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The Most Beautiful Words I've Ever Read:

[*Also watch videos of this Word here--> The Voice of Truth (part 1)
**and here--> The Voice of Truth (part 2)]

4/22/08, From Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.
A Letter Given to Timothy, For James, and For all God’s sons and daughters, who abide in Christ Jesus, and He in they.

[A question asked for James: Lord, what does your voice sound like?]

[Jesus speaking:]
To James, and to all those who have received ears to hear... you, My own beloved, who in, I see of Myself.

Beloved, listen, and hear and know the love of a father, even of your Father in Heaven, and that voice you have heard and will come to know.

Beloved, come and be filled with the joy of the Lord,
even of that which never fades;
nor does it slumber, nor will it ever pass away...

A flood of joy flowing into the innermost parts of your being,
cascading through your spirit,
reaching deep into that hidden place known only to the Lord,
made and fashioned so those of the flesh may know Me...

Unlocked and opened by the trusting in, and the knowledge of,
The Greatest of all loves, Christ the Lord...

Surpassing time and space, life and death...

Perfect peace...

Yea, inside pure and undefiled love...

Love, of such a kind, cleansing every part seen and unseen, known and unknown...

The love of such majesty and power, that even that corrupted is remade in the image of God...

From grace to Grace, from light to The Light...

My glory shown in you and through you...

Bright and shining, a flame brought forth, even from My own glory given to My beloved,
of which can never be put out, nor can it flicker, nor can it ever be covered...

For where I am, there is no darkness at all.

Beloved, you are never alone...
There I am...
In you and with you, the blood in your veins...
Of which you have drank and accepted, even to the very salt in your tears.
Let Me wipe them away, even every one, numbering them,
counted unto love’s purpose, brought forth from the heart,
manifest in the eyes of the redeemed...

Even as that poured out from My side and that received in Me,
even as Eve given to Adam.
And so it is with My Bride, both taken, and given and received,
and brought forth of the same...

Beloved, I am the Fulfillment of All Things!

In My arms, Heaven and earth pass away...
Only perfect fulfillment remains...
You and I united, love’s completion...
Your image, Mine...
Father and son...
The Father’s joy accomplished.

Know you not, I have loved you all your life, even from the foundation of the world? Even upon the cross, I knew you and remembered you in My Kingdom. Beloved, all those with Me have never departed. At no time have I ever lost one of those the Father has given Me.
Beloved, here is wisdom surpassing human knowledge: Satan has no power at all, nor has he ever changed even one tittle of that written, according to the Father’s will. For those, who have eternal life, were known to Me from the foundation of the world; and those, written in My book, were written there from the beginning.

Is the Lord’s hand shortened, at all, that He can not save?
Is My ear dulled, that I can not hear?

And so I speak to all My sheep, yet they have forgotten how to listen. And so I have taken, from among you, one who was ignorant, void of all doctrine and teaching, and spoke to him these words, “Timothy, read My Word.” And from then on has he heard My voice.

And what of My voice, you ask? And its sound?... Its tone?... Its passion?

This is what I say to you: Listen, and you shall also know.

How does water taste to the man lost in the desert, dying for thirst?
How does food taste to the starving?
How does love feel to the desolate?
How does the warmth of a fire feel to those coming in from the cold?
How does the caress of your beloved feel after many days apart?
How does a new father look upon his newborn child?
How can one describe the sound of love, that surpasses knowledge?...

The sound of what My love is?

Can you hold the infinite in your hand?

Beloved, here is what My voice sounds like, to those who love Me...

A still small voice.

And to the rest:
The sound of rushing waters,
lightnings and thunderings of fury and fiery anger...

With deep and infinite sorrows...

Bitter anguish...


The Voice of Truth.

~ ~

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Comment from: Pam [Visitor] ·
The voice of Jesus is that voice that I am compelled to follow. There is no other voice that is audible to my spiritual ears that can compel me thus, to follow only Him.

Permalink 01/07/09 @ 20:55
Comment from: Alena [Visitor] ·
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

Permalink 01/09/09 @ 03:01
Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
LOVE, WISDOM, AND JUSTICE Is The Voice of Truth, ... and (of course, as you have always said) IT ALWAYS AGREES WITH HIS WRITTEN WORD, ... rightly divided.

Beautiful, Timothy. GOD has given you a beautiful soul also, in Christ Jesus, The Lord.

blessings in Yeshua Messiah,
The Most High GOD and ONLY Saviour.

Permalink 01/09/09 @ 13:44
Comment from: Pam [Visitor] ·
I meant to say that it was a beautiful post, also.

Permalink 01/09/09 @ 14:36

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