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Table for Two

The more I grow, the more I realize that relationship is the crux of it all.

Often we approach the relationship to God with a systematized forensic understanding of the basis of relationship (ie. the facts of the gospel.) ... but at some point, we begin to realize that the relationship makes true those facts ... not the facts making true the relationship ... and all that stuff, no matter how much we think we have it figured out, is meaningless apart from God, Himself ...

What if there was no Bible (as the past has shown to be the case) and no religion (see Abraham) ... would there not be an essential table set at the heart of man that seats only two? Would there not be a place in the very heart of us to build something of a personal and unique understanding between God and each of us? And wouldn't this fit under the heading of "relationship?"

Then what is all this religious stuff we pile up around this table, so that we can hardly see it?

You are blessed. You are loved. You are building something that religion cannot replace, when it is you and the Lord baring your heart to each other ... crying and shouting, being heard, and understood ...and seeing how the other responds.

I have found the most impressive communication of God's love has come to me after shaking my fist and cursing Him.

This is how we ripen for the harvest ...

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