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The Sounding of the Trumpet and The Day of The Lord
From Letters From God and His Christ
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10/23/09 From God The Father and Jesus The Christ, YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior - A Letter Given to Jayse and Timothy, For Jayse and Christopher, And For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

It is time, says The Lord...

I shall send you both to serve in the name of The Most High, even by the name of My Son, by which He is called, Jesus... Christ... The Lord. My judgment is poured out, My glory is put forth, My name shall resound in all the earth!... Yea, even as the sound of a blasting trumpet, which is continually blown by My servants, the prophets, and has now been made known to the multitudes, also having gone out amongst the people in your own land. Even among many nations afar off, it shall continue to blow, until the day comes in where I remove My bride...

I tell you the truth, that day has come, says The Lord.

Look, for it is at the door!... Behold, I have passed through!

And those who hear and give heed to its sounds and this warning, they will be given robes of white in the sanctuary of The Lord. And to those who forbear, woe to them, for they shall partake of My judgment and taste of the hot anger of The Lord their God... Even unto refinement shall they go, walking through the fire, accompanied by much death... A stream of flowing tears and much wailing, deep and heavy sorrows. For lo, none have seen the like, nor have they beheld that which The Lord has prepared, nor have they taken part from the table of The Lord’s judgment, in the manner with which this generation has now began to sup... No, not since The Lord stretched out His hand over Egypt has anyone seen the like. Woe to this generation!... For they shall also drink from the cup of The Lord’s fury, which shall be poured out in full measure... Says The Lord God Almighty.
Shall I not discipline those I love?... Shall I not give correction?! And what of the wicked, shall I not punish them?... Even to the punishing of all those who forget God and spit upon His Son, they who hate the sound of His name... MY NAME... The name I gave Him, The Holy One... YahuShua.

I shall destroy! Says The Lord...

Death... Much devastation shall come...

And what a sound shall come up, what a cry shall be heard,
Passing through the streets and down all the alleyways...

Oh such a great wailing and gnashing of teeth,
Says The Lord, who has come to judge and make an end.

I, even I, shall cause destruction and overturn... And your nation and your land shall be cast down. It shall be left in ruins, it shall fall, it shall no more stand by all its filthy pride, with all its pomp and arrogance, as though it remains a king upon his throne, saying within himself, ‘I shall never fall, I shall never be as the beggar.’ Woe to you, oh nation not desired, you are fallen already and shall soon be left as the vagabond in the streets, with no one to give him rest or shelter from the storm. For you stand divided against yourself and have forgotten your God, and seek no longer to know His Christ. Nor of His ways do you consider, that you might please your God by walking in them.
Yet hear Me now, oh filthy people. This I concede, and of this I will confess concerning you: You are united and have become one people... A people of transgression!... In this you remain united.

Hear the Word of The Lord!...

And know, all you peoples, it is I, The Lord God Almighty who has done it!

Behold, the time has come, to reap the harvest and gather in from the fields...

And to judge the earth...

Reap, oh Son of Man, reap!... Bring My children home!

Destroy all this wickedness, and judge the nations...

Thus says The Lord in all His fury:


