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10 VERY Important Questions, Plus 1

Should we worship other gods?
Should we make idols?
Should we take the Lord's name in vain?
Should we dishonor our parents?
Should we kill?
Should we commit adultery?
Should we steal?
Should we bear false witness?
Should we covet?

*I know your answer!

(*If you answered "NO" to any of the above commandments, by your own admission you agree the 10 commandments stand and should be obeyed)

So then, should we forsake God's Sabbath, the 4th commandment, the only one God commanded using the word "REMEMBER"?...

Do we keep it as the Lord Himself has written or how the churches would like to rewrite it?!

"For whosoever shall keep the whole Law, and yet offend on one point, he is guilty of all" ~ James (James 2:10)

"Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven." ~ Jesus (Matthew 5:19)

One commandment broken is all commandments broken.
One sin, reveled in My name, are all sins accounted to you.

One sin, repented in the Christ’s name, all are forgiven you.

I know your hearts, My children, and I know whether or not you have become fully converted in your can not lie to your God.
Come to Me, in all truth and supplication,
by Him who I sent to you in Truth,
being the Truth Absolute, utterly void of darkness.
He is Him shall you walk into life.

He is the Way, the only One under Heaven...
Walk in Him, and you shall find Me. ~ God
(Letters From God, Vol. 4 )

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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Thus says the Lord, your God: You shall not desecrate My Sabbaths, nor the seventh day of the week, which I have commanded you!

Thus says the Lord: As I had spoken to Moses, so shall it be done. As I had spoken it before the congregation, so shall it be done. Yea, as the blowing of the great trumpet with lightning and thunderings had I spoken it upon Mount Sinai. In the presence of the tribes of Israel and before the holy angels did I trumpet My Law. Yea, the Lord has written with His own hand and given it to My people. Behold! I, even I, have written it upon their hearts by the power of My Spirit. The Son of Man came to redeem you from your transgression of that burned into the stone of the everlasting covenant by which man shall live, of which none have kept and shall surely die.
Yet a New Covenant I have sent to you in Christ Jesus, to save you from the penalty of that which you have forsaken. Has then your Christ died whereby the Law has also died? Not so! You shall live because of Him and by that which He upholds and has magnified in Himself, being the only One who is without sin, having kept every tittle of the Law. For it is written of that which the Lord Christ had spoken, "It is easier for heaven and earth to pass away, than one tittle of the Law to fail". For the Spirit of the Law is shown in His vesture. He, being the same One who taught you the Law anew by His example and by His word and deeds. For the Law if fulfilled in Christ, Him being the Lord of the Law, and the Lord also of the Sabbath. If He then is the Lord of the Sabbath, having obeyed every command of the Father, why do you not follow Him? You say you follow Him and honor Me. Verily I say to you, you shall all be found liars in the Day of Reckoning. For every word spoken of God and by His Son stand forever, without any variableness or shadow of turning.
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Comment from: Judah [Visitor] ·

Excellent post. It's true - we try to follow all these 10 commandments, except the one about the Sabbath. The reason we don't respect that one is that men in our religion changed it long ago. We should go back to the Word and ignore the rules of men.

To societyyvs,

You mentioned Jesus changed the Law. Can you point me to where He did that?

The reason I ask is, the Tenakh/Old Testament says that anyone who teachs anything contrary to God's commandments in the Law is a false prophet. Moreover, I assume you already know this, but Jesus himself said not a single command will pass from the Law until heaven & earth pass away (Matt. 5:17).
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Comment from: Pam [Member]
What about the sacrifices, Timothy?

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Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
WE ARE NOT SAVED BY OBEDIENCE, ... but we **are** saved to honor and OBEY the LORD.

Let each person be fully persuaded in their own mind.
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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Everyone! You are not understanding! The Lord our God has spoken to me. I did not ask Him to, neither did I want Him to. It has cost me much in my life. Yet I would give Him all that is left, even my life if He required it.
So listen closely with ears open:
I am the Lord's prophet and the Words I post that are marked "[God] or [Jesus]" are just that, God or Jesus speaking NOT me and should be followed. Do not rely on your own interpretation or preconceived notions of what you THINK the Word should be, neither trust in the doctrines of men. NEITHER go round about, or justify, or rationalize, nor try to explain away any command of God for the sake of disobedience. This is vanity and pride even the subtle deception of satan.

Who wants us to disobey God?!
Who wants us to seek our OWN way?!
Who wants us not to see the greater glory?!
Who wants us to follow men, even ourselves, and not God?!
Who wants us to think we are more righteous than God?!...

Shall we teach God and be His counselor according to our own slothful arrogance?!

