Post details: The Master’s Table - To All Those Who are Called by Christ’s Own Name, Who Have Ears, But Will Not Hear... Who Have Eyes, But Refuse to See


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The Master’s Table - To All Those Who are Called by Christ’s Own Name, Who Have Ears, But Will Not Hear... Who Have Eyes, But Refuse to See

11/13/08 From Jesus, YahShua, Our Lord and Savior -
A Letter Given to Timothy, during an on-line Bible Study Fellowship - For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

The Master’s Table - To All Those Who are Called by Christ’s Own Name, Who Have Ears, But Will Not Hear... Who Have Eyes, But Refuse to See

Thus says your Redeemer:
This is MY food! It has NOT come from My servant! It was I, even I, who had done it! Shall you refuse the food, which comes from your Master’s table?!... You have, and do, refuse it. This is why you starve and are left barren... void of the Spirit, dying for thirst. Neither are you able to receive the fruit of My body, which these gathered here are, and receive, who also diligently sow and exhibit, nor do you dispense it. Therefore, from you have I removed My hand! You are delivered to satan, even now walking in the spoiled fruit thereof, until which time you learn to no longer blaspheme. Cease from your persecutions against My Body... It is I you have persecuted! How many times shall you crucify Me?!

Oh My beloved, you have wandered far from Me!...
Tears, bitter tears.

and cast off all this darkness in My name,
and I will again receive you to Myself, in where I shall hold you even tighter.

Never again shall you stray... My beloved, We weep for you.

Come... come back... I shall receive you.
But you must first receive of Me, and that which I have offered, in all humility.

Beloved, why have you turned from Me? How is it, that I behold in your hearts, malice?... No love for God at all. You reject My forgiveness, and make My sacrifice of non-effect. You sit there upon your thrones, which are held up by man’s doctrines, wearing all robes of arrogance and pride, with no foundation beneath you... you are fallen. You hold all My children’s sins against them, even those sins you have imagined, as though they have sinned against you... where are your hearts?! Do you not know the Word of My mouth, in where I taught you, saying, “You must forgive everyone who has sinned against you, and if you will not, neither can My Father in Heaven forgive you your trespasses”?... This is to deny Me and My Father. You have rejected the Lord of glory and His sacrifice, saying within yourselves, ‘It is sufficient for me; yet of them, it is not sufficient’... HYPOCRITES!... Evil and deceived generation! For which is the greater evil? To reject your own forgiveness, or to hold the sins of another against them, though they have not sinned against you? Both come from the evil one... in whose footsteps you walk. And this is why I said, “Neither can My Father in Heaven forgive you your trespasses.” For you have taken your own sin, and bore them upon your own shoulders. And what’s more, you have taken the sins of others, and endeavored to place them once again upon their shoulders, so you may count them unworthy, and turn away. You have placed their sin NOT upon them! - You bear yours, and theirs, even now having counted both to yourselves...

I have forgiven all their sins!...

And tomorrow’s.
Nor do I remember them.

Therefore, you remain in your sins. And not just in yours, but all those you have heaped upon others... even these you bear also. For what I have taken cannot be returned again.

Therefore, again I say, repent of all this evil.

Receive of Me... and escape...
so you may truly be counted worthy to stand before the Son of Man, when He comes in His Father’s Kingdom.


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