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Lets clean up the mess, but NOT out of order!

There is a contaminating agent that is certainly as a yeast that is worked throughout the loaf of the Kingdom. I think that it is a great self-flattery to assume we can do the work of the Father and eliminate it.

Surely, one would need to rid himself of yeast before ridding it in others. ... and the ridding of my own yeast is a far greater task then I hope to fully accomplish in one single lifetime. Thus, the prospects of me moving from that to work on the contamination that I can find in others ... to be a longshot at best.

This is something that I am becoming unteachable about, as it is proven to me over and over.

You will find that the Lord Jesus has said that "Only the Father is good." and by that what could be meant by "good" is to "resist / oppose evil." (That was the definition in Websters, as I recall.)

So, it is not the office of the Son to "resist evil" and be the "good." office of the Father. Rather, it is the Lord Jesus' message to NOT resist the evil that others bring against us. We encourage each other to let it go right by us, and turn the other cheek, doubling by gift the portion that was stolen from us, and doing more then we are wrongfully forced to do.

We know that the Father will fulfill the resisting of their evil in due time, and according to His power and will.
Only the Father is good, yes?

Can't we agree that there isn't room for another upon the white horse. Surely the rod of iron will only be weilded by only one, upon whose head is written, "The Word of God." The rest of us (you and me, and others) would be ill-advised to simply flatter ourselves by assuming an office that we do not have, especially when we have yet to remove the contamination fully from ourselves ... having "all faith, and all love" for example.

I have a long way to go in my personal refinement ... before I will concern myself greatly and aggressively with refining the world around me. Is it different for you?

there is a time and a season for everything. I just want to encourage you that each of the seasons have an order. I am speaking to the sequential order of ridding contamination in us and in those around us.

So, just as you will never find that Summer preceeds Springtime (even in New Zealand this is true) ... there is an order seasons that involve our active roll in the cleansing of the contamination in others. And Jesus speaks to this sequence in multiple passages.

The two passages that come to mind are:

You without sin may cast the first stone ... and
First take the beam out of your own eye so that you may help another remove his spec in his eye.
(of course, I am being lazy and paraphrasing, but you know the passages and I trust that you will find that my representation of them is fair.)

Do you see the sequence of these seasons? I do.

First fix yourself ... even to the point that you are "without sin" and then get to fixing others. Foremost, we get to work on our own plank-eyes, and then move on to others to find faults in them.

When Summer comes before Springtime, then lets reverse this order and become fault-finders before we have all-faith.

I hope that I have renderred my viewpoint without any ambiguity, but feel free to follow up with any questions you might have.

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Comment from: herobill [Visitor] ·
Beautifully said.  Amen.
Permalink 11/14/05 @ 11:46
Comment from: jeff weddle [Visitor] ·
"Awake to righteousness and sin not, for some have not the knowledge of God, I speak this to your shame." 1 Corinthians 15:34

Our lives have blame for people being in hell. We are to purge ourselves to be a vessel fit for the Master's use.

Just thinking of verses based on your point, or at least the point I got!
Permalink 03/03/09 @ 08:10

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