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Propitiation, Reconciliation and Forgiveness

Let’s go back to the example of the $500. Suppose the debt was paid by a third party. Then, the person who made the loan is satisfied and is reconciled – He got his money back. But suppose the person who owed the money didn’t see the exchange. He has to take someone’s word that his entire debt was paid.

Only when he accepts it by faith, will he expereience what he alread has - reconciliation with the person right now even though someone else paid it. When this occurs, both parties are satisfied,and complete reconciliation has taken place.

However, if the debtor has doubts about the payment, he will still live in fear. Although his friend is at peace with him, in his mind he is not at peace with his friend. If this is the case, full reconciliation is not achieved because the debtor still has doubts about the payment of his debts.

Until we accept what God has accepted – His Son’s blood as payment for our sins (propitiation), we will not experience reconciliation with God. If we don’t believe that the blood of Christ satisfied God as payment for our sins, we will live lives of unbelief in the finished work of Jesus. We will not experience all of the forgiveness He has given us in Christ.

God's will for us is to begin to experience the depths of His forgiveness today, and not wait until we go to be with Him in the future.

Living in doubt is not the abundant life....

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