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Theological Myth - Angels sing

If we go only by what is written in scripture then they do not sing. There just isn't any biblical basis for the notion that angels sing. They "shout" a bunch, so they aren't shy, so maybe they just can't carry a tune.

Also, angels are always boys, at least that is what I recall from scripture. Which makes me wonder why my partent's Christmas tree is topped by a she-angel looking like she is about to burst out in song.

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Comment from: Lukas Keagy [Visitor] ·

Interesting little observation. Just a few comments though. First of all, you do remember that Lucifer was the angel of music? He had music flowing from him. So we know that there is at least some musical stuff going on with angels.

Also, they are referred to with the the word he, but they are not actually male angels. There are no genders within angels. Angels in reality have many heads and stuff, and that can be found somewhere in Isaiah I think. But anyhow, the cute little baby angels and perfect little women angels are all results of renasance art.

This website is cool. Lot of great thinking, and a lot I agree with you on as well.

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Comment from: Brendt [Visitor] ·
Singing -- I know I've heard of Lucifer being tied to music, but I can't find backing Scripture. This may just be a rumor to keep us worship leaders from getting cocky. ;-)

My view would be that for many people (especially musicians), we see no better way to praise/worship/thank/honor God than through music. As such, this is what we project onto angels' praise. It may be right or may be not. If it isn't, I imagine that's because there's something better than music that man can't comprehend here on earth.

In the meantime, "sing" is the most oft-repeated command in the Bible (and one of the easiest to obey), so I'll keep it up here. :-)
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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hi Trent,

I've wondered the same thing about angels and also wonder why they appear as males since angels don't procreate. This isn't based on scripture, but my logic leads me to believe that angels are asexual and only 'appear' as men. Also, angels are ministering spirits and I would doubt that they have bodies at all.

I spend a lot of time debunking theological myths too. It generally gets me assigned to the catagory of heretic. People love their myths, I'm afraid.

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