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Honor in Meekness

Nineteen hundred and fifty-six was a very different time in New Mexico than in many other parts of the United States. Santa Fe was still genuine adobe and not yet a trendy place for movie stars and New Age gurus. Though near by, just outside the village of Pecos, was Greer Garson's Forked Lightening Ranch resplendent with its flamingo pink buildings; quite nearly the same hue as the cliffs of Glorrietta Mesa that tower above the Pecos River valley. This is the Mesa that was my childhood home and 1956 was the year of my birth.

The house I grew up in was also genuine adobe but instead of the sod roof that many houses still sported in the nearby villages, ours was made of tin and reflected the territorial style that was part of the cultural contribution of my people. I was one of the third generation of my family to be born and raised in New Mexico. Statehood was still fairly new and we were still considered gringos, new-comers, as well. Most people had cars by this time but the memory of horse back travel and water hauled in wagons over long dusty trails was still recent and life was still lived close to the land.

My clothes were cut from the cloth of the castaways of my mother and grandmother and pajamas and underwear were made from flour sacks. The soap that was used to wash them was also used to wash the dishes, our bodies, and our hair. Pinto beans and cornbread were our staple and the cattle we raised were sent to the market to buy what we could not glean from the land first hand. The land itself was wide, open, and high and few humans were hardy enough to make a home there. At night, I drifted off to sleep with the howling of coyotes and mountain lions echoing in the hills that surrounded my home. Morning came way before dawn and the long, slow trek to school was spiced with the ritual of the daily race of the school bus with the antelope. The antelope always won.

I grew up with little money but I was not poor; even though, the conditions that I lived in would be considered poverty today. Yet, this was a place and time that was at the cusp of our current technological age nearing the end of a time when a simple life was not considered a dishonorable life. Materialism had not yet thoroughly mixed itself in and being of humble estate did not mean poverty and filth. Though technology was beginning to advance, man was not so removed from nature as we are today. I am thankful to have lived in a state so close to the rhythms of nature that I know what it is like to feel and smell the rain coming before any hint of cloud appears. This is the closeness to nature that enables even the heathen to know and experience the Spirit of God. It is through nature that God's Holy Spirit called me to seek Him out long before I knew His Name. The call that for so many today, is drowned out by the din of noise man has created with all of his technological toys. Toys that enable us to imagine ourselves invincible and to despise all who are meek and close to the earth.

Yet, it is the meek who shall inherit the earth for they are of the same substance as that of God's True and Righteous King, Jesus. There has never been one so meek, so humble as He. When He comes fully into His own upon the earth, it will not be the ones such as are honored by the world today that will be considered great in His Kingdom. Material goods, and technological toys, and palaces and lands, will not be the desired wealth when He rules the world. Instead, Satan's current kingdom will be set upon its ear and those who have great wealth in spirit and live humble and quiet lives will have the honor that is truly their due. Man will no longer be at war with nature's God and wealth will be found in humility and enjoyed by those who have become as the lily's of the field, trusting God to dress them, feed them, and heal them.

When the din of man's confusion becomes too great and you feel very small, listen for the sparrow. His song yet, remains. Know that God's eye is upon him and He is also watching over you and me.

"Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." Amen.

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