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"I AM" and the “I am”s

(by Brent)
Understanding the difference between the Real and the Potential realms of
existence, between God and His Creation and how we exist as opposed to His existence.

Imagine there is NO earth, in fact NO physical cosmos at all. No Iron, Zinc, Oxygen, Nothing. Now go into the Heavenly realm and imagine there are No souls, No Angels, No demons, in fact absolute NO Beings at all, there is also NO place at all, No Hades, No Paradise, No Temple, No Throne, there is absolutely NOTHING……..

Except God's Being, Radiant, Limitless as there is simply nothing else, He is non-different from His surroundings because He does not live IN anything but Himself. There are no objects, No movement, nothing and no movement to measure time, No future and No past, God existing as one eternal moment.

He alone Lives and exists, He is the very substance of what we would think of as Eternity. What other Glory/Being could come close, there is simply ONE and nothing at all with which to even Compare. God, God and only God, forever and independent of anything.

He is the self-existing "I AM", He is nameless for there is no one else to even distinguish Him from, He is always One without another. He is like a sun, forever burning yet not consuming, a cup forever flowing over, an ocean forever expanding and yet still He is all that is.

Who can enter His presence, who can stand with Him and claim existence also, there is nothing He is not and all that is, is Him.

He is so much Everything that nothing, not even man or angel can exist in His Context for His Completeness is so complete all else is consumed by it.

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