Post details: Why I think we could have a domestic attack this winter.


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Why I think we could have a domestic attack this winter.

OK, I KNOW this is controversial. I know it is inflammatory. I know it is provocative. But I'm going to say it anyway as a warning to my friends and family: We are way overdue for the next terrorist attack, and there is no better time to expect it than the next 8 weeks or so. HERE is why... (in no particular order)

1) Terrorists may be chomping at the bit.

The other day my thoughts drifted to how Bush is leaving office and entering retirement. It isn't much of a secret that he has lots of enemies. It also isn't much of a secret that he is slipping into the background during his lame-duck phase of this term. If you were an idiotic sub-human varmint that thought 911 was cool, wouldn't this be a great chance for you do something as despicable when Bush has his guard down? Not only is it a great chance ... it is your last chance. Admit it, it makes sense given that some people are so evil in this world to look for such an opportunity.

2) We are overdue.

Am I the only one that thinks we have been very blessed to go 7+ years without any domestic attacks? Surly, I am not.

3) Corroboration with friends.

Yesterday, I started to tell a friend named James what I was thinking along these lines, and he interrupted me to tell me that he was about to tell me the same thing. I called Tim to tell him what James and I discussed and before I could say anything, Tim said he senses it too. Yeah, it is circumstantial ... but these guys meditate and pray as much as I do (if not more,) so I give this some weight.

4) What Jesus said.

For about a year, a friend of mine (Tim) has been storing food and supplies, because that is what the Lord told him to do (yes, audibly.) Just the other day, Tim was startled in the middle of diner with an unusually loud Word from the Lord: "Timothy, you must increase your stockpile of food by one-fifth before this winter." (paraphrase.)

5) Mid-East powder-keg looking for spark.

Please tell me you have noticed the saber-rattling going on since early October in the Mid-East news. Syria, Iran and Israel are picking fights. The United States have violated Pakistan and Syria boarders ... repeatedly. These hot-heads don't need much to set them off ... and in the last month and a half, they have had PLENTY of sparks that could start the world on fire ... again.

6) Prophetic utterances needing near-term fulfillment.

For reasons already discussed, this prophetic word ( needs near-term fulfillment. Apparently, the "kill," "burn," and "tear down" as well as the "vengeance" part must all come within the next 20-30 months or so. And the double vengeance part, doesn't sound like the next executive administration to me.

7) As a nation, the USA is really off track, and needing discipline.

Two major things are under attack: sanctity of the living unborn and marriage. This nation has forsaken God's guidance in these things for the most part, and ... if He loves this nation; He will surly discipline.

TO BE CLEAR: I certainly do not cheer for this to happen. It is grievous and sorrowful to think about. I hope we are never attacked again. But even as an optimistic fellow, that isn't realistic at all. The government has warned us time and time again that we will be attacked again someday. I'm just saying that they might be proven correct very soon. This winter makes sense to me.

Feel free to say that I'm a dork if I am wrong about this. That is fine, and I would deserve it. But if I am right, give some consideration to the thoughts above and the links referenced. Time will tell ... so give it a 90 days of skepticism and then laugh this off if I was wrong.

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Comment from: Pam [Visitor] ·
Hi Trent,

It could be any time. I keep wondering if the guy who just got elected is a terrorist. We know nothing about him really and he won't prove to us that he is a natural born citizen, or release any of his school records and now they say the one document that he did release, his draft registration, is a forgery. Anyway, I know that the media ignores all of this because it is racist to even question the guy so I guess that makes me a racist too...but isn't it just racism with another face to be overly tolerent of someone because of the color of their skin?

I agree that strange days are ahead but I still live in the moment and I'm convinced that today's worry is enough for today. My husband always has about a years worth of food stashed away so we're covered that way. There are things though that can't be prepared for and will only be survived if that is what the Lord Wills for us. I'm not making lite of what you are saying but I'm not young anymore and I know that it usually isn't what I'm prepared for that happens. It is usually something that I haven't even thought of. However, God has seen me through all of them. If I stay close to him, I'll be okay. If I hear His voice to tell me to do something, I will but I'll do it and not worry because there is no safer place than in His Will and that is where I intend to stay.

I agree that God is sickened by the way children are treated in this country, at this time. Not only are the unborn murdered, and many as back up birth control, but many young children are also used as sexual slaves, while many others are being brought up in drug infested homes and abused. Our culture sexualizes young children en masse while the basics of education, reading, writing, and arithmetic are ignored in favor of teaching them to put condoms on bananas. The number one problem school bus drivers have these days is children performing oral sex on the bus. Something is seriously wrong and I can't believe that God will allow it to go unchecked forever. This is the stuff that brings down the wrath of God. We are like Sodom and Gomorrah. It may come in the form of a terror attack, a government in chaos, or unprecidented natural disaster, or disease, or all of the above but it is certain to come if people don't turn back to God and repent of this vile behavior.

Permalink 11/25/08 @ 18:40
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Yes Bro it is VERY near... Yes, the Lord spoke those words to me concerning supplies, yet He did not say exactly what we are preparing for, other then, eluding to the helping of our neighbors during hard times, as a testimony to them in His name.

Yet, I will add that the Lord has been commanding me recently to Trumpet His Word concerning the next attack and of His wrath toward this country, and to trumpet it loudly.
The Lord has not revealed when the next attack is...only that it is eminent and that it will be from an Islamic power and that the USA will react in haste and in great anger.

Here is that Word from The Lord's own mouth:!

Blessings in Christ's great love to you and your beloved.
Permalink 11/25/08 @ 19:03
Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
Trent, GOD WILL DO (and allow) WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to turn this nation back to Him in righteousness and truth, ... or He will destroy this nation from within and without. - it's going to be one or the other.