I love you all, yes, even you Ambree and apoligize for deleting your last comment. That was not my place.
But you all must understand. If I am the Lord's prophet and you continue to argue, debate and disobey, not giving heed to the Lord's correction, where, beloved sisters and brothers, does that leave you and what have you made Jesus?! I know you say you love Him, but in your disobedience, saying "I am in Christ and so I can do as I please and not obey, because Jesus has released me from obedience to God." WOE! I say to you! Is Jesus the Author of sin?!
He IS the fulfillment of all things and He is also the upholder of all that is written. He Himself saying "I came to fulfill, not to destroy." Has Jesus destroyed the Law of His own Father?!(only the "laws" found in ordinances have passed away, having been nailed to the cross of Christ as the apostle Paul said) Has He changed the Law and the Sabbath Day without telling us?! Beloved, the Law stands forever with both Jesus and The Father testifying to this. Yet you seek to usurp the the Law by your own authority and by your own understanding and then saying Jesus made it ok to do so?! Blasphemy! If the Lord says to obey, then obey. He has never said not and satan have said this! And it will not stand in the Day of Judgment, that comes quickly upon the whole world.

You are children in your understanding and have become Lord's unto yourselves. Repent of these things and return to Him you say you love; and by your obedience will that love be made perfect.
Brothers and sisters, know you not that you fight against God and not me?
You must decide if I speak the Truth as I hear from God or decide that I am false and shun me, but stop tempting the Lord by all your debates and foolish talking. Error on the side of caution.
I am not a Bible expert, I am only a babe in the faith. So I have only repeated that which I heard from God and gave it to all of you as a gift, yet you continually try to return it and cast it away as though the devil had laid it at your doorstep.
I have spoken to much already so I will let the Lord speak for Himself in my next few post regarding His will toward those, who will not obey, and those who do rebel against His Word and His correction. For His ways are not ours. For if He says you are saved then you are, for He alone sees the beginning and the end and knows everyones hearts, yet did you honestly think He would not correct and discipline those He loves and stay silent before His return?!
And so those who refuse His Words and give not heed to His correction will be left unto refinement in the Day of the Lord. And there they shall be saved, as it were, having been refined by impurities found. And I shall be there with them. One of a 144,000 workers in the field sent to gather the second harvest, the wild wheat.
I hear you now saying, " now we know Timothy is crazy. Only that you can decide. For I have only obeyed and believed the voice of the Lord, who has told me all these things. I am not famous, neither do I have any followers, neither have I made any money from all this. In fact I have used up all my own means to spread this message. And by the power of the Lord it has, in only a year and a half's time reached over 1.4 million souls, yet none of these know who I am, except those very few friends and family members that believe. So here I am, broke and hated. There are even those among my community who want to kill me. Yet I stand firm and will not yeild.

So again, shall the Lord gather those, who speak against Him and hold fast to their own pride and seek all ways to cast His Word from them?! He shall not gather them! For these who call of themselves Christians, yet refuse to hear, are the wild wheat and shall by no means take part in the first harvest, unless per chance they humble themselves and listen to what the Lord is saying to the churches. They will be left unto the second harvest.
The Lord must try or refine His people as He tried or refined Israel in the days of Moses...

Brothers and sisters, the gate is very narrow and it is the Lord's gate, not ours. Jesus is that gate and He has opened it for us and we will surely enter when He sees of Himself fully established in us.
I tell you all I have spoken and posted is true! And if you choose to not accept these words and especially those Words in my next post, it is upon your own heads, I have given you the message and the warning... I have blown the Trumpet the Lord has given me to blow. It is now up to you to heed or cover your ears. Let your "yeas" be "yea" or turn away and let your "nays" be "nay". Do not come to me continually with your "yes, but I think" I will not answer. THE WORD OF THE LORD IS THE WORD OF THE LORD. You do not argue with the Lord. If you will not receive, there is nothing more I can do, then I have done already. I have given you all the verses you need to test me, yet you will not read them nor receive them as they were meant to be understood and followed because of man's doctrine in you. Stop segregating the Word of the Lord for your own ends to hang on to your error. This perverse an contemptable in the sight of the Lord. The Word of the Lord STANDS and requires NO strength all from any man to stand. Only SINCERE questions of FAITH will I answer and seek greater understanding, with you, in the Scriptures of Truth....
I am only the Lord's servant, His messenger, His prophet.

For greater understanding of the Lord's will in these final days read ALL of my next post, if you have ears, to hear, what the Lord says to those who call of themselves Christian and to the churches, who claim the same.

