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If we leave the churches of men, where do we go?

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, why do you ask of me such questions? What do your hearts tell you? Listen to the Spirit...pray and be still and listen.
Where is your faith? Is it housed in a building made with human hands? Do you not know that wheresoever you call on the Name of the Lord is holy?... Remove your shoes and be one in Him, as He and the Father are one. By your love and devotion are you one in Him and because of Him.
If your church will not give heed to sound doctrine and continues in their own way, forsake them and gather together with others, in Christ, under your own roof. Go from house to house and gather in Jesus' name and His peace shall come upon those houses.
Beloved of Christ, the Lord is with you, He lives in you, His Word is in your Bible, feed yourself the daily Bread, drink in the sincere milk of the Word. No longer eat food that has begun to spoil or drink that which has become sour.

"So if these, who dispense the food of God to the hungry, using their own salt to salt that which has salt in itself, then that food which is given, has it not lost its flavor and become bitter in the mouths of those who came looking to be fed?" ~ God

"Any pure water mixed with poison becomes poison. Be then separate.
Do not whitewash any wall of abomination...tear it down and turn wholly to the Lord in all truth and supplication!
Shall you wash the outside of the cups of blasphemy and leave the inside rank? Drink not from these cups, lest you become ill and your faith die in dissolution." ~ God


Thus says the Lord your Redeemer:
[Jesus] I know you, Beloved, I have always known you...I created you. I am your Father, as God is your Father. I am your Fashioner, the Carpenter, your Shepherd. Come to Me, and dwell in My sheep pen, and dwell no longer in the world’s or the churches...I am the Church.There are no walls preventing you from seeing Me as I am. I am all around you and in are in My body. My Church is not made with human stands forever by the power of God’s Spirit, which is in Me and I am.
All those, who love Me with their whole hearts and drink of My blood and eat of My flesh, are the True Church, which is of Me and in Me. No church of men, made by human hands, shall endure...only the Church of My body shall endure, for it is built upon the Rock of the Everlasting Covenant, which is in Me, and I am in the Father...the Chief Cornerstone of which all things have life and are built. Trust not in man’s doctrine. It is built upon the shifting sands of religion and tradition.
No one comes to Me unless the Father first draws them to Me. No man can draw you. Human power is of no use at all.
Abide in Me, and I shall abide in you and give you life in abundance.

I am the only Begotten of the Father...
there is none other and none like Me.

I am the only Way to follow...
the only Path to redemption...
the Truth and the Word...
the Life that never ends...
the Light that shines in the darkness...
the Beginning and the Ending,
who comes quickly to make a quick end,
so again there may be a new beginning which has no end.

...This knowledge you seek of Me, and salvation of your loved ones, you will find not in the church of men. Only their doctrine resides, intermingled with truth and misleadings set forth by the evil one.

I am the Church...its roof, its walls, its pews, its pulpit, its very foundation.

When sitting in My church you can behold Heaven...there is no ceiling to keep you from enlightenment.

If I am your Shelter, your Four Walls of Faith, your Resting Place of Worship, the Word and the Spirit, the very Cornerstone of Life, then Heaven is open before the eyes of all who dwell in Me and become My body. I have told Timothy, and say to you, when someone asks, “To what church do you belong?”, you shall answer,

“I belong to no church named of men. Rather, I belong to My Lord Jesus Christ, and together with all those who are His, is the Church in which I dwell. Amen.”

"So beloved, and to all those who call themselves by My name, I ask you again, do you really love Me?...Then follow Me. Beloved, who call of themselves by My own name, do you really love Me?...Then obey My Word, follow Me. Beloved, who call themselves by My own name, do you really love Me?...Then leave everything and
follow Me...stop breaking My heart and giving heed to the devil...follow Me!" ~ Jesus

"I have always loved you. Even from the beginning, I have loved you...I am your Maker, your Carpenter, your Father. Let go, beloved, let go of your pride, let go of this world, let go and come to Me in Truth...your salvation is assured." ~ Jesus

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Comment from: Vint [Visitor]
Thanks again for this encouragement about his in Christ..your bro Vint
Permalink 03/08/07 @ 19:45
Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
Wonderful words of exhortation and encouragement, brother ! Keep up the great work for Jesus.

btw: I just got the book of your prophetic messages in the mail today. I look forward to going over it carefully. Thus far: it looks to be very anointed as a powerful word from the LORD Yeshua-Messiah to the backslidden seven churches of the latter-Age.

People would surely do well to heed the warning and exhortation to live holy [separated] and righteous before GOD our Savior. Amen.

all kind regards to you & yours, dear brother.

Permalink 03/09/07 @ 06:07
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Brother "Society", to bring sincere questions of faith before the Lord because you do not completely understand His will is well and good and pleasing to the Lord, but to argue with the Lord or to doubt His message or to find fault with His ways is very unpleasant in His sight and shows a lack of faith and a unwillingness to believe His Word sent out by His prophets. Who are we to question Him? Who are we that we should give Him counsel?
I do not just think or believe hap-hazzardly that I am the Lord's prophet. I KNOW WHO'S VOICE I HEAR AND WHO I SERVE.
Does this make me perfect? No, not at all... I do stumble... often. I also make mistakes and receive correction from the Lord. I also bring before the Lord all things I don't understand in all sincerity. Do I question His Word or His ways? NO!
Brother when I say leave the churches who will not change or give heed, that is exactly what I mean. And I say this according to the Word the Lord has given me. And when leaving take as many as will listen with you. This is not starting a new church - there is only ONE Church. I myself am not a member of any church of men, nor have I started a new church. I am apart of the one True Church in Christ and which He has also built in my heart. I know you know this church and apart of it also.
So yes, also run into the churches and help those to purify their faiths; and if the leaders give heed you need not leave, yet if they will not give heed then leave that church and bring all those who are truly converted in their innermost parts with you. This is not a new church, but is merely a change of location. For wheresoever you gather in the Lord's name He is there also.
Brother, in no way is this anti- samaritian. For the time is coming very soon when the Lord is sending me and many others who hear His voice into the churches, even into the "churches" born of satan (muslim etc.). We take with us a Sword, which is the Word of the Lord, an with it we shall divide His flock...a sifting of the wheat and a piercing dagger for the wicked of heart who holdfast to the doctrines of demons.
Of the Churches, some a sifting unto the 1st harvest, some unto the second (refinement). In the relegions of satan a great division, some unto salvation and many unto the punishments of the "Last Week".
In the world we also weild this Sword seperating the wheat from among the tares (not by our own power or by our own knowledge... all is the Lords doing). Yet even the wheat must be tryed or sifted as the people of Israel were tryed in Eygpt and then again in the dessert 40 years.

Brother this is the end of the age! The division has comensed and must be made clear... then harvested and taken before the Judgment of God can reign.

The Lord calls us out of "her" and to be seperate or seperated for the harvest. Come out and meet the Lord. All the churches of men shall fall, not one will endure. So then, the Lord is leaving us only one choice. For He knows the hearts of men and says "come out!"(yes this is both spiritual and literal) Not reformation, there is no time the Lord comes nigh! This is the time of reconcilation, a purifing of our faith and worship. We must wash our clothes and fill our lamps with oil in preparation for the Bridegroom.

The Letters from God and His Christ are "that light" which the Lord is shining in the eyes of all those who wish to see! Amen.

Brother please reread "My Calling" (my 1st post on GraceHead) to better understand the the Letters purposes.

Blessings to you brother. You are greatly beloved. Serve those in front of you and your reward will be great. For you have it already in your heart and it is also waits for you in the Kingdom.
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