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What It Is And What It Is Not

The Bible is not spiritual OR literal; the Bible is spiritual AND literal. The Bible is not allegory but spiritual reality. The Bible reveals the true reality of the condition of man and his need for God. Sound doctrine is not derived from the Bible by human interpretation. The Bible is sound doctrine. The Bible was not written by men but by God through the Power of the Holy Spirit through godly men. Men are not godly because of their own goodness. Men are made godly when they are first humbled by God, brought to repentance, and gifted with faith. The Bible is not interpreted through the intelligence of godly men or women but scripture interprets scripture and is spiritually discerned. Spiritual discernment is not according to the spirit that is naturally within woman or man but by the Holy Spirit, the Tutor of those whose faith in is Jesus Christ. No guide books are necessary for the understanding of scripture but only the guide sent to us by God, the Holy Spirit Himself. The Words of the Bible are the very Words of Life. These Words are the Bread of Life that is the body of Christ Jesus. The blood of Jesus, the Spirit that infuses those Words that are Spiritual bread with the Life that is eternal. The spirit of man does not make man spiritual. The spirit of man produces allegory, stories with an underlying and sometimes moral meaning. The spirit of man can't produce Life for Life is not in natural man and is only gained through faith in Jesus Christ by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Men can't lead other men or women to faith in Jesus. It is the Holy Spirit that draws men and women to repentance. Repentance is not of natural man but is the humbling by God necessary that prepares us for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. That indwelling combined with the Word of God that is the bread of Life, the very flesh of Jesus, becomes the Living Word that is Jesus. This is true spirituality that which is of the Spirit and not of mortal woman and man.

There is no unity possible in the natural minds of human beings. The unity born by the spirit of man produces religion. This is the unity by which the tower of Babel was designed. The unity that attempts to make man holy by lifting man in an attempt to be as the Most High. God by His Mercy and Compassion confused the language of all human beings that this false unity of religion should never be made complete. Religion will never make us to be the Most High. We are not to lift ourselves to God by the practice of tradition, or ritual, or by rules, and ordinances. God reaches down to us through Jesus Christ that we might lift Jesus that all men and women would be drawn to Him. In Him Who sits at the right hand of the Father, we too are positioned in the Heavenlies and have continual communion with He Who is the Most High. Jesus the Christ lifts us up as we lift Him up.

In Jesus Christ there is no division. There are no rulers, leaders, and no servants of other women and men. There is no male or female in Jesus Christ. There is no division of nationality or race. There are no elders and no children subject to elders. All are made equal in Christ. There is no other true equality to be found other than that true equality before God that is in Christ Jesus alone.

Jesus is not religion. Those who are in Jesus and Jesus in them would die rather than renounce Jesus. Those who are of religion will die for their religion and also kill for their religion. No one who is in Jesus will kill for Jesus. Those who love Jesus, and die rather than renounce Him or disobey His commands, though they die, they shall live because of the Life that is in Jesus and in Him alone.

Neither are the Words of God nor His Law religion. The Bible and God's Law which is written in Scripture are spiritual for they are of the Spirit and God is Spirit. Religion is born by the spirit of man which is vain for that spirit is continually under the shadow of death that limits the sin that is the spirit of carnal men and women. Life can't be obtained by the practice of religion but only bring us into bondage by the constant demand of sacrifice that ends not in Life but in futility. Religion produces war for religion must be defended by man if it is to continue. Religions rise and religions fall, just as governments rise and fall, for they are of man who also rises and then falls. That which is of God remains forever and beyond for all that is of God is Eternal.

Those who are true prophets are those through whom God speaks. They are not those who speak for God by their own understanding. The words of a prophet are by the Holy Spirit. They are Words spoken by God and they are Spirit and they direct all to Christ Jesus. All who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God may be directed to prophesy by that same Holy Spirit. The Words given them by the Holy Spirit are the Oracles of God. These Words too are the Bread of Life that is the flesh of Jesus Christ and they agree in Spirit with the Words that are the Holy Scriptures. These Words do not add nor do they subtract from the Holy Scriptures for their agreement with Scripture is in Spirit and not by the letter. Prophets are known by their fruit. A false prophet produces fruit of himself and points to himself for others to follow. True prophets are known by the fruits of the Spirit manifest in their character that are of the Spirit and not of themselves; these fruits are the character of Jesus Christ. The Words of a true prophet as the Words spoken by that same prophet point continually to Jesus Christ that all may freely partake of the Life that is only in Him. We who are spiritual, who have been made spiritual by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit are to test all spirits by that same Holy Spirit. We are to follow no man but the Spirit only. We follow the example of men and of one another only as we each walk according to the Spirit and follow after Jesus. Jesus is the Head and we are the body. Those who have been gifted to prophesy and those who have been gifted to perform other works are all equal in Jesus Christ. No spiritual gift is above the other for all spiritual gifts are of the Spirit and suited to empower Christ's disciples with that which is necessary to perform the works of God that are directed by God. Works not chosen by men and women to impress others and God with their own self-wrought goodness but the very work of God through instruments He has chosen for His purpose.

