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Taking A Stand

It is natural for human beings to gather with others who are of like mind. Christians are no different and at times, I think, maybe even more so. Yet, we are constantly growing and changing and never remain in the same stage of spiritual growth for long. As a result, those with whom we have close fellowship today may become distant tomorrow. This can even occur with someone whom the Lord has used in one's life to exact important spiritual change. This is the wisdom of God, for if we could depend upon unity with one another, we would likely trade our relationship with an unseen God for that of friendship with people we can see and touch.

As each of us grow in Christ, we continually refine our view of how Christ came into our lives and how He saved us. His work of Salvation is complete but none of us have a complete understanding of that finished work. Our minds try to grasp that which we know in our spirit is true but the totality of it remains illusive and we slide off it. As we slide, we grasp for truth and in that which fills our grasp at that moment, we tend to become obsessed. We gaze upon the new truth that we currently comprehend and it seems to fill the whole that is truly, beyond our mental ability to hold. In our obsession, we tend to gather with those of like obsession and seek to demonstrate to all others outside our current understanding of the error of their ways. This too is the wisdom of God.

Proverbs teaches us that "iron sharpens iron" and that sharpening process of like materials requires an awful lot of friction. Friction demands closeness and that closeness for Chrisitians is fellowship with one another. Though fellowship is often loving, it is probably just as often, if not more so, conflicting. Conflict in fellowship often calls us to make a stand and it is by this process of conflict and making stands upon that which Christ has convicted us of that produces the friction by which each of us have our beliefs and values sharpened. It is possible to endure this process without losing fellowship if we do so in Love.

None of us truly have the ability to keep anyone from faith in Christ. God works good and evil together continually, to the ultimate good. Even when we choose evil, God works it to His ultimate glory and what human beings are created for is to give God His glory. God also places it within the heart of every Christian to share his/her experience of Christ and in Christ, we are told to shout what He whispers in our ear from the roof top. It concerns us when our neighbor is shouting a different message from his roof than the one we've been given to shout from ours. It is easy to begin to see our brother as an enemy. Especially, if his message seems to be drowning out ours and is in opposition to our own message. This is when we look to brother Jonah for example in gaining a better understanding of how God works our various messages for ultimate good, that being bringing others to repentance that Jesus might be revealed in them and destruction be thwarted.

I can't judge the message of another nor can I avoid conflict when I am compelled to stand against that message. However, if I am mindful of that sister's or brother's state of belonging to Jesus, just as I do, and not being truly in control of the message God has given them to bring, my eyes are open to the process of sharpening that has begun between us with anticipation of my own spiritual growth as the outcome. By this I know that God is working the current conflict to my good and the love I have for my brother or sister does not have to be diminished in the process and neither do I need to lose their fellowship.

This I find to be the true unity found only in Jesus Christ as we grow together and together endure the process of Christ being formed in each of us.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
You're giving me a big head, kid! Then God opened my eyes to all the spelling errors I didn't catch this morning and I am again humbled...;-] In my book, you rock too, Jason.

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Comment from: Ambree C. [Visitor]
Societyvs, don't feel bad about Len. When he rails judgement and damnation on your head, just forgive him. That's what I'm going to do from now on...or should I say, I'm going to let Jesus do through me. :) He does that to everyone who doesn't agree with him. The Lord is still working on his heart, so we just have to be forgiving and tolerant of his fire-and-brimstone rants until God opens his eyes.

Ambree C. :)

Permalink 06/02/07 @ 07:55
Comment from: Cliff [Visitor] ·
Pam, I am really beginning to appreciate your heart. It is obvious that your goal is always love. Great post.
Permalink 06/08/07 @ 23:23
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
Anyone who thinks I have had "some fire and brimstone rants" needs to take a good long look at the way THEY have condemned and attacked others. Simple as that.

I have only had trouble with ONE person on this blogsite, ... and it isn't societyvs. It's Ambree C. and her judgemental and condemning attitudes. - she full deserved the rebukes she received.

Jason is really not a problem at all. He's OK in my book.
Permalink 07/03/07 @ 08:49

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