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The Lord's Response When OBAMA Was Declared the Winner:

When OBAMA was announced the winner, the Lord said in a loud voice:

"Now you shall see the heavens opened and My wrath poured out on this nation! They shall come to know the hand of God in His anger, and I shall do so quickly, for all their forsaking of Me and for all their murdering of the innocent, says the Lord God!"

It was not my word that predicted the outcome of the election. Rather, I only deliver the Word of the Lord. HE alone is RIGHT and Righteous... all glory to Him.
(*Read The Lord's Word, which predicted the outcome of the election --> HERE)

"Now what?..."

TRUST and seek God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength; and take refuge in His Son, Jesus, Yahshua HaMashiach. Therefore, again, I say TRUST!... and pray. Those in Messiah need not fear. Let the wicked fear...even unto repentance. Amen.

The Day of The Lord has come!

Everything shall now progress quickly, even as a woman in labor pains.

MARANATHA! (The Lord Jesus come!)

Blessings to you all, in Christ's great love.
He is our sanctuary, in Whom we are also accepted...
THE Beloved.


MORE of The Word of The Lord against the USA:
- To the Nation, Once Called of Itself “Under God” (USA), and To the Sons of Ishmael (Islam), and to the Churches of Men...Hear the Word of the Lord!

- Return to Me! Stand Up or Bow Down... Call Out, Cry and Wail!

- Recompense

- Thus Says the Lord Against the United States... You Have Hastened the Day!

- Judgement and Harvest


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