My servants, this is what I say to you: Endure, with all patience and in trust, for much death has come... An overflowing scourge shall overtake the nations. The wicked one awaits to be loosed, and evil shall no longer be held back. I have removed My hand, says The Lord... Evil reigns! For the time has been appointed and shall continue, until the day comes when all the earth beholds The Son of Man in His majesty, coming upon the clouds with great power and glory.
My sons, let your hearts not be troubled, for you have the name of The Lord written within you... Lo, even The Father’s name shall soon be placed upon your foreheads. And not one stone shall by any means bruise you, nor shall any part of all this wickedness touch you... No, not even one hair upon your heads shall be lost. For it is I who goes before you... Even I shall be with you, in your goings out and comings in. Behold it is I, even I, who shall dwell fully in you in that Day... And it is MY voice to which all things must give heed! For I am The Lord and there is none like Me! Therefore, submit to Me, and I shall carry you through this storm, wherein you shall also give Me perfect praise.
According to these words, let it be so: In thirty days you shall be established, and after forty you shall receive the prophet’s reward. I shall send to you My angel, yea, My messenger and servant, Gabriel, and he shall impart to you wisdom and the Word of The Lord. Then, you shall go out with the trumpet upon your lips, with the new song in your hearts... Yea, you shall march to and fro in all the earth, going wheresoever I send you, doing all things which I ask of you. For in you both I am well pleased, for it was pleasing in The Father’s eyes that you be established as such... Servants, of The Most High God, in the Day.
Even now, Jayse, you have become My servant, a prophet, and soon shall you come into a completion of your faith, according to My will and that time which I have purposed, for I am The One who shall cause it to happen within you, and by Me shall it be fulfilled... In Me and through Me. Behold, you shall behold My form and embrace Me tightly, says The Lord... Yea, I shall come into you, and you shall sup from My table in the house of The Lord.
Christopher, listen to your brother, for he speaks for Me, and I have placed My voice within Him, and have appointed him to speak in My name. Even you, My son, have come to know the voice of The Lord your God, and so you shall also speak for Me in the Day. For now, continue on, abiding in Me, with all trust. Know and remember, and keep this knowledge close to your heart... In all things, The Lord God Almighty is with you, leading and guiding your every step.
As I had moved in My servants of old, both living in them and speaking through them, going before them and counseling them by My Spirit, the same Spirit by which My Word was put forth, causing all both great and small to tremble at its sound and by its power... So shall it be for you both in The Day of The Lord. For I, The Lord, do continually stand before you... At all times I am with you, leading you upon the path which has been appointed for you, according to the will of The Father. Take heed, My sons, servants of The Most High God, witnesses of My coming, adopted sons of the branch of Levi, you have I appointed as watchmen, and you shall continually blow the trumpet, this trumpet I have placed before you...

The Lord has come in all His anger!...

His arm is outstretched in His indignation!

And your nation, it is given up...

It is an offense to Me and knows Me not...

Betraying The Lord of Glory at every turn,
No more knowing their right hand from their left,
A continual backsliding, perpetrating sin and blasphemies without ceasing,
Abominations in the streets, evil and wicked devices in every corner...

How long shall you tempt Me?!...
How long shall you try the patience of The Lord your God?!...

I am come out of My Sanctuary!...

I have lifted up My eyes to judge! Says The Lord.

Even all these churches of men play the harlot, even to the reveling in their adulteries against God, choosing to forsake the knowledge of God in their thoughts, forgetting His ways in action... Rather embracing the knowledge of men and all the lusts thereof, seeking greedily for gain. For they do not seek out My ways, nor keep My commandments... Nor do they embrace The Holy One as He is, in seeking to really know Him, even to walk in Him, to know His ways, by which they would have pleased their Father in Heaven.
Therefore, thus says The Lord: The churches of men are given up, spit out and cast into darkness, where there shall be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. For the pride of men has blinded them from the truth, and I take no delight in their vain worship. For many have made and worshiped false gods and set up idols, even praying to the dead, altogether forsaking The One who was sent to them, even He, The Holy One, The ONLY Mediator between God and man... They have become gods unto themselves! Says The Lord... Saying and teaching others, in My name, that Christ and My Word in Scripture is the way into riches and material possessions. Oh yes, they shall surely receive, and in a day they shall receive it!...

I shall give to them poverty...

And for their possession, a day of wrath,
A day of trouble and distress, a day of devastation and desolation,
A day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness...

For they have forsaken The Truth!
Nor can they discern their right hand from their left hand.

They shall be struck dumb, and left desolate,
Utterly void of light and My Spirit, says The Lord God of Israel... I know them not.

I am The Lord!

As for you, My sons, you shall be established, filled, and sent out... Lo, you shall surely gather and shout The Lord’s proclamations, says The Lord.


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