In Christ's service,
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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
From The Lord Jesus:

1/8/06 From Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ -
A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
"Walk in the Lord, Establishing Your Love by Faith and Obedience"

Come forth, all you little ones, who have entered and begun to sup at the table of the New and Everlasting Covenant. My rest is coming, and you shall be carried away. Little children, do you love Me?...Then do as I ask of you until the Thief comes. Live in all ways, being wise unto My comings and goings. I have come to live in you...listen to what I say to you. How can one wait for Me, and be in love with Me, and live contrary to Me? I love you as I love the Father. In the same way, whoever loves Me loves the Father also because of Me. I obey the Father in all things because I love the Father, and the Father is in Me. Likewise, you shall obey because you love Me and I am in you.
Oh My beloved little ones, you stumble, having not yet learned to stand and walk. I have, and will, lift you up. Then, once standing by the grace I have given you, you shall now walk in Me, until the time comes that we shall run and leap together in fields you have not yet been, nor have imagined. So walk in the way of the Lord...stay steadfast. The path’s end is in sight, no more time to tarry. Be My examples, showing Me in you, so others may accompany you into salvation. Lead them along the Highway of Holiness by faith and obedience. Stumble no more! To walk where the Son of God Most High walks, one must be as I am...without sin, by My blood, having crucified their lives, completely separating themselves from the bitter enmity, which is this world ruled by its prince, having caused all to fall from grace.
Those, who lose their lives for Me, shall save themselves and many around them. Those, who strive to save and hold onto their lives in this world, will lose their lives, having already become dead man’s bones in a wasteland of many sorrows, leading and following others into condemnation. Beloved children, what matter these things and works of this world?
Whoever loves anything, in all creation, more than Me, is not worthy of Me.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life!...Come and follow Me!
I am Yeshua, the Gift.
Jesus the Christ is My name...
The only name under Heaven by which you must be saved.

Honor Me first in your ways, and then with your mouth.
Honor, only spoken, leads to nowhere.
By your feet shall you walk into the Kingdom called New Jerusalem;
and by your hands shall all My disciples work righteousness.

To those who overcome...
these shall receive all the bounty of riches laid up in store
for them in the heavens and on earth, forever and ever.

Give glory to the Father...
being a living sacrifice, according to the Son who sacrificed all,
so you would be as, and where, I am.

Love Me as I love you...
receiving and living in the love of the Father that neither fades,
nor is subject to any shadow of turning.
Love has come, and is yet coming, and is already here.
Lift up your heads to Heaven
and sing praises to the Lord, forever and ever.
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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Dorsey, Its simple, the Lord God exalted this day! And said to keep it holy forever, because HE HIMSELF rested on the 7th Day, it is HOLY. Thats it.
Paul was not talking about the Sabbath in those verses. The Sabbath was a given to him. Yet to worship on any and all days is righteousness before the Lord, but the 7th day (Saturday) we are to keep holy according to the 4th Commandment.
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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Everyone! Has the Old Testament passed away.
Was the Lord God doing an exercise in fultility?!
Shall we cast away the OT and keep only the NT.
This is what I am hearing every time I teach something your opposed to. I hear the same excuse, "thats an OT thing." or "that was for the Jews"
***The Jews are the chosen people. Jesus was a Jew! The apostles were Jews! The prophets were Jews! The Bible is all in all Jewish!
Does God do anything in vain. You are adding to and taking away from the Bible with your own minds and interpretations.

Thus said the Lord to me:

"I am your God, and you are one of My chosen sons of the Gentiles, for the Gentiles, living in their midst, grafted into the Vine, of the branch of Levi, adopted son of Abraham."...

and in the same way are you also adopted sons and daughters of Abraham and sons and daughters of God by Christ if you love and accept Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior...He is the Holy One of Israel... and our God: He is the Lord God of ISRAEL, we are grafted in, adopted sons - Jews.

Permalink 05/09/07 @ 14:16
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Pam, to your question:

"What about the sacrifices, Timothy?" (Pam)

I think you know the answer to this, but I will agree with you.
The ordinance of sacrifice is done away in Christ having been nailed to the cross...He was THEE Sacrifice once and for all. To sacrifice anything after Jesus' crucifixion for sin would be an abomination to the Lord. To put it lightly ;-)
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Comment from: Judah Himango [Visitor] ·
"If you go a little further in Matthew 5 - you get to a law about 'eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and life for a life' (or justice it would seem). Jesus straight turns the command on it's head and says not to do such things (in revenge) - but quite the opposite."

