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A day I will never forget - last Friday.

For the first time, I'm going to disclose something that I haven't told a single soul ... not one. I doubt many will believe me, and that is fine, but this is remarkable enough that I can't quite keep it a secret. So, what happened the night after the Day of Atonement this most recent Friday that has me at such a loss for words?

This is the first year that I have been interested in observing the feasts and so really I entered these fall feasts as a blank slate ... having to read on the internet what they were, when they were and how they are commemorated. The only person around that had any interest in experimenting with celebrating these feasts was a good friend named James. It was James that found a congregation of believers that celebrated the Day of Atonement in Dallas, and boy were we in for a treat but not because of the service or place but something totally unexpected!

By the time the 7 pm service was about to start, James and I weren't feeling tip-top. We had begun a fast from sundown the night before and so as sundown was around 7 ... we wound up snarfing a Cliff-bar and Coke zero before stumbling into the service just as it kicked off. There were about 5 others when we showed up and about 5-7 more showed up just after we got started. It was a low-key meeting without music and the speaker, Todd Baker of B’rit Hadashah Ministries, was introducing a new study on Isaiah ... and we mostly got alot of background and context. In short the meeting was not much to write home about even though we got to see someone blow a shofar and we took bread and wine and experienced the lighting of the Sabbath candles, etc. No, I would not be wasting my time writing this note had something extraordinary not happened immediately after the service.

As soon as it was over, a couple of guys came right over and started telling James and I that YahShua (Jesus) spoke to them and told them that they should tell us something that they seldom tell anyone. Now, before I get into what they told us, or who these guys were, remember that we are in a strange place we have never been before and have no intentions of going back. It was an out of the way place and as it turns out, these guys don't make a practice of going to this fellowship either. What is more peculiar is that in the last few months these guys are not the only strangers that have come up to me and revealed exactly the same thing that these two people told us just as we were shaking hands for the first time.

"Hi, I'm Charles," he says, "this is Lonnie, and YahShua shined what looked like a spot light on you guys and told me that you two would understand that we are chosen to stay behind during the tribulation as servants of the second harvest."

James and I know just what Charles is talking about ... like I said, there are more than one stranger that we have met in the last few months with the same exact claim.

It is God's providence that Charles and Lonnie met us, because they felt isolated, not knowing any of the other 144,000 that God is raising up for the Day of the Lord that is soon to be upon us. They were lonely. But James and I know at least 3 others and we think that a fourth fella, Jay. Altogether that is potentially 5-6 that we know of. In short, we are able to fellowship with Charles and Lonnie, now that God has arranged for us to meet and to introduce them to some of the other 144,000 servants that we have had the pleasure of already meeting.

What makes this even more interesting is that Tim, one of the other servants that James and I have met, delivered a message not 30 hours earlier to James from the Lord that He would send those that belong to Him to James so that James could feed them. Here is the exact quote: ""I will bring them, says the Lord. Trumpet to every living creature and wait on the Lord... for I Myself shall bring them to you, says Your Redeemer, and you shall surely feed them even according to all I shall give you..." It wasn't 30 hours before we saw this fulfilled when we least expected it.

James and I went to LaMadeline with Charles and Lonnie and got better aquainted. I can't believe how similar these two fellas are to the other 4 that we know with the same calling. They are all very simple men, with tender hearts and all of them are riddled with weaknesses. Their training was through broken marriages, handicaps, rejections, and so forth. There is nothing remarkable about any of them as the world would say is remarkable. They are all poor, having hardly any possessions, and few friends. Most of them are sent packing by their families. They are rejected by the world because the world is jealous of their relationship to God ... which is so personal they can recount conversation after conversation on a word-for-word recall as long as anyone will listen to them.

James and I, sat there and asked a few questions and answered a few, as well. We could all sense that Jesus was right there with us grinning as He sat there invisibly and silently at the table with us.

Anytime you discover new friends it is special, but this was something extra special that I thought I would share ... I'm sure many of you will think I am crazy, and like I said before ... that is fine. Time will tell, whether there is anything to this. Search your heart. Search your scriptures. See with eyes wide open, and hear with crooked necks and cupped ears.

In the lesser times, God used great men ... men of power and influence and royal lineage. However, we live in the greatest time, and I see that this is the day of the lesser man ... men that come from prison, cancer-wards, and broken families ... men who have been trained by hardships to lean unwaveringly upon God.


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