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I have enough sin in me to damn a million souls.

by Trent - originally posted 9/5/05 & 5/5/08

I have enough sin in me to damn a million souls.

As a GraceHead, I am not worried that I'll be damned ... so I don't mind admitting it.blood toxin

My illustration of this is blood. We have enough toxins in our body to kill 10 people, but we don't die. Blood cleans out the toxins ... non-stop. So, if I grasp my wrist and choke off the blood ... first it tingles, then it starts to burn, and before long ... it turns black and starts to decay. Soon, without the constant flow of blood ... my hand is lifeless. The toxins will do such harm that it cannot be repaired. Right now, my blood cleanses my physical body, just like the Blood of Christ is cleansing my spiritual identity. It is ongoing. It is by the blood, and there is little that I can do to stop it, though I never asked that it begin.

jesus washing feetRemember when Jesus washed the feet of the disciples? He just did it. Nobody asked Him to ... in fact, Peter asked Jesus to stop! What is interesting is what Jesus said to Peter when Peter asked Him to stop. "If you do not let me wash your feet, then I can have nothing to do with you." Peter then, asked Jesus to wash him all over ... head to toe. Jesus explained, "You don't need a bath again, you just need your feet washed."

Notes of interest:

  • The cleansing of feet is comparable to the daily need for forgiveness. It isn't optional
  • The head-to-toe bath is like the need for the initial washing of second-birth (Titus 3:5)

The bath was voluntary, but the foot washing was completely the initiative of Jesus over and against the objections of those He was washing. Nobody asked Jesus for it, yet nobody was allowed to avoid it. (IMPORTANT)

We need ongoing forgiveness as we sin. It is done by Jesus. We don't have to ask (in fact none of us were around when it was provided,) but we can't do without it.

It really is automatic, flowing unhindered, and continually sufficient no matter how much we sin, or bad the sin, or how willing we are to allow ourselves to be cleansed.

In all of this, I am not taking sin lightly ... I just am giving the blood of Christ, its due credit!

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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Amen... Thank You Jesus!

"a continual washing"

Reminds me of this Word from the Lord:

Born Again
From Letters From God and His Christ
2/6/07 - From Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior - A Letter Given to Timothy, For 'Trent' and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Trent, My servant and beloved, hear My voice and receive understanding of the Lord’s purpose, fulfilled in My servants of the new and everlasting covenant.

None can enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless they are born again. All are born physically of human flesh, by great travail, into a world of sin. So then, to enter into My rest and My joy, the Kingdom of God, one also must be born again of the Spirit out of the world, a separation from all that is sin.

My beloved son of men, you are being reborn and have been already. In the moment, in which you came before Me in repentance, were you freed from the power of sin... this is My gift to you. This I did for you. Your freedom was not accomplished by human means. Rather, by My grace and the love of the Father are you saved.

So then, My son, you ask how it is that the Father has said to Timothy, “You must be born again and again”. Beloved, I have spoken. And all that is written, according to the Word spoken of which Timothy has heard, stands... no contradiction found. Rather, in men’s understanding do men struggle.

If one comes before Me, in all repentance and truth, with sincere remorse in their hearts, these shall surely be born again. Those, who do not and will not, shall be born once and die twice. And to those, who are born twice, it is appointed to them to die once, but by no means shall they die the second time.

Yet here is a mystery: There are those among you, of this generation, who shall never taste death, having passed from death to life, who will be awake at My coming. To My elect, there is a death of the body unto resurrection. And unto those, still living at My coming, is another kind of death... the death of their own spirits unto salvation, the putting on of the new man in Christ.

So when born of human parents, a child and the mother suffer tribulation until the birth is complete. In so doing, they suffer and rest many times, but are only born once. It is not like this in the spirits of My elect. You are reborn once, in the Spirit, of the Spirit, and that Spirit I am. Yet by no means are you separated from the world in which you now live. So then, being born again is the process by which you are transformed into a child of Zion, a continual washing.

Yes, I have died for the forgiveness of your sins, those of today, yesterday, and those sins of tomorrow. Yet man does continually stumble in this world, and so he must continually come to Me...and even seventy times seven times shall I cleanse him and lift him up.

And so to Timothy, it has been spoken and written that he must be born again and again until I present him to the Father clean. This is not rebirth in the Spirit, again and again, but rather the process by which Timothy sheds the skin of this old man, and puts on this new man I have given him, in Me and of Me. And so there is one rebirth of the Spirit, but many rebirths of man’s own spirit, because of man’s continual sin, fear, doubt and temptation.

So as Paul, so then, likewise, must My servants die daily and be born again and again, a continual washing, even a strengthening, so they may stand in the Day of Troubles, able and worthy to uphold the full weight of the fullness of My Spirit, wearing the complete armor of God...

Read all of this Letter HERE
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Comment from: Mrs Zeke [Visitor] ·
Thanks Trent you said it in a way I have not been able to. I know we sin it hurts my soul that I do but I know Jesus covers it. I find it hard to present that without it sounding like "go ahead and sin its covered"
which I know is not proper.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
Be loved you are and so very dear.
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Comment from: Pam [Visitor]
Hi Trent,

I enjoyed reading this again. It reminds me of a song that I love that says, "I'm in need of daily resurrection". I sin daily and bear the consequences of it in my flesh but daily Jesus breaths life into my spirit anew by the washing of His Word. It is amazing to think of the outcome of this continual washing for one day, our flesh will be completely cured and when we receive our glorified bodies, we like Jesus will have become the Living Word of God. That will be glory for me and for us all!

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