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Thus Says The Lord Regarding the “holiday” of men, called Thanksgiving

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11/26/09 From God The Father - The Lord’s Words Given to Timothy During an On-Line Bible Study Fellowship, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
Regarding the “holiday” of men, called Thanksgiving

Thus says The Lord: To those among you who take part... Let them not sin in doing so.

Yet if one takes part, let them give thanks to the one true God only, in the Name of The King... For by Him do all things consist.
Yet wiser still is the one who has drawn very close to Me, and sees past this holiday’s veneer, for it is of men and the world... I am not in it, nor is it in My honor. Be separate from the world, and be separate even as I have called you... Have no fellowship with the unbeliever, nor with those who push out the lip and make light of My words and persecute My beloved, in open and in secret. Yes, you shall go to them... Only when I command you, and at the time I appoint, when I fill you to speak... I am The Lord.

This holiday of men has not aroused My anger, because they, who first took part in it, had a heart to honor Me, yet today it is not so. However, in the giving of thanks am I well pleased, for this is pure worship. Yet I call you, who are Mine, to grow wise in Me... To heed My Spirit which I have given you, to see with greater eyes... To be set apart for My glory... To be separate from all that which is of the world, and is corrupted by the hands of men and their wicked hearts.

Give thanks, therefore, says The Lord...

Yea, bow down and give thanks seven times per day...

From morning to sunset give thanks, from to day to day worship your God...
And give thanks, without ceasing, for The Lord your Righteousness...

For in Him is your life, and by Him shall you receive all I have prepared for you.

In Him are all things brought forth,
And in Him do all good things come to their completion.

He IS... Even as I Am...

The Kingdom...

The Power...

And The Glory...

Forever and ever!...

Says The Lord, who reigns and has come!

Hear Me now, once more, My sons and daughters...

Thus says The Lord, to His greatly beloved, and for those of you in the presence of your kindred: Do not deny Me... Neither by speech, nor in silence, nor in action... Do not deny My name.


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