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The Sound of His Voice

The words I write lie flat in black and white on paper or on a computer screen. Yet, I am amazed to find that these lifeless symbols when strung together, have sound. Their sound is not so dependent upon the way I assemble them but instead upon the predisposition of the reader; the hearer.

The responses I've gotten are varied: you're a peach, a religious ass-hole, profound, haughty, like the apostle Paul. All various sounds from the same words. All hear the voice they are predisposed to hear when they read my words. I have intent for the words I write but only a few hear the sound of my intent. There are few human beings who are predisposed toward me.

This is my prayer for the words that I write. That God would remove the sound of my intent from them and change them that they would meet the need of the reader's predisposition. I pray that my words would fill the need of each reader with Jesus. I pray that those who are locked away under sin and death and know not God, would hear and recognize the voice of their Savior. I ask for the sound of edification to be given to the words I write. I desire to be used by God in encouraging those who mourn, those who are forsaken, those who have grown weak and weary. I pray for the sound of Jesus to be heard by all who read my words.

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Comment from: Lisa [Visitor]
What a wonderful desire to have! To want to be used of God to help encourage and uplift people, (How better to encourage and uplift than to show them Christ?) I dare say this comes from a heart of love? Your firstlove, being Christ, and then that love in turn pours itself out to those around you.
Prophecy, tongues and knowledge shall pass away, and three things shall remain: Faith, Hope and Love. Of these three, the greatest is love :o)

In the end, all that matters is...
faith expressing itself...
faith expressing itself through love.

Permalink 07/13/06 @ 23:02
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Blessings to you too Lisa. You are always one to me.:0)

Permalink 07/13/06 @ 23:59
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

Well put.

It is nice to know that we don't need to put His voice into people. The Lord is not far from any of us, and we can point to it, harmonize with it ... and those with ears might recognize something familiar, something innate ... the Voice of their Creator.

His voice vibrates to give organization to the universe. His word goes out from His mouth and speaks all that is into being. So if I have grown dull to that voice then I am ignorant of what is enveloping me and causing me to exist. You know the dead branches need to be cut away from the Vine because they are attached? The dead and the living brances are attached to Him, and made to exists by Him.

If I could sew myself to you, how many years could you ignore that I am attached to you? How long could you stay dead to me, when I am right there?

We are not bringing revelation of anything that is far off and strange. The voice of the Lord is not delivered over long distance. We are merely pointing to the Vine, to which every man is attached whether they be a living branch or a dead one. We are saying abide in Him, draw nourishment from Him, recognize to Whom you belong, and let the Life that is within Him to be mainifested within you, as you bear (not produce) His fruit. We are meant to do just that, and nothing could be more fulfilling!


Ripening for the harvest,
Permalink 07/16/06 @ 09:46
Comment from: caucazhin [Visitor]
You love 2 hear yourself talk so that you can be heard of men 4 your many words.
Permalink 07/17/06 @ 16:08
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

Please excuse Caucazhin. He / she is behaving this way because of this response I gave to one of his / her comments:

Permalink 07/17/06 @ 16:53
Comment from: caucazhin [Visitor]
You are a PONTIFICATOR and you know it
Permalink 07/17/06 @ 17:07
Comment from: Pam [Member]

It's okay. If that were the worst judgment against me that I ever have had to endure...

Maybe my new numbness is a blessing in disquise.:0)

Permalink 07/17/06 @ 17:07
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
Permalink 07/17/06 @ 17:31
Comment from: caucazhin [Visitor]
I meant Trent not you Pam
Permalink 07/18/06 @ 12:40
Comment from: Pam [Member]

Okay. Maybe you two can work through it. I'll pray.:0)

Permalink 07/18/06 @ 12:56

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