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Letters from God and His Christ; Volume 6.

5/30/09, Jace’s vision of the baby’s face on the right side of the moon.

On Pentecost of this year, I was outside when the sun had just gone down. I was praying to The Lord (Yah hoo Shua Ha mah she awk), and as I was praying, I was also looking at the moon and praising God for His creation. Then, in the middle of my prayer, I saw a perfect image of a baby’s face on the right side of the moon. The baby’s mouth was moving, but I couldn’t hear any of the words it was saying. Ever since then, every time I look at the moon, I see a baby’s face in it.

8/4/09, From Jesus Christ, Yah hoo Shua, Our Lord and Savior. A Letter Given to Timothy, For Jace, And For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear.
The Interpretation of Jace’s Vision.

Interpretation of the vision, from Yah hoo Shua Ha mah she awk:
Beloved, hear Me and receive understanding, though I need no longer speak to you through My servant.
Of the moon and of the vision: You have beheld your form; Even of that which I have begun to mold and by which you shall be shaped; even as I shall do likewise with your brothers, who are sent and shall go for Me in the Day.
Again, you are that babe whose mouth has begun to speak, yet remains unheard by those of hardened hearts. Lo, the day is approaching quickly when you shall no more behold the image, for the boy shall become man. Behold, he who is lowly and penitent shall shine brighter than the stars in the heavens, as the moon shines in the darkness; Yes, beloved, you shall shine. Yet not by your own light, but as that reflection of Me; As a beacon shining in the darkness, which shall come and is already here and is about to begin, soon reaching its pinnacle during this very short season, allowed by the Father.
Therefore, understand this also: As I am the Center, and by which all things are held together and set in their places, also receiving of the light which shines in the darkness, so is this parable. I am the sun and you are the moon; Even I have placed you between Me and the earth, as a beacon to those who will come to grovel in the dark. And of those who revel in it, this present darkness and sin, even on the shores of judgment, you shall be to them as a dark tide which has come in. And the Word of your mouth, it shall crush them upon the rocks, drowning them in bitter sorrows and the enmity of this world.


And as the moon can not be reached, so also shall you be;

An immovable stone;

Which no one of this world may tread upon, nor touch, to do you any harm;

For I have spoken it! Lo, even I have purposed it! And so shall it be!

Says the Lord God, Creator of Heaven and earth.

Ah men.


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