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Thus Says The LORD AGAINST Man's "Holidays"!!! > Volume 4 > Transgression.

12/16/05, From God the Father. A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear.
Regarding the Modern Holidays.


This world has altogether become a house of harlots, who continually go out to commit fornication with the unclean and revel in their adulteries against God, altogether forsaking Him who I sent to them so they may turn away from their ways and become completely clean...none of these have harkened. They remain shackled to this world and its fornications of sin, intermingling honor with dishonor, praise with blasphemy, and sin with purity. Woe! My children, you have all fallen into the snare of the devil. Can you not see, My children? Open your eyes and read the writing set forth in stone, written by the hand of God, the everlasting Law etched with burning fire, blazing as a torch so you may not stumble in the darkness which surrounds you.

Another Light have I sent, the Everlasting Light of the world. He, too, do you men of vanities try to cover over, so you may shine in His place. You shall be utterly destroyed and thrown into eternal darkness, forever separated from life and your God. Repent! And give Me glory according to the New Covenant by which you are saved. Call on My name, by the name of He who I have given My name. He is the One who shall save you from the Lord’s Day, and He is the One who shall destroy you if you will not come. By Him were you made a vessel unto honor... you have all become vessels of dishonor, heaping to yourselves vanities and sin. You shall be crushed and thrown into the fire!

Now hear My words, you proud blasphemers! Shall you continue to corrupt love?...Christ Jesus, the Lord and Savior, is Love Everlasting. Give Him honor and glory, forever and ever! He has glorified My name by His sacrifice on the cross, and I have glorified Him by My name that stands forever. He is the Ensign, the waving banner for all time. Call on His name, shout it to the heavens! He is your Shepherd, the True Vine, and you are His branches. I shall prune all branches that grow in Him, making them stronger and more and more liken unto Him from which they grow. To all those who say, ‘Here I am. I also grow from the Vine.’ You are all liars and a malignancy, growing where you should not. You shall be cut out and thrown into the fire.

The wrath of the Lamb is coming! Did you think I would stay silent during the time appointed?...I shall shake the heavens and the earth, and stir up the seas. People of this earth, stop breaking My commandments, and blaspheming My name and the name I have given My Son. You shall not have His name associated with sin. His name shall only be for a song on your lips and a sweet-smelling savor.

I shall speak plainly, so those slow to understanding may hear, though their ears are dull and their eyes are dim.

These modern holidays, Christmas, Easter and Halloween, are abomination in the eyes of the Lord God Almighty. I shall destroy them and wipe them from the face of the whole earth! No more shall you break My commands, and revel in sin, in the Son’s name. My countenance is turned against you! says the Lord of Hosts. You shall not blaspheme the name of Christ!...You and your detestable idols, your false worship, your misuse of My name and the Christ’s, your vanities, your greed, your envy, your lusts, your drunkenness, your gluttonous appetites, your fornications, your false witness and lying to your children, your covetousness, your thefts, your murders causing those to destroy themselves...all you do is adultery against your Lord.

I have given you many days to honor My forget them all, especially the one I have given you every seventh day. What do all these things have to do with Me? Why do you do them in the Son’s name? Give the gift of His His name are you saved, no other. Stop these vain babblings! You speak things in ignorance of the Truth. Shut your mouths, stop your blaspheming. Be silent before your Lord, and speak to Me in spirit. You have all become as the pagan and the heathen, by which all your holidays have their origins. Abomination! The harlot has led you into temptation by her false witness. She shall be left utterly desolate, destroyed by her own judgment which crushes her beneath the feet of the Holy One of Israel, broken by her iniquities, and put to death by her denial of the Truth she replaced with the cups of her fornications...filling the Lord’s cup with His indignation which He shall pour out, full strength, on the whole world.

One commandment broken is all commandments broken.
One sin, reveled in My name, are all sins accounted to you.

One sin, repented in the Christ’s name, all are forgiven you.

I know your hearts, My children, and I know whether or not you have become
fully converted in your can not lie to your God.
Come to Me, in all truth and supplication, by Him who I sent to you in Truth,
being the Truth Absolute, utterly void of darkness.
He is Him shall you walk into life.

He is the Way, the only One under Heaven...
Walk in Him, and you shall find Me.



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