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Q: Am I Saved? // A: God is almost obsessed like a madman.

I sometimes get random questions from strangers in my inbox. This is one of those questions ... and my answer below:

QUESTION: I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. And I believe that He is the true Son of the living God.I asked Him to forgive me from my sins.I asked Him to come into my life.And I said the Sinner's Prayer.But someone else told me that I wasn't saved.Were they right or not?

God has a drive. Think of your strongest urge and multiply that by 10000% and then some and you might get close to describing His drive. It is massive and impossible to quantify. His drive is for you.

A friend met with a family that had a special needs boy. The fella was autistic and obsessive compulsive about frogs. From the time that Mike, my friend, met with the family, the young boy only talked about frogs. That is all he would talk about. Finally, Mike asked the family if he could take the boy to the park or something to see if there was any frogs around. Agreeable to Mike's idea, they arrived at the park and could hardly slow the car down before the boy bolted from the door and sprinted like an Olympian over the hill and beyond Mike's view. Mike was concerned that he would not find the child.

Soon enough, he caught up and saw that he boy made a small bridge across a shallow creek and had laid on the bridge to reach down and catch a frog. The frog seemed to put up with it and stayed still as the boy examined it carefully. After a long while of looking, the boy stood up and galloped back to the car. Well, Mike shrugged his shoulders and headed back, too. They went home and without a word the boy had retired to his room to do something.

A few minutes later, Mike saw the boy emerge with a drawing. It looked like a photo, but the frog-obsessed boy made a wonderful illustration of the exact frog that he saw at the park. Like I said, it looked like a photo.

How much more do you think God obsesses about you? He could draw you perfectly blindfolded. After all He crafted you in delicate flesh in the womb of your mother! He studies you with His full attention to the point that He has the hairs on your head numbered. He might even have names for each of your hairs. Think about it ... He is crazy about you!

Mt 10:30
"But the very hairs of your head are all numbered."

God is waaaay obsessed with you.

Now think about it. You said with the words in your mouth that you have sinned against Him and His laws of righteousness and that you believe that He died for you, and that you want to have a relationship with you. ...

Do you think that He just stood there trying to decide if He wanted that too?!?! NO WAY! He was in like a rocket, because He had been waiting for that chance your whole life. He is more in love with you each day. He is so glad that He died on the cross to have you and hold you. To Him it was a bargain!

Is there a greater sacrifice for God than Christ Jesus the Lord at Calvary?

I can think of something that is too great a sacrifice for God and one thing He just won't let happen, even if it costs Him more than His life.

That greater sacrifice is to live without you, and without Him being able to have you and hold you and fulfill all your desires in Him for all eternity. That was the real sacrifice and God would not let it happen, so instead of living without you, He sent His only begotten to die so that you would be with Him for eternity. Yeah, I think it is safe to say that you are going to be with Him as it is written in scriptures. That is a certainty for all those who have truly repented and called out to Him for salvation.

Yes, I know you stumble. I know I do, too. I have shortcomings that I wish would go away, so that I didn't have to struggle anymore, but that is all a good sign. At least we "wish" and "struggle" against the things that weigh us down. At least we are concerned about the things and attitudes that we have that aren't yet perfect. That is part of revealing what He has given us. We have been given a solution to all our deficiencies and now our deficiencies no longer fit and we are no longer comfortable with them. It reveals that a change has happened, that could never be reversed.

Salvation is Given and Must Be Received...Once Received, Forever Shall It Belong to the Redeemed
From Letters From God and His Christ

6/19/07 - From Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy for a brother in Christ: Lord, can our salvation be lost?

Answer from Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior:

Timothy, write as I speak, and hear My word and give Me glory. For in My word is glory, even the truth, of which no man can change. For if any man changes that which I have spoken, to his own glory, or in the serving of the evil one, even that man shall I destroy.

So then, you have come before Me asking on your brother’s behalf, though he asks in the testing of you, holding you up against his own belief and according to that doctrine of which he has already accepted. Yet I have spoken and will speak for the sake of your asking, and for the edification of him you call friend and brother. For he is My son also, though he does not yet believe that you are who you claim to be. And for this reason, I also have had you write My own word spoken, so for surety, he may know and understand that salvation gained is assured.

For it is not by gain that you have acquired it. Rather, it is by grace...the gift of the Father ransomed by the blood of the Son. So then, all those of which the Father has given Me, I shall not lose one. For all who come to Me, in no wise shall I cast out. Yet there are those among you, who say it is written by the prophet, that to those who are righteous, who turn from their righteousness and do wickedly, even for this shall the Father remember their righteous deeds no more; and for their wickedness, they shall surely die. This saying is true and was spoken to His prophet of old time, according to the Old Covenant, and should be taken to heart. Yet understand this, you scholars and those without understanding, you lack faith and do not know your God, nor that covenant written in blood as an Everlasting and New Covenant. I died...behold, I am risen...and I live forever...amen. And so also shall the righteous man live. Even if this same one turn and stumble, his salvation is in no wise lost to him. He has an Advocate with the Father, and One who stands for him, having already paid for his transgression. For lo, his sin is remembered no more and cast into a dark sea of forgetfulness.

