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"WHY" is greater than "WHAT"

Whys are more important.

I can taint anything that I do with self-righteousness.

I can be right in all I do, and simultaneously be wrong in all I do.
Not necessarily wrong in behavior, but wrong in attitude. "Why" and "How" we behave are greater concerns to God than "What" we do.


Regarding those who seek to honor the Lord, though they be in ignorance
To the 7th Day Adventist Church, even to All Churches Who have Ears to Hear - Judge Not Others

2/15/07 From Timothy, with understanding received from the mouth of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior -
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
Regarding those who seek to honor the Lord, though they be in ignorance
Remembering the Sabbath Day...To Keep It Holy

[Timothy] If such an one, called beloved of the Lord and in whom He dwells, comes before God and dedicates any day, of which the Lord did not command, yet dedicates it to the Lord in ignorance or because of false the Lord it is dedicated. For this is acceptable and well pleasing to the Lord. And to this same one shall it be credited unto righteousness, according to their heart, though they be in error, according to which day shall be kept holy unto the Lord.

Yet if another, who has full knowledge, come and say, "I also dedicate this certain day to the Lord", and it be the correct day, the seventh, according to the Father's commandment, proclaiming his righteousness before men, casting judgment against those he perceives as less worthy because of their this man shall it be credited unto shame, though he be not in error according to the commandment. Though he has kept this day by his mouth, he did not keep it in his heart, nor unto God, but to himself has he kept it...having not kept it at all. To this man, he shall be abased.

And to the one who is erred, who yet remains humble with a sincere heart, they shall be exalted, and from this place shall they come into the correct knowledge in keeping the seventh day holy, according to the Word of the Lord, for they have already kept it in their heart, though they have lacked knowledge of which day should be dedicated. So then, in their sincere striving toward righteousness, and by the intent of their heart, shall their faith come to completion in the keeping of the fourth command of the Father, when they come into the true knowledge of the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy, being the seventh as it was written.

It is far easier to move a man, whose heart is in the right place, to a new day, than to move a man, with a wrong heart, to a place that is right, if he feels he already abides there.

Yet, remember this: All, who come into the true knowledge of the Word, must then walk in its ways, and no longer in their own way, nor in man's ways.

Walk uprightly in Me, in My footsteps...
abiding in My doctrine,
according to the faith and knowledge
you have received.

Progress toward perfection, seeking on by faith,
not according to tradition or the
commandments of men.

Seek and you shall surely find,
for all you need is written for your edification
in the Scriptures of Truth.

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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Thank You Jesus for dieing for us...without You we are lost and can not stand, we are so very weak and of the flesh, yet in our weakness is Your strength made perfect.

Teach me Your ways, oh Lord, keep me far from sin and malice and judgments. You alone are righteous. Teach me to walk in Your footsteps, oh my God....I am a child and can not yet stand on my own, nor can I see clearly, nor am I sharp of hearing. Take my hand, oh my Love and my Salvation, show me the way, for You see everything and Your ears hear all, speak to me, oh my Lord and my God, I am straining to listen with all attentiveness. The sound of Your voice is beautiful music - You move my soul. I am Your servant...this task is too heavy. Help me carry it, lest I drown in my own tears.

Lord teach all Your servants, even the whole of Your body, teach them to hear Your words and the majesty of Your will, so we may rejoice together in You, giving You all thanks and praise forever and even forever in Your presence...for You are worthy.

In Jesus' Yeshua' Your beautiful Name I pray. Amen.
Permalink 05/09/07 @ 22:35
Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
"Progress toward perfection, seeking on by faith, *not* according to tradition or the commandments of men.

Seek and you shall surely find,
for all you need is written for your edification in the Scriptures of Truth."


- LORD, help us to walk in grace, ... and to BE gracious, ... even with our enemies.

Your Word is healing, ... Your Word is also A TWO-EDGED SWORD. ... ALL GLORY to The Lamb.
Permalink 05/11/07 @ 07:57
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
WHY AM I HERE? ... *to glorify GOD and enjoy His Presence forever.

And this also: *to be used to bring others to A KNOWLEDGE OF HIS WILL AND SALVATION.

(anything after the above two are of minor importance by comparison)

O LORD YESHUA, turn our will TO DO Your Will *whatever the cost.* In Jesus' Wonderful Name, and FOR HIS sake. Amen.
Permalink 05/12/07 @ 14:11

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