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NEW WORD FROM GOD's MOUTH: "Recompense, Wrath and Glory" > Volume 7 > Recompense, Wrath and Glory

2/11/2009, From God the Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear.

To the United States and this modern generation, hear the Word of the Lord.


You are walking into death... dead man’s bones in a sea of sin, a dark ocean of TRANSGRESSION!

You have forgotten Me, and I, also, shall forget you when the Day comes. But of your deeds, yea, all this wickedness, IT shall I remember. Even it shall be brought to the forefront. And all, who walk in it, shall receive of My punishment! And who is this who is given a voice? And what man is this who has brought all these nations into subjection? Who?!... Oh lucifer, you shall be brought down to Sheol! And to the sides of the pit shall you be cast. You are brought low, even to the uttermost depths shall you go. You shall bow at the feet of The King... THE HOLY ONE OF GOD! You shall hear His voice, and be brought down. And those with you, even every one of these great and proud men, all this multitude, their great company of which they had assembled... Even every last one of them shall be driven through with the sword of His mouth.

Behold the King!

He is the King of Glory!

The King of Power and Glory, the King of Righteousness!

The Lamb... The Lion!

He is coming! No more time to tarry. The Thief comes... Lo, He is here. He has passed through, and He shall surely take His spoil. He shall gather, He shall take back His own. And you, oh earth, and you, oh deceitful men, even all of you with proud looks and stretched-out necks, you shall wail. Oh, such a cry has never been heard since Ramah; and none have seen the like, since that day when I stretched out My hand over Egypt... Great wailing, gnashing of teeth, great and bitter tears... AND FEAR! Paling of faces... darkness... The light is gathered and taken. Weep and howl for your miseries. Lament and howl, oh earth. Scatter in fear, run and hide your faces. Take refuge in the rocks... RUN AND HIDE! Says the Lord God Almighty! I am awakened out of My place. You have aroused My anger, for it has come! Lo, it is here. The Day of the Lord’s wrath is at the door, and the Day of Sorrows overflows and shall drown you in tears.

Blood fills the earth, it has reached unto Heaven. Even before My throne do I hear the cries of every unborn child, of which you have slain before My eyes, without remorse!... MURDERERS! EVIL AND WICKED GENERATION!...

Vengeance has come!... It is here.

I, even I, the Creator of heaven and earth, shall repay.

Recompense, in full, shall be delivered at My hand!

You have forsaken Me, and killed the innocent... murdered and torn the flesh of the little ones! Even now, the leader in whom you have placed all your hopes and trust, even now has he betrayed you, and brought My wrath upon you, even against every nation which has followed in your footsteps... You are undone. As you have done to all these innocent, so it shall be dealt to you... Even double shall you receive at My hand!

I am moved out of My place!

I am moved to wrath!

And if it was not for the sake of My servant, Noah, and in those I see of Myself, I would have cast your nation into the sea, and wiped away every trace of your existence and that I had ever blessed you. For the sake of the elect, I have held My hand and yet withhold My vengeance. Yet against your nation, I have already brought forth and purposed ruin.

Son of Man, oh King of Glory, go forth and reap, for the harvest is ripe, and gather even all those innocent remaining! Take them, steal them away, and do not look back! Take them all, even from the womb... Remove them, and bring them home! And leave them, who dwell on the earth in rebellion and unbelief... LEAVE THEM DESOLATE!

I had sent to you Mercy and the knowledge of salvation, and what do I hear? What is upon your lips, oh perverse and fallen nation?.... His name, His name.... AS A CURSING! I shall strike you down, and you shall be brought into deep silence. You shall crumble in fear, at that which the wrath of the Lord your God brings. None shall stand, all shall fall down... every pillar which stood so tall, every tower which remained unmoving, every giant who robbed and persecuted the poor and the needy, in the name of gain. You have sown in the wind, and you shall reap the whirlwind. All your doings are but chaff, and your knowledge you call great and vast shall be stripped away. It shall burn, and become ash beneath the feet of My messengers.

Sons of men, of this modern age, REPENT, and give Me glory!
Kiss the Son, and grovel at the feet of your King!
Fear!... Fear the One who is, and was, and is to come.


A whirlwind of fire goes before Him...
Wrath and recompense.

Yet those who call out, in sincere remorse, wailing and beholding the feet of Him who has come to tread, even these who come and grasp at the robes of Him who is a Jew, calling on His name in truth, they shall be as brands plucked out of the fire, sheltered in the Lord’s sanctuary, lying upon His bosom until that written is fulfilled, and the Day ends...

The King descends in all His glory.
His rod is in His hand, His seat taken.




A new day, one thousand years...

The Kingdom of the Lord and His Christ, YahShua HaMashiach, King of kings, Lord of lords...

The beginning and the ending, the fulfillment of the Creation of God...

The Amen.


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