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I don't like ...

I don’t like the teaching of “original sin” ... why lay at the feet of a newborn baby all the sin that has come before. How could God create that which is impure though it has done nothing? Let the children stand before we claim they have fallen.

I don’t like the teaching of “only this life” ... we do not lock the doors on people who had the misfortune of living in a culture that is devoid of the gospel. So, let it be known that all those resurrected into judgment will give answer to their willingness with the revelation of Christ and His gospel standing before them… and many will come to Him during that day who during this life never wanted to or never knew.

I don’t like the teaching of everlasting torment. No parent gets tired of talking to their children so they just torment them instead. We throw folk like that in prison. What a poor witness to warp scripture in such a way that makes it seem as if torture is God’s hobby. Annihilation is everlasting punishment, but it is not everlasting torture.

I don’t like the teaching of universalism either. Not only do you need to cut whole sections of the Bible out, but most universalists do bold mental calisthenics to make words like “destroy” to mean “preserve and refine.”

The fact of the matter is that all will stand before the Lord and see Him as He is… and hearts will be revealed. Nobody that wants to belong to the Lord with humility and willingness will ever be denied. Ignorance, rebellion, youth, mental handicaps, etc. ... none of that stuff will cause the process or the revelation of hearts to be obscured.

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Comment from: Paul Pereira [Visitor] ·
Amen! God is love and God has a beautiful divine purpose. We need to relinquish our natural concepts and religious thoughts and be renewed with the mind of Christ!
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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·

Thus Says the Lord regarding the little ones:

Home > Volume 1 > To He, Who Has Understanding, Let Him Hear the Truth of the Inheritance of Sin and Salvation

1/3/05 - From the Son of Man, Our Lord Jesus Christ - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

To those, who have wisdom and hear truth, let them understand My words spoken to the multitude, regarding children and their parents, yea all who love the little ones.

What is the children's inheritance on earth and in Heaven, if their life is short in years, and they yet remain in their innocence?...Assuredly, I say to you, they will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, for the Father in Heaven holds all who are unscathed in the palm of His right hand.

These little ones, these precious lights among men, shine among the grass, bushes and trees as the firefly. Woe to those who catch them and shut them away, and extinguish their light. Then will the Lord remove the light and darken the eyes of the guilty, and extinguish their flames forevermore with the flames of fire that burn forever in the lake of sulphur. The children may suffer at the hand of mankind, but they arrive at the Father's house in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, completely healed and with every tear wiped from their eyes. They remember not the ways of the world and men... only the face of Love, their Redeemer, do they know forevermore.

The scholars cry, 'What of the inheritance of sin, and to all those born with the burden of sin?' Listen and have wisdom. The Lord says to the multitude: All peoples are born as babes, from their mother's womb, into a world of sin. So they are born into sin, not of sin. How can one, who comes from Heaven and created by the hand of God, have sin upon them?

Be careful what you say, for you say My Father has created sin, and perfect holiness is lost. Yes, I say to you, the children inherit sin, since the first man Adam. They inherit that which is given them by man, and are made by that which is given of God, in His image. God does not forsake that which He has made and put His very breath into, for each time one of these little ones die is the Father's heart broken, then does He gather that of Himself back up to Himself.

Know also, these little ones of God know not the ways of the world, they have not yet eaten from the tree of good and evil...only with the fruit from God are they nourished. So I cry aloud to the peoples, "Who has corrupted the fruit blossoms of the Most High?"...Men and the workings of evil in the world! These little ones, even these little ones tarnished by men, need not repent, for the Son of Man has died for them also, for their cleansing is that covenant that has remained unspoken and constant in the loving mercy of God and His Seat. So now see and understand, the Father has sent His Son, without blemish or spot, into the world to suffer at the hands of men, so men of the earth may return to the Kingdom lost, despite their nature and evil-doings, for how great is a father's love for his children?...So great that he may gladly die in their stead.

Behold, salvation is assured to the innocent and freely given to he who thirsts,
for the Fountain of Life is, and was, and is come once again. Amen!

Home > Volume 1 > To Whom Does the Kingdom of Heaven Belong?

