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The church needs more New Testament miracles

by Trent - originally posted August 25, 2005

Don't you think that the church needs more New Testament miracles? I do. If the world could see more New Testament miracles in the church then it would be more difficult for them to blow-off the Gospel, right?

So, what am I talking about when I say miracles? Would walking on water turn a few heads? How about some people raised from the dead?

Actually, that is not what I am talking about at all. Those might be interesting and sensational to watch, but next to the miracles that I am thinking of ... walking on water and raising the dead are a piece of cake. I am talking about when a husband walks across the room to thenun temper wife that just cut him down, and rather then replying "in-kind," he kisses her instead ... his natural instinct would prefer drowning then do that! So, don't over-value walking on water.

I am talking about a wife that meets her husband in the morning with breakfast in bed after a painful betrayal ... in the natural she would sooner drop dead then do that! So, lets not talk about raising the dead.

When the rod given to Moses turned into a snake, the magicians in the court had no problem duplicating the same stunt. But when it comes to someone returning good for the evil that happened to them ... nobody will duplicate that before they are transformed by the true and living God. Those are miracles that defy explanation except to say that God has made a difference in their life.

Don't expect the church to turn any heads, unless Christ has impacted our hearts to the point that we are willing to turn the other cheek.


So repent therefore, because all the dead in Christ and those still living in Christ, will be raised to life at the Last Day, receiving life everlasting. All the rest of the dead, who rejected Him or did not know Him, will also be raised and live at the end of the Millenial Kingdom. In that Day the penitent will receive life everlasting; and the wicked, condemnation forever separated from God. This is the second chance for those who will choose Christ and repent; or the second death for all those who will not accept the Truth nor will they repent of their evil deeds. So yes, fear Him who has given you life, because He can also take it away. ~ Timothy [Letters from God and His Christ - Volume 3 - The Word of God is Truth...Leading to Life]

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