THE REAL GOD is not to be trifled with. look at America and its long and awful slide into immorality and apostasy. ... does anyone think for one moment that GOD does not see this and does not warn of impending Judgments. ? only the blind do not see it. "the wise and the prudent FORESEE the impending disasters, ... and hide [prepare] themselves."

The word is: "SANCTIFY yourselves, ... and PREPARE yourselves for what I am about to do in the earth," saith THE LORD Yeshua, The Almighty.

GRACE is for the humble who trust Him and seek to OBEY Him.
Permalink 11/26/08 @ 01:53
Comment from: Mrs Zeke [Visitor] ·
Trent my beloved brother,

I am not posting to argue nor say what you have said to be untrue. But I am a bit confused.
I will admit that this Country has not taken the right road on moral issue's nor am I saying the US is perfect.

But our Father has said to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, be with the widows and so forth and this country is responsible for more then half of world wide charities that do that.

We print the Bible in every language and I know the super natural miracles that God has done to protect them and hide them to places like Yunnan province in China

We may not make all the right choices with Israel but we are the only Country that supports them in the entire world.

We are still the place that people run to for refuge.

I am trying to understand I know God does not work against Himself and everything is for the benefit of His Kingdom.

I support God not country but I know of the very Godly work going on from this country. I guess I am trying not to let my view become myopic and trying to see how destruction of this nation would benefit the Kingdom.

I hope I have stating my post in a way that is respectful of my brother in Christ if I have not please forgive me.

Let Thy will be done Father in Heaven.

Be loved
Permalink 11/26/08 @ 10:57
Comment from: CompassionateMan [Member]
Yes, Trent--I have found that people do not like to listen to me on these things. Some of my family realize what we (you, Timothy, myself and others) are trying to prepare people for--they say the Lord tells them the same things. I am very happy that certain family members can see this but the majority of my family is closed minded on these things. Even my daughter, Amanda, feels it will all come down within a year. This is the best she could explain. Controversial to most? Absolutely! Popular--by no means! Are you a nut? Of course you are! We are all "nuts' for Yeshua. smiling Thanks for your posts--Charles
Permalink 11/27/08 @ 23:00
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
Hey there! How are you Mrs Zeke?

I hope you had a super Thanksgiving!

I am not sure if you have kids, but I am sure that you have witnessed the discipline that a parent gives their kids. In your experience, do kids ever get discipline who have also done something good, or if they have done what is good, do they get a pass on all discipline?

You see DISCIPLINE is in another category from REWARDS and RETRIBUTION. Discipline is NEVER EVER about behavior. Whereas rewards and retribution is ALWAYS about what we do or have done / or have NOT done or will not do.

So, if discipline isn't about behavior, then what is discipline about?
Discipline is about a heart. It is about whether that heart is rebellious or not. Sure a rebellious heart tends to act a certain way ... but NOT ALWAYS. And Discipline does not begin until a rebellious heart is found and it does not END until the heart is softened and the rebelliousness is turned to submission. Rewards and retribution is not redemptive in this way ... a behavior is accomplished and the reward or retribution fits the behavior, but rewards and retribution doesn't look for a change or any such thing.

Discipline looks for a change and discipline is ramped up and up until the desired change is brought forth ... and once the desired change is brought forth, discipline immediately ceases.

So, I have said that God will surely discipline the United States for their forsaken God's guidance ... what I meant by that is that the heart of the nation is turned against God. I don't care if we did something good once-upon-a-time or not ... behavior may supply evidence of the inward condition and attitude against God ... but the behavior is only indirectly related to the discipline.

I submit that we are a nation of scoffers and rebels who have forsaken God to such an extent that that warrants God's discipline ... IF (and only if) God truly loves us ... and I believe that He does, and that He will ramp up and up the discipline until submission is accomplished and revival is present in the heart of this nation. Once that goal is achieved, the discipline will immediately cease and we will be grateful for the gift of His loving discipline.

I hope this helps. You asked a good question. If my response only gave you more reasons to question, I hope you ask those questions too.

Ripening for the harvest,
Permalink 12/01/08 @ 01:05
Comment from: Mrs Zeke [Visitor] ·
Hi Trent and thank you I did have a lovely Thanksgiving I hope you did also.

I understand what you are saying and I agree. I think we should be disciplined. However the discipline would not affect building the Kingdom. Or at least how I understand it or lack of understanding. It is God's desire none shall parish, it benefits the Kingdom or it benefits nothing.

Of course some shall parish and of course only God Himself knows what is the best benefit for His Kingdom. Cutting down the USA will leave many prisoners for His sake without support and help legally from there brothers and sisters around this world. I can't see that helps the Kingdom.

But I may be looking at what you said to big I saw absolute destruction in your words and maybe that is not what you meant. Am I understanding your OP right or have I misread?

Much love to you and be loved you are
Permalink 12/01/08 @ 10:51
Comment from: Adrian [Visitor] ·
The truth is, whether we are speaking of America, Canada, Italy, Holland, or an African nation----hatred and killing and violence go on. My point is: I don't believe that the Lord shows partiality to one nation over another. But rather, he is calling His people from every nation and tribe and state.

All mankind is already condemned(John 3:18).

I wonder if it's our "job" to save America, or to recognize that man destroys himself if given enough time, and our purpose be to shine God's light to those who will be drawn to it?

The Lord Jesus was not concerned with saving Rome, but fulfilling His mission.

Whether you believe that "this hurricane", or "that earthquake" is judgment against America, these events are occurring all around the globe. It's almost as if the planet is in great travail more than that God is judging America.

My two cents.
Permalink 12/02/08 @ 15:20

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