Post details: (Yet Another NEW VERY POWERFUL VIDEO) Judgement and Harvest


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(Yet Another NEW VERY POWERFUL VIDEO) Judgement and Harvest

To watch and hear the Video,
click blog TITLE or here---> Judgement and Harvest


I shall reap! Says the Lord. I shall gather, and judge the earth for all its forsaking of Me. Behold, the field is left to you desolate; the streets are left in darkness. Even amongst the grass will you not find even the smallest of fireflies. All are taken and snatched away... My own treasure, My precious beloved, taken and held fast at My bosom, held tightly in the arms of their Eternal Father, their Maker.


I shall push at you.
I, even I, shall tear you down.
I am come as the whirlwind!

I shall blow as the tempest...
Rage as the seas, flood the rivers and all the inlets...
Yea, I shall overflow.
Rolling thunder shall be the sound of My voice,
And fire shall be its sting.

The earth shall quake and heave at My presence.
The world shall be turned upside down in My fury...
Scorching firmament...
Boiling of the seas.

I shall strike the earth, and it shall tremble in fear.
And mens hearts shall fail them for fear.
And with great perplexity they shall consider
That which is before their eyes...



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