Yet still, these, called by My own name, cry aloud, saying, ‘Lo, if a man turn from the Lord and commit wickedness, even this same man has lost his salvation and shall suffer in the fires of hell’. Again, I say to you, you know neither Me, nor My Father who is in Heaven. For if you knew Him, and had truly accepted Me and My word, then I would live in you. And because of this, you would understand God’s mercy, which endures forever. I am that mercy, who lives forever to intercede on your behalf, even a high priest forever after the order of Melchisedec. So then, oh arrogant generation, who do call of themselves by My own name, you do greatly err. For in this truth is the kingdom built and eternal life established!...Salvation received in Me is forever, as I am forever and unchanging. For I have already told you, this is a cord that can not be broken, for it is made of the finest thread and strongest steel, and in no wise shall death prevail.

And by no means can one be cast into hell, to suffer day and night without end. This teaching is false and myth, borrowed from the deceiver, who upon all pagan religion was built. Sons of men, know you not what the Scriptures say, that whosoever believes in the Son abides eternally; and whosoever, has not the Son, shall perish and not see life. How, then, shall one say that whether one believes or believes not, both have eternal life? This teaching among the churches is of the church, called mother, and is of her father, the devil, of which she continually emulates, seeking after her own glory, which she claims she had received of Me...she shall be cut in pieces. And only those, who I see of Myself in them, fastened securely to their heart, in spite of their error, shall escape My fury when it comes...Lo, it will come, for the Day is at hand.

The Day is coming, and is already here, when this world shall be judged. Lo, it has already come and is yet coming. And there are those among you, of whom I know and love, who say they love Me, yet do not obey My voice, nor will they listen. For they do adhere closely to the doctrines and traditions of men, even all of their holidays, which are perverse in My sight, taking that which is holy and making it unholy, even as a harlot perverting her ways among many lovers.

So then, behold the day, where all those who come to Me in truth, truly converted in their hearts, who obey My voice, they shall be taken. And to the rest, though they have called on My name in all supplications, even unto vain babblings, yet are not truly converted, neither will they harken to My voice, nor give heed to My commandments, for they do dishonor Me and pervert My name...even these, My children, I shall leave them in the midst of the earth in that day, a day of refinement, a day of tears, a day of heavy sorrows. I ask you, have these lost their salvation? Had they truly received? Do I live in them?...All, who truly receive of Me, know Me, and I live in them. And if I live in them, then, in no wise, will these turn away. For one, who abides in My love, shall never leave it.

For they have tasted of the divine gift of My glory and will not turn, but rest securely at My right hand. These are My sheep, the tame of My flock. They call and I hear them, as I had called unto them and they did hear. All My sheep hear My voice, and do follow the sound of My voice wheresoever I lead them. Yet there are many in this flock that remain wild, but of them has My Father also given Me. And of these, I must also bring...they shall be tried, refined by fire unto pure white stones, of which all shall be given new names. They shall come to Me by great tribulation, and shall be made white in My own blood, bringing glory to My name, even the name of the Father who is in Heaven, because of the name He gave Me...

And they shall all become one flock with one Shepherd.
I shall be their God, and they shall all be My people, says the Lord.

Salvation has come and shall in no wise depart from My people. For that which was corrupted is made new in Me, and will yet be fashioned of that which can not know corruption anymore. All who come to Me are saved, having been saved already. And all those, who say they know Me, and then turn away, never really knew Me, nor had they really come to Me, having spoken in vain. For by the heart is one judged, of which I know, for nothing is hidden before Me. I made you and know you, having always known you, and even all of those who will come to Me, I see you as you are and will be...with Me, where I am.

Salvation can not be lost, once given, for it is only given to those who will receive. And only by the power of My own Spirit can one truly know Me as I am, and come to the true belief that, indeed, I AM WHO I AM, calling Me Lord. For those written in the Book, I hold in My right hand, were written there from the very foundation of the world, of which also I was slain. At no time was I not slain and died and risen...I AM, and life is, because of Me.

So then, that atoned for in My blood is far-reaching, even across all and death, time and space. For even those, before Me, were after Me, and knew the Father...who, knowing Him, knew and saw the time of My coming as from afar off, having already repented before the Father in His name, which is also My name, the name He gave Me...Immanu El[1].

Understand glory and the power of the cross, by which I have sprinkled all nations, all peoples, and all men. Only one’s complete rejection of this Truth, in the hating of My name, keeps them from salvation and life, of which I offer them in rivers of living water, mixed with My own blood, having been poured out from My side, of which all must drink, even to the eating of My own body to gain life, life without end.

And so the day comes, and is already here, when all shall come to know God and the power of His Christ, and shall come and sit before My throne...some to My right hand and some to My left hand. Even so, amen. Let it be done, and let it come to pass even according to how it is and was written. Even by My own hand shall all things be fulfilled.'

Come to Me, beloved.

Gather around,
and let Me heal you and sanctify you...your salvation is assured.

Even as many, of all who seek My face,
shall abide in My love and never leave it...eternal joy.

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Comment from: ~NewLifeElite~ [Member]
John 6.35-38
Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty. But as I told you, you have seen me and still you do not believe. All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me.

"Precious Jesus what is your Fathers will?"

John 6.39-40
This is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all that he has given me, but raise them up at the last day. For my Father's will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day."

God is not one who makes faith and confidence is that when everything is said and done...(like it already it is since he is the Alpha and Omega)...everything will turn out exactly how he planned and saw it turn out from the start...we serve a truly Amazing God!!!

Called by Him,
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