Post details: Israel is Mine! Watchmen, Sound the Trumpet, the Alarm of War!...Says the Lord.


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Israel is Mine! Watchmen, Sound the Trumpet, the Alarm of War!...Says the Lord.

[Watch VIDEO Here--> ISRAEL IS MINE! Says The LORD!]
, Volume 7, Israel is Mine! Watchmen, Sound the Trumpet, the Alarm of War!...Says the Lord.

11/1/07, From God the Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
A Letter Given to Timothy, For His Wife and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear.

[God speaking:] Weep, oh nations...cry, all peoples. The Lord has lifted up His voice, and His face is against you.

Oh mighty and perverse nations, you shall be forsaken and left utterly desolate, in ruins, says the Lord God of Hosts! No more shall you contend with Me in your uplifting, even upholding, all this wickedness in your forsaking of Me! No more shall you stand there before My face with your noses in the air.

Even My own people go the way of the afflicted of sin, following after those desolate of the Spirit, married to this world. Yet I shall save them out of all their troubles... for My own name’s sake will I do it. For the sake of Judah, I will cover them. Even for the sake of Jacob, I shall hold them in safety. For the sake of David, My servant, I shall gather them under My wing.

Oh city of David, My Jerusalem, give Me glory. For the Lord has seen your travail, for it is shall not stand. You are Mine, I am married unto you...vengeance is Mine. And I, Myself, shall go before you and fight against them. And those who devise evil against you shall be thrown down...they shall not stand. They have agreed together as one, and so as one shall their agreement be turned into death...and the grave shall be their reward...recompense, in full, shall I give them in My hot displeasure. In My fury I shall destroy them, save a sixth part who shall not be counted among the condemned, the punished of My anger...says the Lord.

Beloved of the Shepherd, this you shall see.
Lo, you shall behold it with your own eyes,
and shortly thereafter you and yours shall be no more in the earth.


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