This is a portion of the whole Counsel of God as He has directed me to write it. These are not words contrived by my own talent nor are they ideas gained by my own understanding. Though I study scripture as a Biblicist, I do not understand scripture by the spirit of Biblicism but as all believers, by the Holy Spirit of God. These words are not intended as theology to be adopted or scoffed at, admired or criticized. These words given to me are words given to direct all who read them to Christ Jesus. By the words given to me by the Holy Spirit Who lives in me, I lift Jesus that all men and women may be drawn to Him, drawn to Christ Jesus alone. I am nothing special, just a common believer in Christ Jesus. He is everything to me for through Him I was made and by Him I consist as in me He lives and I live in Him. Hear His voice and heed His call, look to Jesus and Live!

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Comment from: SocietyVs [Visitor] · http://societyvs.blogspot/
"the Bible is spiritual AND literal" (Pam)

I tend to think some of it is a literal telling of an event(s) - but some parts of the teachings of the bible are laced with literary terms - metaphors and allegory - ex: parables (which make a point but are not literal happenings). This is no way subtracts from the greatness of the teachings.

"The Bible is sound doctrine." (Pam)

Problem is we have to interpret it (as limited human beings) - so even if thr bible is pure sound doctrine it is still in the hands of humans - who can make mistakes.

"These words are not intended as theology to be adopted or scoffed at, admired or criticized." (Pam)

Sorry I critiqued a bit.
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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hey Society,

The spiritual truth is literal, it is not allegory and is not the parable itself. Spiritual truth is true as it points to the Truth Who is Jesus and is spiritual as it is infused by the Spirit of God.

Yes,the Bible does speak differently to us at different times in our life. We change but God's Word does not. If we teach the Bible rather than our interpretation and leave another's understanding in the hands of God, we are sure to have taught sound doctrine.

The words that are written here are not theology and I didn't take your comments as scoffing or in a critical spirit. These aren't words that I contrived of myself as in writing a rough draft and polishing it etc. or in plannig what I should say. These are the words that God brought to my mind in the order that He brought them. It is as when we pray and often don't know what to ask and the Holy Spirit gives us to words to say as God knows our hearts and needs better than we do. These are words of God spoken through me not because I am anyone special or possess any special talent but simply because I am in Jesus. All who are in Jesus and have the Holy Spirit within them have the ability of speaking as the oracles of God. You know, like Trent says, "Can Jesus come out and play?" Often, we keep Him locked up indoors when the world needs very much to hear from Him. No one really has the need to hear our ideas but everyone needs to hear what Jesus whispers in each of our ears. That is why we are commanded to shout it from the roof-tops!:0)

Have a great evening and God bless!

Permalink 03/04/07 @ 18:13
Comment from: Pam [Member]
p.s. As an afterthought Society, though all believers are filled with the Holy Spirit and all gifts are of that Spirit, not all of us are givted in the samw way and in my life, I find that God has gifted me in different ways to suit certain situations. Also, the more we give ourselves over to the Holy Spirit the more effectual is our gift. All of us receive the Spirit equally but we don't all utilize what we have been given equally.---These comments are Pam's theology. They are not the same as the words written in this post.:0) I wish that I continually spoke according to the Spirit but I yet waver.


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Comment from: Paul [Visitor] ·
Hi Pam,

I really enjoyed your post.

One thing I believe when it comes to one that is in Jesus is that since He is the Gift all other gifts flow from His life within us.

He may choose to operate through us with a gift of healing one moment and then in another moment work through us in giving a word to someone else, the wonderful thing is that it all flows from Him :)
Permalink 03/05/07 @ 11:09
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hi Paul,

That is what I have found also. God has used me in many ways over my lifetime in Christ. For many of them, I felt very ill equiped but He always filled me with that which I needed for that task to be accomplished. God is awesome!

Permalink 03/05/07 @ 12:46

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