Not the opposite, but rather, Jesus simply emphasized the goal of the Law, which in this case was justice, not vengeance. In fact, the Law Jesus was quoting, Lev 19, explicitly states, "Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself." Jesus was confirming this Law, not rejecting it or contradicting it.

"The 'love your neighbor and hate your enemy' idea (which was a law) Jesus changes to 'love you enemy' (exact opposites)."

Ah, many Christians trip up on this, thinking Jesus is talking about the Law, when he's addressing the oral law (rabbinic tradition). To prove it to yourself, look up the Scripture Jesus was quoting - no where in Lev 19 does it say "hate your enemy". Jesus said "you've heard it said, love your neighbor, hate your enemey" because it was rabbinic tradition held that "love your neighbor" implied "hate your enemy". Yet "hate your enemy" is no where in the Law! In fact, just the opposite: Lev 19 says, "Do not hate your brother in your heart." just before saying we should "love our neighbor." Isn't it cool that Jesus upheld Scripture, rather than turning it on it's head? I think that further proves Jesus was and is Messiah. I almost want to start singing some praises to him right now. :)
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Comment from: Judah Himango [Visitor] ·
Also the fulfill your vows thing - Jesus says do not make them at all (is if making vows - which was a lawful thing to do - was an unneeded exercise in faith).

Look it up in a literal translation, or a Hebrew or Aramaic manuscript such as Shem Tov's Hebrew Matthew -- turns out Jesus said, "Do not swear falsely by Jerusalem, by Heaven, or by..." The key there is, people were swearing falsely, thus breaking the Law.

Heaven and earth exist and so does the law - to this day of all things (but again we need to understand why Jesus would say such a thing and in reference to what). How do you read the law? How do you read Jesus?

Literally. Matthew 5 is pretty hard to worm out of. The fact that we don't modernly even attempt to follow the Law shouldn't affect our interpretation of this Scripture.
Permalink 05/09/07 @ 14:41
Comment from: Judah Himango [Visitor] ·
Timothy this is a law of God for the Jewish nation.

When the God gave out the Law to Moses, "Jews" didn't exist. You're confusing Jews and Israel. Jews do not make up all of Israel; in fact, Jews are about 1/6th of Israel; they are literally the remnants of the southern nation of Judah. The northern nation of Israel had no Jews in it whatsoever.

The nation of Israel was carried off into captivity by Assyria, as was their punishment for rebelling against God. They've since been scattered among all the nations, never to be heard from again.

Still with me?

This is why the apostles were asking Jesus, "Is this the time to restore the nation to Israel?" It's also the same reason Jesus said, "I came only for the lost sheep of Israel." It's the same reason Paul says we as gentiles are grafted back into the tree of Israel promises through Messiah.

What I'm saying is this: we are part of Israel by our faith in Messiah. We are the wild olive shoot in Romans 12, grafted into the Israel-promises tree. While that does mean we can partake in the blessings promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Israel (Jacob), it does not mean Jesus gives us a free pass to sin and break the Law, trampling the grace given to us. This is confirmed by Paul in Romans 7, when he flat out says the Law defines sin. Without it, there's no written moral compass. James also confirms this throughout his letter, which in his letter introduction, he addresses the letter to the lost sheep of Israel scattered abroad (read: you!)
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Comment from: Judah Himango [Visitor] ·
Regarding keeping the Law, we ought to simply do what we can. There are many we cannot do -- there's no Temple, we're not living in Israel (well, some of us anyways), some laws only apply to farmers, some only to Levites, some only if you own animals. But there are plenty of God's commandments that do apply to us -- don't cheat, don't murder, keep the Sabbath -- those we can and should keep.

Think that's crazy? Remember that Paul says that every commandment in the Law is God's sane and holy counsel -- who are we to thumb our noses at God's holy counsel and commandments? Remember that Jesus said we ought to both follow the Law and teach others to do so.

Timothy, I commend you for speaking what's God's revealed to you. It's bold, especially when it's an unpopular thing spoken. Blessings.
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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Amen, Brother Judah, amen...
You have spoken the truth.
And all those who have ears, to hear, will hear it, and will come into the greater glory that indeed Jesus is The Lord and Messiah, The Word. And if He is the Word, then only His understanding is perfect, for He cannot contradict Himself; and if He cannot contradict Himself, then it is we, who are but flesh, who lack understanding and contradict ourselves and corrupt the Word of God in the Scriptures of Truth.

Understanding is not acquired, it is given...a gift of God, in Christ, by the Spirit, yet do we continually stifle the Spirit given us, because of pride and man's doctrine in us.


P.S. To God be all the glory and to the Lamb. The Lord is my strength and without Him I can do absolutely nothing.
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