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Christmas is just the latest name we use for December 25th

What is this December 25th holiday? Why the presents, reindeer, stockings, and tree? Do these all add up to a recipe for something and if so what are the ingredients making?

Imagine I took a recipe for chocolate cake, and put liquid paper to cover over and erase the title of the recipe. So, rather than a title and ingredients the sheet of paper had only ingredients listed. Then suppose I followed the instructions of that recipe, would I be baking a chocolate cake or would it be something else? It would still be chocolate cake, right? We agree about that, I'm sure.

Now what if someone found my recipe and then wrote a new title on the sheet of paper calling it "breakfast cereal." After following the recipe would they have breakfast cereal or would they have chocolate cake?

I guess my point is that when you follow a recipe you make a dish and that dish is the same no matter what you call it later. The recipe ingredients define what it is, not the title on the recipe.

So, lets look at the ingredients of Christmas to see if it really is a Christian celebration.

  • It is December 25, the three day long witches sabbath of Yule, celebrated for the return of the sun to a northward course after three days of stagnation on the horizon. It is essentially the day for the celebration of the "rising" of the sun-god.
  • The pagan December 25th holiday has three "following stars" (the belt of Orion constellation) point to the location of the sun-gods birth on the horizon. But the label has been changed to "three wise-men" attending the son-god's birth. Forget that the Bible has no such "three" attend the nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The un-numbered travelers from the east come to Joseph and Mary long after the Lord's family had left Bethlehem and returned home.
  • The pagan December 25th holiday was celebrated with ornamented evergreen trees that had presents at their base. Actually the presents at their base was hallucinogenic mushrooms and the mushrooms were picked and placed on the tree branches to dry out for consumption on December 25th, as a way to commune with the sun-god through psychotropic drugs.
  • The pagan December 25th holiday often had small present sacks (stockings) placed around the fireplace so that the fire could accelerate the drying of the presents / mushrooms.
  • The garland wrapping the tree with an angel placed atop is a simple construction of the pharmacy / drug symbol affirming all the other hallucinogenic psychotropic drug use symbols already in place.

I haven't even gotten around to the Yule log, flying reindeer and the shaman they carry in the sled, nor have I mentioned the sick sexual meanings behind the red holly berries and the white berries of the mistletoe.

Simply put, the celebration that takes place on December 25 is an unholy pagan druid festival and witches sabbath. All the ingredients are there and in place in a comprehensive step by step process that recreates an abomination in the sight of God.

When we assemble all the parts of the recipe, and then write a different name on the recipe, we are not fooling anyone. Just like the chocolate cake recipe, we are still celebrating as a pagan even as we try to re-label it for Christian consumption.

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