1/2/05 - From God the Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Tonight, let the truth be known in regards to those of innocence, My most precious gifts to the world, My beloved little ones.

When one such as these has passed from your sight, grieve not, for they have returned home. Rather, grieve for yourself, for you have lost a part of you, and have become a little poorer in joy...for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to all children. For those from the Kingdom, who lived upon the earth for such a short time and remain without blemish, return to Him from whom they came. They need not sleep in death, for the penalty of sin is death. I have found no sin in them.

So again, I say, anyone who harms or causes one of these little ones to sin, it would have been better for them if they would have never been born. Indeed, they shall wear the millstone about their neck and be cast into the depths, for they have ripped My little ones from the Kingdom of the Most High, and torn their flesh. So too have they cast themselves into the pit, where their flesh shall be eaten and their bones broken, unless they repent, and repay ten-fold for what they have done by way of their works.

All upon the earth, who have gained maturity, have become so very poor and desolate. Once you were very wealthy, rich beyond words, for then you knew the Kingdom as a child. So awake all you sleepers, return to the Lord, reclaim your inheritance. Once you had lost it, now you have found it. Happy are those who find their way back and reclaim that which they had left and lost, for no man, full of manly ways, may enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You men, so great in stature, how will you pass?...Bring yourself low, so you may enter. Wait not until that time when all are brought low, for that time is nearly upon you. Blessings be upon all those, who willingly kneel, lie down and press their faces in the dust before their God, for they shall be exalted. To those, who stand defiant before their Lord, they too shall be brought low, kneeling, lying down with their faces in the dust...and to the dust shall they return.

My Kingdom comes. With it comes all who dwell there.

[and the angels sing]
Glory in the Highest, to the Lord and to the Lamb, for the time has come! Amen.

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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Again amen.

Thus Say the Lord regarding torture in "hell":

Home > Volume 4 > Proclaim NOT the Hell of the Church of Men...In Their Word is No Mercy Found, Only the Makings of Satan

1/14/06 - From God the Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Listen, all you churches of men!

Shall I, even I, torment My beloved, they who are tormented continually by he who is, and has, torment in his vesture? Satan is the tormentor. Not knowing, My children, by your own mouth, you have called your God satan. Repent, therefore, and mend your ways, forsaking your corrupt and evil teachings. Become, again, a child of God, and learn to walk uprightly, leading others into love, by love, not fear.

The second death is that grave from which one shall not be raised, nor awakened, for they have been cast out...abiding in outer darkness, forever separated from God and their part in life. These know not anything, forevermore returning to that which they were formed from. This is the eternal state of My punishment for those who have chosen death, by their forsaking of My Gift, wherein is life everlasting. So then, they under condemnation are dead. In no way are they part of the living, nor are they living in torment. Their inheritance is lost, they have been blotted out...a broken vessel of dishonor received by the earth once again.

Stop blaspheming your God!
Have greater understanding of My mercies that endure forever.

My Son did sleep in the lower parts of the earth...His tomb...for three days.
By no means did He descend into the evils of man’s imaginings.

He is the Pure Light. Never has He had any part in darkness. He shall destroy it utterly.

He is risen!
And all those, who follow and believe in Him, shall also rise and live...meeting Him in the air.
Forever shall they be with their Lord and their God, where all shall find mercy and love. Amen.
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Comment from: Pam [Visitor] ·
I don't like it when I stumble and think more highly of myself because of a perceived error on the part of my of my brothers or sisters. It seems I'm prone to do that alot, especially, with theology. I do so much better when I remember that it isn't what I know that makes me holy or gives me right standing with God, but Who. It is also more important how I live according to that knowledge than how many stands I make in an effort to preserve 'right doctrine'.(As if I could do such a thing anyway.)I'm trusting God now to sort it all out.

I'm learning that I don't really know very much and what I do know, even having taken great effort to learn it, doesn't matter very much in the grand scope of things.

These are difficult days little brother. I pray the Lord is giving you relief and preparing you for greater tests ahead. I'm praying for you and yours and covet your prayers as well. Love you in the Lord!

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