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Love, Love, Love Love, Christians this is your call...

...that song still resonates within my soul when I think of I Corinthians 13. We probably all know the famous "Love Chapter". Each day that I come in contact with people, I'm reminded just how deep that chapter gets.

I've just come back from a Bible study with a teacher friend of mine. It was WONDERFUL! She an I are both teachers, so we speak the same language. And, after a couple of meetings, we are both realizing how alike we are--Christ being the unifying denominator. She was raised in brand "X" denomination, and I was brought up in "Y" denomination. Although we had very different backgrounds, our walks and struggles were common, and the more we share, the more we realize that humanity isn't that different from one another. We discussed today at how although we're grateful that we're 'Going" to heaven one day, we had so much to be thankful for 'today'. All of the trials God has brought us through, we look back and often times it boggles our minds. Not that we went through the trials, but the fact that God brought us through them. We couldn't really see Him at the time, but now, looking back, His handprint was all over the place. The longer we live life on this side, the more we've come to realize, that our focus shouldn't be on pearly gates or streets of gold, but rather on the love we have to share with one another. We talked about the joys of the Lord's supper, at how it served as a reminder that the same Christ that I've partaken of, she's partaken in, and every Christian for that matter, has partook of. The same New Covenant that Christ ushered in for me, He's ushered in for you. As he loved us, so should we love others. Of course, outside of Christ, this is impossible, but with Christ in us, this can be done. We are the Body of Christ. It has become my hope that I stop worrying about "Will there be any stars in my crown" or "Must I empty handed go..." but rather, live today. Although I've an eye on the fact that He could return any day, I don't want to neglect my siblings in Christ. It just dawned on me today that if I'm more worried about "my" rewards, "my" crowns "my" works, then that means I'm not focused on loving others as Christ as loved me.

I saw a sign a couple of weeks ago that stated, "Man sees what we do; God sees WHY we do" made good food for thought.

I am so overjoyed, I feel this post may ramble a bit. But the final in-a-nutshell-thought I'd like to leave with you is this: Instead of figuring on rewards and brownie points, leave yourself behind for a while, and look to your neighbor. How can we love them, as Christ loved us?


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