy. - does it lead you (and others) AWAY-FROM Christ and His manner of Love and Truth? - 100% - THAT *is* from the enemy of our souls.

Is CHRIST truly lifted up, ... or self or some other. - THAT is the ultimate litmus test.

blessings and Shalom.
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