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I can't figure it all out!

by Trent (originally posted December 13, 2006)
Stress / anxiety / tension is our body's reaction to a mind that wants to gain control over something. Sometimes we want control over another's free will. Sometimes it is only the control over understanding a concept. Whatever it is that we want control over, the belief that we want control is revealed in the anxiety. Anxiety doesn't change something, it reveals something. And so we can look at the emotions and be mindful of them, to understand where our beliefs are taking us.

People have intelligence of varying levels. Some of us have high IQs and others have low IQs. Chances are that you and I both fall into the range of 140 to 65 in our IQs. But, I know somebody that has an IQ of 1,000,000,000,000,000. Who do you think knows the best what can bring about the greatest good, the one with the trillion IQ or us?

Well, my point is that we don't know what is good for us, or even if we do, it is from an IQ of 66, right? I mean our understanding of what is best is flawed and short-sighted, and really a sad joke next to the plans that the trillion IQ has written out. I am speaking of the Lord Jesus, and how mindful and thoughtful He is about us, knowing all and seeing all and with metacosmic wisdom searching the unknown for something better than His last thought about us.

I've learned how to pray for everyone that I know in less than 5 seconds, and it sounds like this: "Your will be done." And in that there is no tension, anxiety, or stress ... because I know He is 100% love, and that He sees all things and ponders all things and is actively working the best result in my life.

Did you know that the best result is not always comfort and security in the world around me? How can I know inner-peace if I don't know outer-turmoil? How can I know heaven on earth, if I don't know what hell on earth is? We learn through contrasts, and He might take us in the valley, so that we can appreciate the mountain. He might strip us to give us a robe of dignity. He might lay me flat, to lift me up, and I might need to see the grave before I experience resurrection power.
I'm through trying to figure it all out!

I can't figure it all out!

I don't know what is good, nor what is evil. Sure it may appear bad that when we are torn apart by sin, because we want to know what God's grace is for healing, but we never want to be wounded in order to find that out, right?

I love diamonds, but they always look better when you place them on dark velvet. It is the contrast that makes the beauty so breathtaking. We need the contrast, and I am through trying to control things like this. I invite His will, and live with the knowledge that perpetual comfort in this realm is not the point. Here, in this world we get the chance to see a contrast and I invite that.

I just want to see God in everything. I want to rest in Him and quit trying to regain control over things that I was never meant to control with my 66 IQ. I am always oppressed and stressed out when I think it is up to me to fix.

I say, let me not fix the problem, but let the problem fix me. I can't be anybody else's Holy Spirit, much less my own. I simply must turn and learn from Him and be content in all circumstance. I am too weak to always be about the work of effecting outcomes to go according to my plan. I just come unglued that way, and it never works out.

tree tunnelAs we are trusting God, and that He really wants what is best for us, then those things that we thought were a curse will be a blessing, something to be grateful for. Not because it brings comfort, but because it brings something better than the comfort that we thoought we wanted. And only you can discover what that is, as you become receptive to it.

Are we sensitive, and on high-receive, or are we still trying to effect the outcome with our own resources? If we are waiting for inner-peace to arrive by our own resources, how long do you think you will need to wait for that to happen?

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Comment from: Terry [Visitor]
Trent, thank you for your testimony regarding these truths. "He who loses his life will find it." I have only yesterday begun to pray for God's revelation in my own life regarding this mystery. I am so grateful to you for your teachable spirit.
Permalink 01/25/09 @ 19:29
Comment from: Terry [Visitor]
Trent, (and others who visit this site)....As I "flip" through the posts on gracehead, I find great contrast between the posts by Timothy ("words from God", he says) and the posts by others in general; and by you in particular!
Somehow, I get NO encouragement in the spirit when I read Timothy's posts. Conversely, when I read posts by others on this site, I consisently gain encouragement for spiritual growth....So what is up with that?????????????
Permalink 01/25/09 @ 20:54
Comment from: Terry [Visitor]
Is today the end of the 90 days mentioned in your news post of 11/25?

I particularly like the comment posted by Adrian on 12/02/08.
Permalink 01/25/09 @ 21:00
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

I notice a contrast as well. It is very stark and conspicuous. As is the contrast between what Peter said before the Sanhedrin and what he wrote to fellow believers ... as is the contrast between what Jesus said to the Pharisees and what He said to the adulterer at the well ... as is the contrast between the Epistles and the Apocalyptic books (Revelation, Daniel, etc.) ....

No less conspicuous is the contrast in encouragement within the Letters, themselves ... depending upon the audience to which they are addressed.

I'll boil all of this contrast down to a simple thought: """God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.""" Talk about your contrasts!

As I learned a bit ago and posted here ( I can see how and why God put one message in my mouth of encouragement and put another message in the mouths of those that speak to the lost and even a harsher message to those that are hard-hearted and rebellious. And I see no contradiction in the contrast.

I don't think that the Letters that Timothy transcribed has the least bit contradiction with anything I have written ... Contrast? Often, yes!!! Contradiction? None found.

And no, there has only been 60 days past on my prediction.

Ripening for the harvest,
Permalink 01/26/09 @ 19:58
Comment from: Terry [Visitor]
Thanks for your gracious answer, Trent.
Uh,I can't add... 30x3=..... 4weeks x3=... uh,uhm, well, yes, you are right. It has only been 60 days! :p
Permalink 01/26/09 @ 22:19

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