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Glorify My Name.

Letters from God and His Christ; Volume 6.

8/10/09, From Our Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ, Yah hoo Shua Ha mah she awk. A Letter Given to Jace, For Jace, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear.

Hear My words, beloved: Today, you have fasted unto Me. My will is being established in your life, according to your obedience and your continual striving for My love. Continue in obedience; Partaking of My food, trusting in The Holy One, receiving of The Spirit called Holy and True. Call on Me, and I shall be in the midst of you.
My Son, I shall fill you and set you as an example before My people. Become My anointed, and speak all that which is whispered in your ear; Yea, even to your brothers, out of love for them and in obedience to The Father.

Receive, My son; Be filled;

Glorify My Name!

Ah men.


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